Raiders Don’t Trust QB Matt Flynn’s Arm Over 25 Yards – Fantasy Implications

Raiders QB Matt Flynn Can’t Throw Farther Than 25 Yards
Dorian “The Trashman” Colbert,
Gannon Dennis Allen
Raiders Coach Dennis Allen with former Raiders QB Rich Gannon by Alex Dunlap,

Things are seemingly going from bad to worse in Oakland. Not only do they have the least valuable franchise in the NFL, but the coaching staff has now conceded that they can’t expect new quarterback Matt Flynn to make completions over 25 yards, according to our good friend Vic Tafur, who would know better than anyone.

Dennis Allen, Alisson Allen, Garrison Allen, Layla AllenApparently HC Dennis Allen makes great decisions when it comes to wives, but for the man who’s going to lead his team on the field, he has questionable taste. I find it hard to believe that Flynn is the best man for the job, but apparently Terrelle Pryor is too raw and rookie Tyler Wilson has struggled thus far.

As far as fantasy football is concerned, you can pretty much count Denarius Moore out of usefulness. His bread and butter was the long play, and as long as Flynn is under center, that will be a thing of the past—a relic of what once was and won’t be again. Things don’t bode well for Darren McFadden either in this situation. You might have trouble seeing more stacked boxes at a UPS warehouse this season. I have to downgrade him even more than I already would with a sketchy offensive line, now sans Jared Veldheer, the glue that really holds the patchwork unit together. The only man who looks to possibly benefit from a weak arm is Rod Streater, who has been deemed the possession guy on the Oakland offense. Dump-offs will abound in this forced small ball scheme that the Raiders are doomed to rely on, and Streater will see most of that action.

The writing is on the wall in Oakland as GM Reggie McKenzie has had another perplexing offseason, and the team has not improved under his command. It’s a shame that talented players like Moore and McFadden can’t even get a fair shake due to higher-ups’ inability to see straight. Marcus Allen had a similar situation in Oakland. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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