PRO Podcast: Complete Preseason DFS Week 1 Breakdown

Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert give a complete game-by-game breakdown of the 12-game Preseason Week 1 DFS Main Slate on DraftKings. They highlight their favorite plays and explain strategy for being successful at NFL preseason DFS.

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    First time subscriber. Love the Pro Podcasts! Question about the draft sheets (I know follow the 3 rules)! How would you adjust in leagues where you have to start 3 wr’s and 2 rb’s (along w/ a flex)? Also what about big play scoring leagues that also award 6pts per passing TD?

    1. Thanks for joining up with the Nation! We appreciate it. Use the sheet as designed in this setup.

  2. 10 team PPR Keeper League. D. Johnson, Kamara, Hunt and D. Hopkins will all be kept. I have the 4th choice of Draft positions. First 3 likely to keep the first 3 draft spots and will probably take RB’s. Make any sense to move back to the turn or just stay put with Barkley or A. Brown?

    I will be keeping J. Howard, Alex Collins, Kupp and likely Corey Davis if that makes a difference.


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Jesus, those are monster keepers! A real RWNation team! Tough call, I think in 10 tm it’s fine to. move back to the turn esp if you think you can get Fournette + Odell there. But, for that to work you have to pull of 2 absolute studs there, because everyone has a good team in 10 tm formats.

      If you aren’t sure I’d stay put and get a hyper-elite player – SB or AB – those are they guys that create separation in a 10 tm league when you are able to build a good roster around them such as the one you have with those keepers.

  3. Thanks Byron. Counting on RW Nation to help me bring home ANOTHER Trophy.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  4. Is Daurice Fountain or Ryan Grant worth an add with my man Deon Cain out for the season?

    1. Ryan is the guy if you’re looking for a colt other than hilton.

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    Just joined and excited to have the intel. How would you adjust the superflex cheatsheet in a 12 person standard league where passing touchdowns only count for 3 points but rushing is 1 point per 10 yards and rushing tds are 6 points. Do any qbs move up significantly and would you delay all qb selections since the points are less than normal leagues?

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    I’m confused for half point ppr do you use the standard cheat sheet or ppr chest sheet it says . 5 next to standard

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    Quick question about the sheet,did a couple of mock drafts(ppr) 1 keeper league and qb te always seem to be the last picks before def kicker , is it designed that way or should I adjust for starting line up first then go back and pickup the backups?

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