Planning on not having Manning

Planning on not having Manning
Dorian Colbert, RosterWatch

Ok, so you’re a Peyton Manning owner.  I know things look exceedingly bleak right now, but once you’ve gone and had a good cry, you’re allowed one as an adult, it’s time to make plans in case things don’t turn around.  You should have picked up Kerry Collins, knowing that losing Manning would be a possibility, but in case you didn’t, here are a few dumpster darlings that just might save your season:

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB Bills- Fitzpatrick has the confidence of his teammates, and the wherewithal of a Harvard man, to be successful this season. Let’s just hope his offensive line can give him the protection he needs to follow up last year’s 3,000 yard season. With up and coming superstar WR Steve Johnson in his sights, you could do worse than to roll with the “Amish Rifle.”

Colt McCoy- I’ll be honest, I did not have much faith in McCoy thriving in the NFL. His weak arm and aggressiveness were, and still are, big questions in my book. But Chad Pennington was a very similar player, and he was able to find success in the big leagues.  McCoy seems to look more and more like the real deal every time he hits the field, and with players like TE Evan Moore and WR Greg Little to turn to, he is being set up to succeed as well.

Rex Grossman- Grossman has the ability to be a pretty decent quarterback for at least half a season. Your guess is as good as mine as to which half that will be. Ride him until the wheels fall off in this pass happy Redskins’ scheme.

Jason Campbell- For the first time in his six-year career, Campbell will have had the same offensive coordinator for two years in a row. Plus, he has job stability and all the weapons at WR anyone could want in Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore.  I dare him not to have a good year… DARE him.

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