PRO Preseason NFL DFS Week 1 Player Pool Cheat Sheet

Here’s a tool to help you in constructing lineups for Week 1 of the preseason NFL DFS season. While this is a shittier-looking much-less technologically advanced method for getting this information out than you are used to for our in-season DFS slates via the standard cheat sheets, we hope this information will help you in narrowing your player pool and deciding which players you like the most. The shared spreadsheet will be updated throughout the day if we get important news.

In the spreadsheet, you’ll see the first page is a list of “core plays.” These are players we’ve identified as being in good situations to hopefully produce in the murky world of NFL preseason DFS. We’d suggest mixing and matching those guys with players who interest you that are listed in the game-by-game tabs. We’d also recommend listening to the PRO PODCAST breaking down the slate for additional context as you’re constructing lineups. Preseason DFS is a tricky sport and one where information is king, so make sure you are checking back closer to lineup lock to insure you aren’t missing out on what could be critical info.

Click here to access the shared Google Sheet (pro membership login required).


  1. Post By @VeganPhoPlez

    Any DST recommendations or is it just best picking from a hat lol.

    1. I would like to get any insight as well. For now I am just targeting teams that are overall bad and have a lower quality roster i.e. Defense vs MIA/IND/DAL

    2. Look for good WK1 and 2 matchups.

      Obv also : Rams, Jaguars, Chargers, Eagles, Ravens, Texans, Broncos, Vikings


    Larry Fitz and TY Hilton are both going in the late 3rd round which is solid value for both, but given that Andrew Luck has returned, would should be drafted first?

    12 team PPR redraft
    1 QB
    2 RB
    2 WR
    1 TE
    2 Flex

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d roll the dice on a Hilton monster

  3. Knowing that I have Engram and Watson as Keepers for late rounders – You recommending still working the sheet i.e. TE/QB is top on board I go with it. Ending up with a Kelce/Engram or Rodger/Watson combo?

    We have two flex spots – so the TE could be used – Also gives high end depth.

    My other wrinkle is all my picks in top 5 rounds 1.02, 2.04, 2.10, 2.11, 3.02, 4.11, 5.02, 5.03 …. So if the sheet says Kelce/Gronk – do I take that play or position guy next to them. Does my question make sense?

    (My thought – Follow the sheet regardless of position) Watson and Engram are both only 2nd year guys with some question marks. Thanks.

    1. I could switch up my keepers and move to Fuchess, Dion Lewis or even Perine for a 12, throw back Engram and grab the Kelce or Gronk at 3.02 or even 2.11? Full PPR League – thanks.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        If there is a reasonable way to get Gronk without giving up much, we’d consider it. Otherwise, we’d stay put with your very nice keepers. We are getting plenty of Dion Lewis naturally at value, as it stands. You’ll get him if you want him anyways using the sheet.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Oh no. We would never draft 2 QBs or 2 TEs in any normal format. You should go ahead and cross all the keepers in the league off the sheet and have a look at what remains.

      1. So your thinking keeping the TE and QB for late round and just forget about the position regardless if the sheet says they their the pick. You would also keep Engram at TE over Lewis at RB? I just see RB as a position of scarcity and TE being only one spot to fill not to mention a lot more mouths to feed in NY this year with OBJ back and Barkley.

        1. I see them as basically equal on the sheet is why I ask. I’m down with locking in the QB and TE and take the next best 11 position guys if that’s the play. Engram has me a litt nervous with all the weapons in NY is all.

        2. Post By Byron Lambert

          Yeah, I like Lewis over Engram as a keeper for sure. Keep Watson and Lewis and go on with your life

          1. Cash!

  4. Byron the boys are busting you balls hard right now on Sirius XM… trashman… smh

    1. The most work he’s done all year

      1. He should be in here answering user questions

  5. I’m in a standard league. We keep 1 player. Should I keep McKinnon and give up my 15th round or Mixon and give up my 5th round? I know McKinnon is a better value but I pick 12th in a 12 man league and I know that Mixon won’t make it back to me on the 2nd turn (round 3&4) and I think Mixon is going to have a big season and I’m not sold on McKinnon. I don’t want to over think this so I would like your opinion.

    1. IMO take the value on Jet I’m not sold on Jet McKinnon quite yet either but I I also think McKinnon and Mixon are the same guy (fantasy wise) and to have a 5th left to pick is nice to have

    2. Either one is fine. I’d prob keep McKinnon, he’s going to be 15-18 touches in SF. However, I do like him more in PPR. If you have a hunch roll with your gut.

      That’s the last pick of the 5th RD you are giving up, basically 6.01. That’s prob someone like Watkins, Dion Lewis, Royce, ESanders,

      Some pretty good guys, but not must haves at that ADP. It’s your team, have fun with it! Enjoy!

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