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  1. Alex, Byron, and Trashman!

    Long time PRO member here and I need help analyzing my Dynasty squad. Last year was our first year and I used the PPR draft cheat sheet but I had the unluckiest year (3 losses by 2 points or less) and missed playoffs by one game. I will have the 3rd overall pick in our rookie draft where we’re allowed to draft up to 4 rookies. Offseason hasn’t done my team any favors so how bad of shape am I in here?

    Need to make 2 cuts before Friday so who should I cut?

    What players should I look to try and move on from through trade and are there guys out there I should target? I know it’s a broad question but I’m trying to assess my teams’ strengths and weaknesses .

    10 team PPR (6pt passing TD, -2 INT)
    We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 (WR/RB/TE) 1 TE

    J. Winston
    R. Tannehill
    J. Brissett

    L. Fournette
    David Johnson
    D. Freeman
    J. White
    R. Jones
    L. Murray
    R. Burkhead
    G. Bernard
    R. Armstead

    J. Jones
    R. Woods
    T. Boyd
    J. Crowder
    M. Jones
    A. Jeffery
    A. Lazard
    A. Tate
    K. Coutee
    D. Funchess

    H. Henry
    G. Olsen
    K. Rudolph
    J. Reed

    Notable Locked FAs:
    QB: Big Ben, Rivers, T. Taylor, Stidham
    RB: B. Scott, McKinnon, Rashard, Ogunbowale
    WR: D. Jax, Reynolds, A. Wilson, J. Gordon
    TE: Hurst, Jarwin, Knox, McDonald

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hi Renourka,

      Hope all is well!

      QB: You could look at trades for Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, any of the rookies in this year’s class. Or, maybe a cheap deal on Wentz, Baker, Darnold, Goff. Obviously you can play waiver wire QB if necessary. So, don’t go crazy. But, if I could get any of those players on the cheap, I would def consider. I think you could get through short stretches with the FA QBs you listed, I imagine there are others (possibly Cousins, Stafford, etc)

      RB: This is probably your biggest area of need, although you need help everywhere (we will get you there!). You probably have to take a Top 3 RB on the rookie sheet with your first pick.

      WR: Follow the sheet and pick some good rookies along the way- if you really want Lamb in RD1 after the first two RBs are gone, you can consider it

      TE: Hadyen Hurst should be picked up IMMEDIATELY!!! Also, target Trautman in middle rounds of your rookie draft!

      Also, you should consider trading Julio Jones. If you can get a King’s Ransom, I’d probably go for it. Good luck…

      1. Thanks for the solid insight and advice Alex. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock


    This is a project for sure.

    Kinda looks like a fun project

    Here is what i like to do in dynasty
    1. Assess your teams value vs the competition.
    I dont need to see the other teams to know u are a bottom team again next yr.
    Take aging assets on a poor team and try to get younger.
    Your best player is julio. And i think he will be 32 next time games are played. Or older.
    He has to go.
    ..assuming u can get fair value.

    Id try to trade julio for a 1st and a good young player.
    Say deebo, or a high 1st and a player like slayton, or chark or maclaren.

    Julio still has high value.

    The draft:

    If u really like ceedee and dont like the rookies available where u are drafting at 3.. entertain moving down a spot or 2 to get a 1st for next yr or 2nd this yr.

    But players i wont pass on are
    And jeudy

    U could also try “downgrading ” henry
    To someone hockenson plus an early 2nd

    Plz keep us abreast of your moves
    Be fun to watch

    @vonironcock on twitter

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thanks BVIC! Great advice, homie!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Yes, “a fun project” !

    2. Wow man thanks for all the specific advice above! Really appreciate it brotha

    3. Yo Baron VonIronCock and Alex/Byron,

      Quick update as I found a team with pick 1.8 and he has WRs like Deebo, Hollywood Brown, