Senior Bowl Spotlight- Ryan Lindley, QB San Diego State

Player Spotlight- Ryan Lindley
Byron Lambert,


Ryan Lindley, QB San Diego State

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 230 lb
Age: 22

NFL Comparison:

Andrew Walter / Ryan Mallett

Career Statistics:

12,690 yards
90 td
47 int
1.9:1 (td/int)
55% completion
23 wins

2011 Statistics:

3,153 yards
23 td
8 int
2.9:1 (td/int)
53% completion
8 wins


On tape, Ryan Lindley strikes you as the big tall guy his stats indicate. The other video evidence that strikes you immediately is Lindley’s inaccuracy, also just as his stats indicate. He clearly has a strong arm but tends to throw high and demonstrate poor accuracy under pressure. Needs to step up in the pocket with conviction, too many times he throws off his back foot. On several occasions he overthrows open receivers on deep routes. The long legged QB has an awkward looking drop back with a big first stride but he is good at getting rid of the ball. Seems to like the quick passing game and is more accurate on short timing routes. In the 2010 game vs. TCU, Ryan Lindley did complete a nice deep pass off of a trick play and threw beautiful TDs on a rollout and a sideline route. Not very mobile but can move around a bit inside and outside of the pocket.



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