PRO Rookie Spotlight: Equanimeous St. Brown, Notre Dame University

Rookie Spotlight: Equanimeous St. Brown, Notre Dame University

Height: 6’ 4 3/5” (official)
Weight: 214 lbs (official)
Hands:  9 3/4”
Arm: 33”
40 yard dash: 4.48 (official)

NFL Comparison: A.J. Green, Robby Anderson


– sure handed

– gets separation

– clean cuts

– great downfield speed

– strong route runner

– quick feet


– needs to improve run blocking

– has had trouble with physical corners

Scouting Notes:  It must have been tough, living up to a name like Equanimeous St. Brown and a world-famous dad, but somehow the nearly 6’ 5’’ speedster out of Notre Dame is doing a pretty good job of it. He had an unenviable QB situation his final year of college which led to him amassing just 515 yards and 4 TDs in 2017, but he has shown he can be productive with coherent QB play as his 2016 season with DeShone Kizer displayed – 961 yards and 9 TDs. St. Brown is a capable route runner who can get separation with decisive at the second level with his blistering top end speed and decisive cuts. He’s had some trouble with physical corners in his career, but he added at least 10 lbs of muscle coming into the Combine, so that’s an encouraging sign for his ability to body defenders – His 20 reps on the bench is just another indicator that he’s taken criticism about his strength to heart.

St. Brown is a ball hog who leaps and catches the ball at its high point, even though he’s tall enough to to let it fall to him much of the time. Sometimes he does let the ball come into his body over the middle, but he’s usually spot on when he concentrates.

He doesn’t have the best balance, and he sometimes gets tripped up on escaping from tackles, but St. Brown is pretty spry for such a lanky player. He has good body awareness and knows how to get leverage over smaller corners – and most of them are indeed smaller.


Fantasy Outlook: St. Brown had a lackluster season in 2017, but a strong showing at the Combine has sent his stock rising. He may even go in the second round as a potential no.1 receiver, which is quite a designation, as he wasn’t talked of much coming into the draft process. Smart on and off the field, he knows 3 languages fluently, St. Brown should have no trouble adjusting to the mental aspect of the NFL. The big question is whether he can continue to separate against pro corners and whether he can block worth a lick. He seems intent on showing that he’s no slouch in either department. A prototypical “X” receiver with a head for the game, St. Brown could be a big play, redzone machine in the right situation. Don’t sleep on him in your dynasty leagues, as he’s got as good a shot as anybody in the draft  to land a starting job as a primary option in any receiving corps. He has arguably the highest upside as a pure “X” WR of any player in this draft.

Quotable From the Combine

What’s the worst anyone’s botched your name?

“I couldn’t tell you. I’ve heard a lot of the years.”

You have a great backstory about how you and your brothers were named, is it a fun thing for you to hear questions about the unusual nature of your names?

“It’s whatever. I’ve gotten the question so many times that it’s kind of repetitive. I have an answer that’s lined up, but people are curious, so I let them know.’’

In terms of your football career, it’s taken an unusual path. Big production in ’16 and a step back in 17, when NFL teams ask you about that, how do you explain it?

“I just say, you know, it’s a whole new offense. Whole new staff – a clean slate. We were more of a running offense this year and we had a lot of young guys.”

What do you feel you need to show at the Combine this week?

“I think I need to let people know what kind of guy I am. I’m serious about football. And, show my physical talent.”

What kind of feedback have you gotten from the HBO special that your family did?

“Nothing but positive feedback. It’s mainly elderly people who watch it. Young kids don’t really watch HBO like that. But, yeah, I’ve gotten good feedback.’’

In the “Real Sports” special, your family was compared to the Ball family – do you think that’s a fair comparison?

“I mean, I see a lot of similarities between us and the Balls. We have similar fathers and we have all three brothers trying to make it our sports. So, yeah.’’

So, you were OK with that?

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

Of the three brothers, who’s the best?


With a father with such a strong personality, how did you balance that with your own dreams and aspirations?

“Playing football is my dream. It’s not his dream. He was a body builder. Me and my two younger brothers’ dream is to play football. He’s just there to help us. He loves us and he’s doing the best he can to help us achieve our dreams.’’

How difficult was the change from DeShone Kizer to Brandon Wimbush at QB?

“It wasn’t difficult. You adapt. We were winning more games, so that was a positive. I’m all for winning. Of course I wanted the ball a little more but you know, you take what you get and you do what you can.’’

What’s it like having a famous dad and traveling the world as a kid?

“To me it was just normal. I was a kid and I didn’t know what other kids were like or what was going on in their families. I know my family and that’s how things went. Traveling the world and playing football. That’s what my family was and that’s what I was used to.’’

What went into the decision to come out now rather than stay another year at Notre Dame?

“I play football to play in the NFL. I started this journey to take over the NFL and to play long in the NFL. I feel like I’m ready to go and take this next step and I think it’s the right decision.’’

