RosterWatch 2018 Best Ball Cheat Sheet Updated to v2.2


With the free agency period winding down, the cheat sheet has been updated to v2.2.

RosterWatch Nation, Version 2.2 of our newest premium product, the 2018 RosterWatch Best Ball Cheat Sheet for the new MFL10s on Fanball and Best-Ball Fast and Slow Drafts at is now available in the Downloads section. The simple rules for using the sheet of paper to dominate your best-ball draft are the same three rules you have followed in redraft and dynasty leagues using the tool for years with a few minor caveats detailing how many players to take at each position. Basically, rules so simple, a toddler could follow them. Keep checking back to to make sure you have the latest version of the Best Ball Cheat Sheet before drafting, as things can and will change (sometimes drastically) through the spring as ADPs shift and as we gather more of our industry-leading intelligence on the 2018 class.

Click here to go to the downloads section and get V.2.2 of the RosterWatch Best Ball Cheat Sheet.


  1. Great show today. I messaged a couple of weeks ago about a 4 team dispersal draft for a PPR dynasty league and your advice was very helpful, thank you. Draft is tomorrow and goes all day.

    In evaluating the pool of players there’s a shortage of RBs and a deeper WR pool. I have the 2 pick, then 7, 10, 15, 18 etc. Top 4 available players are Gurley, Hopkins, AB and Fournette. Assuming Gurley goes #1, the choice for 2 seems to be Nuk or Fournette, given that AB will be 30 and Big Ben is no spring chicken.

    Also in the asset pool are draft pick selections 1.2, 1.8, 1.9, 1.11, etc all the way to 5.11.

    Other top RBs are M Gordon, Cook, Ingram, CMC, Hyde, McKinnon, Collins, Coleman.

    Other Top WRs are M Thomas, Evans, AJ, D Adams, Thielen, Cooks, Baldwin, JuJu, J Gordon, ARob, Woods, Funchess.

    So would you go with Nuk or Leo F if Gurley goes first?


    1. Given the depth at the WR position remaining through the dispersal (if I understand this correctly) then I’d go with Fournette to start and then fill out your WR through the area outlined above. GL in your draft and feel free to ask questions during it if it is a slow draft.

  2. Thanks. I ended up with both of them. Hopkins at #2 pick, Leo at #7.

    Pretty balanced at QB, RB and WR. Njoku at TE. Should I grab TJ Yeldon as cuff?

    Still on the board:

    Rookie 3.2, 3.8, 3.9, 3.11, and those picks in 4th and 5th
    Edelman (I have Hogan)
    Kevin White
    Malcolm Mitchell
    Jordan Matthews
    Mike Wallace
    John Ross

    James White
    DeAndre Washington

    Brate, Cook, Doyle, Higbee

    Who to target out of these? Thanks!

  3. All done. Got some good picks. Thanks for your help!

    1. sorry man didn’t see this. great team tho.

      1. Trade question follow up. I ended up going with the birds in the hand over 1st/2nd draft picks which went really early. Ended up with:

        QB: MM, Staff, Tru
        RB: Leo + TJ cuff, CMC, Collins, Mack, Theo, JWhite
        WR: Nuk, Thielen, Gordon, Baldwin, Woods, Hogan, Pryor, KWhite, MMitchell, & Maclin (27th round!)
        TE: Njoku, Cook
        Picks: 3.11, 4.08. 5.02, 5.09

        The rookie draft includes the FA pool and there are some decent players I think I can get late.

        Now my question. A guy w 1.08, 1.11, 2.08, 2.09 is interested in Baldwin, Mack, Tru & Njoku. I love Baldwin for 2018 but he’s almost 30. Is DB for 1.08 or 1.11 a fair deal?


  4. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Fitz – I run a few dynasties and your setup intrigues me
    – how does it work exactly ?
    do guys get contracts (3years then must be cut ?)

    I have a problem with my league where you keep 8 ( max 2 per position ) and I find its boring
    I need to shake things up yo

    1. Nice name lol. It’s pretty standard dynasty setup with no time limits on player ownership. This league had 4 owners drop, so the commish emptied all the rosters and had the 4 new owners pick from the pool to rebalance the league. Worked out pretty well for all. Rookie/FA draft will take place after the nfl draft. Good luck

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