Ohio State OL, Mike Adams, is a Marshmallow in the Weight Room at Combine

Ohio State OL, Mike Adams is a Marshmallow in the Weight Room
Byron Lambert, Rosterwatch.com

Mike Adams certainly looks the part. When you see him, his monsterous physical stature immediately makes you think top shelf left tackle.

The questions coming out of the Ohio State are about his toughness and production. His college film is not convinicing for scouts. The sentiment is his play doesn’t match his physical endowments and that he seems “soft”.

Well today while on the bench press, Adams did his best impression of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. He was only able to hoist the bar 19 times! He also added in a blazing 5.38 40-time.

For comparison, most of the top OL prospects are putting up 30 reps. 300lb defensive tackle, Mike Martin, is hoping to break the combine record of 50 reps this weekend and WR Marvin Jones told us yesterday he put the 225 lbs up 24 times!


  1. Adams stinks. He’s an overrated, inconsistent, lazy and soft (as is being found out) bum. I wouldn’t have this guy on my draft board.

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