Mind Says “Giants”, Gut Says “Patriots”

Mind Says “Giants”, Gut Says “Patriots”
Byron Lambert, Rosterwatch.com

All of the meaningful signs point towards New York as the final destination for this year’s Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Giants have momentum, a tenacious pass rush, the better run game, Eli Manning has become ELI-TE, their coaching is terrific, and they can match offensive weapons with the Pats. Does the list need to go any further? This is almost every ingredient you have ever heard of for Super Bowl success.

My brain then begins to short circuit when I start thinking about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. It just seems like “how can you keep beating these guys?” Cognitive Dissonance is what I think my psychology teacher may have called it years ago. A real nasty feeling for us Type A’s.

It took more than a miracle for the NYG to do it in their last Super Bowl match-up. Again, this year it was border line last minute miraculous. Even though Brady delivered in the clutch both times it was Manning who landed the final and decisive blows. Truth be told though, the Giants did put themselves in position to keep both of those games close and win. They were directly responsible for prevailing and you have to give them a ton of credit for that.

I go back to being a kid, watching plenty of Bill Walsh and Joe Montana, and I just cannot deny the power of “greatness”.  That is what Brady and Belichick represent to me and I think “greatness” supersedes all other factors. Somehow it tends to manifest itself in the most timely of ways.

When in doubt I default to a very elementary rule of decision making. One that I used to dominate the multiple choice test as a child. Go with your first instinct, “GO WITH YOUR GUT”. Patriots Win!



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