Thoughts from Game 1

Thoughts from Game 1
Byron Lambert,

The Saint’s end of game clock management and Sean Payton’s decision to pass up the FG and go for it on 4th down in the 3RD QUARTER?!?!?!?  Sorry, I digress……….

Aaron Rodgers is an absolute fantasy football stud. James Starks looks to be the much better value pick in the draft than Ryan Grant. Jermichael Finley is a beast with vice grips for hands. Only thing is Rodgers has a lot of mouths to feed so I’m not sure Finley will be the target monster fantasy footballers were hoping but I do think he can make it up in the redzone. Greg Jennings is a very legitimate #1 fantasy WR and his chemistry with Rodgers is always improving. The Packer’s #2 WR looks like Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb is a sleeper to keep your eye on!

Drew Brees is like depositing fantasy football checks in the bank. He is a passing yardage monster as always and looks poised to be a top 3 fantasy QB in 2011. I’m thinking this could be his best year ever. The RB position is a true time share. Sproles looks to be heavily involved in the game plan. It looks like Payton is intent on getting Ingram the ball. Ingram showed flashes but was also quickly shown this is the NFL and not the much hyped SEC. Pierre Thomas continues to look like a very solid veteran option. This looks like a tricky backfield situation to predict but it if your league scores special teams production Sproles definitely looks like the best value of the bunch. I think Ingram is much better late in the season than the beginning. Jimmy Graham is LEGIT especially with Lance Moore out! Marques Colston is really a #2 fantasy WR.


  1. Byron,

    Whats up. I drafted Ryan Grant as my flex, it ticked me off seeing Starks getting majority of the touches (short yardage especially). But I did draft Sproles with my last pick. What are your thoughts moving forward? Do I start Grant, hoping the Green Bay offensive well just overflows with points. Or, do I start Sproles, thinking he is a homerun possibility everytime he touches the ball? And lets face it Sproles is better than Bush.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the post. Yes last night had to be a bit disappointing for Ryan Grant owners mainly because it looks like a serious time share, Starks looks good and you could have drafted him later than Grant at a better value. What is done is done though and that offense is so good you will just have to wait and see with Grant. I believe he will still be effective but definitely looks to have a limited upside. If you are in a league that scores for special teams production I definitely suggest going with Sproles over Grant until you see otherwise. Clearly Sproles is a big part of the game plan and Sean Payton is a wizard at getting his play makers the ball.

  2. Sproles looks to be a solid flex play all year until of course we see evidence otherwise

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