Peyton Manning Alert

Peyton Manning Alert
Byron Lambert,

So Peyton is on the fritz and we have never seen that before in fantasy football. Right as you think they should just start replacing Benjamin Franklin’s face on the $100 bill with Manning’s big block; it looks like Frankenstein is finally going to short circuit at least for a bit!

This is starting to sound more serious than previously let on. Now today’s reports are not only the Manning is doubtful for week 1 but in jeopardy of playing the first month plus. This is serious for fantasy footballers who have already drafted Manning and asked their league mates to go ahead and start mailing checks.

What to do if you drafted Manning? Run to the waiver wire and look for: Manning Jr., Stafford, Orton, Freeman, Kolb, Cassell, Cutler, Fitzpatrick  (See: Rosterwatch Rankings). Heck, if you have room on your roster you might even pick up two of those guys. The next step is to stay patient. Manning is way too valuable to do anything hasty with. Remember he could come back mid season and still win you the league!

What to do if you still have a draft coming up? Stay glued to the news wire here at to see all of the latest updates on Peyton right up to your draft! Given the current information, if you can get draft him in the late 5th round or later I still strongly recommend drafting Peyton Manning.

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