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New York Giants Dynasty Rankings Updates

The Trashman returns with three rankings moves this week in the Top 250 Dynasty Rankings

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Dynasty Rankings Update: 6/4/24

Darren Waller, Giants
Age: 32
Movement: Falling
Previous Rank: 149
Updated Rank: unranked
It’s only a matter of time before Waller announces his retirement. Plagued with injuries the last few seasons, he’s only played in 12 or fewer games the past 3 seasons. In addition, there’s a long line of fresh TE talent behind him in NY – 3rd year Daniel Bellinger and rookie Theo Johnson. On a Giants team that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a contender anytime soon, it makes sense for Waller to hang ’em up.

Daniel Bellinger, Giants
Age: 23
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: unranked
Updated Rank: 233
Well, this only makes sense considering that Waller is on the verge of retirement. Giants QB Daniel Jones loves him a dump off, and Bellinger’s 3rd year status is right on point for his rise. Rookie Theo Johnson is quite the specimen, but it usually takes a few years for TEs to ascend to fantasy worthy status, unless the issue is forced, and I don’t think the Giants will force the issue with Bellinger at hand. Young and on the verge of starter status, Bellinger needs to be ranked.

Eric Gray, Giants
Age: 24
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: unranked
Updated Rank: 250
Mr. Irrelevant, as far as the top 250 is concerned, Gray just eeks into the rankings in the last spot. I’m bullish on him providing fantasy value this season on account of him already getting first team reps in a backfield helmed by an underwhelming Devin Singletary. Singletary is solid, sure, but he’s never been the kind of guy to keep the starting RB role in a chokehold. Gray is bigger than him and can do a lot of the same things – He’s a solid pass catcher with good spatial awareness in traffic.

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