You were roommates with Brandon Wimbush, how do you see his talents developing?

“I’m not sure what’s going on with the program right now … I’m sure it will be great and they’ll do great things. It’s Notre Dame and we have high expectations. I think he’s going to step up his game and make improvements.’’

You’ve put on some weight for the combine, how did you do that.

“I’ve been working out with my dad since I got home.”

What kind of feedback have you gotten from scouts here – maybe things you need to work on?

“Scouts usually don’t tell me what to do, they usually ask me to tell them – the want to know about my character, what kind of person I am. They don’t really tell me what I need to improve, they’re not really my coach yet.’’

Have you talked to the Colts during this

“No. Not yet.”

Who have you met with formally?

“The Saints and Cardinals.”

Do you have plans to meet with the Chiefs?

“I met with them informally. I don’t know about formally. I haven’t checked.’’

Are you going to try and do all the physical tests here?

“I’m going to do everything except for the jumps.’’

Will you do those on your Pro Day?


Any reason why?

“I’m going to do that at my Pro Day.’’

Have you had any contact with the Patriots?

“Yeah, you know, a little bit throughout the meetings.’’

How about Green Bay?

“Yeah. Informal.’’

In the weeks leading up to this, what have you spent the most time working on?

“Combine drills. Mainly working out, trying to gain weight, and Combine drills.”

In South Bend?

“In Anaheim at Stars.”

Other receivers working along side you there?

“Yeah, Jordan Lasley.”

Have you two pushed each other?

“Yeah, yeah. We work hand-in-hand to compete and make each other better. And now we’re here to compete and show the world what we can do.’’

What do you think of this WR class.

“It’s all the top of the top. The best of the best. We’re all here to show what we can do and it’s up to the scouts to determine what they think.’’

Have you reached out to former teammates that are in the NFL now to kind of get acclimated to this process?

“Yeah, I talked to DK [DeShone Kizer] and you know, he said, the Combine is stressful and to be patient. And to always have your A game ready.’’

Do you think the Combine is stressful?

“Um, people made it seem more stressful than it was. I was prepared for some crazy stuff – but it’s no too crazy.’’

Do you think some teams might view that comparisons to the Ball family as a negative?

“No. Some scouts asked me that but I had no problems at Notre Dame. I mean, my dad was in California. There was no issues and there’s never going to be any issues.’’

What’s the craziest thing you’ve been asked since you got here.

“How long can I keep my eyes open?’’

And what was your response?

“They just timed me. And I kept my eyes open as long as I could.”

How long did you last?

“I think like 15 seconds.”

Anything you wish you could have done differently?

“I wish I could have played at a heavier weight. My sophomore year I was on the lighter end. And I also wish I had made more contested catches.’’

What kind of leader is Mike McGlinchey?

“Oh he’s a great leader. One of the top leaders on our team. He’s been there five years. Great player, great person. Always working hard and tryingto find the best way for the team to win.’’

What are you trying to get across to teams?

“That I’m a smart player and that I pick up things quick. I care about football and this is my passion.’’

How would you describe your father’s personality? Was he overbearing?

“No. Loving. Yeah, yeah loving … There’s nothing he wouldn’t do to help us. He’s gone above and beyond for me and my brothers.’’


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    OK Full disclosure, this is one of the 1st one of these I have read in my years of being a member.
    They’re great!~
    Infact, you could package all of them, bundle them together in a PDF with categories and headers, and sell them to a 3rd party. You know waldman makes a pretty penny with his RSP !

    I am going to go through the profile spotlights of the players I am most interested in.

    by reading this, just the fact Equinaiomemeous has three fluent languages shows work ethic, the fact he could have had a life of leisure, and chose to work reflects on his character !

    I like his prototypical size, and the fact he recognizes he needed to gain weight to have better positioning on DBS !

    I am in on St-Brown boys, thanks
    Now I pray he comes to greenbay !

    1. he’d be a sick fit in GB.

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    Panic at the dickshow
    (play on words re: Zay Jones running around nekkid)

    40 man roster – 25 keepers .5 ppr
    The day after I read about Zay’s out of body experience, I started working the phones !
    I took a huge chance, ( I hate acquiring unproven RBS BEFORE the draft _)

    I traded Zay and a 5th for Carson and a 6th
    As of this moment I feel good about it. ESP after hearing your Sirius show where Byron folded his hand on Zay as well !

    In the same league, I cut bait on Austen Hooper and reacquired Josh “Body Blow” Doctson
    I had the guy throw in McCarron ( as I had no back up qb for Rodgers.)


    1. I like all of those moves. Now we just pray that SEA doesn’t draft a RB highly.

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    Ya the more I read looking likely they may. One saving grace is their entire team is depleted, from o line to wrs to on the defensive side …in the past they were not known to spend early picks on skill pos guys

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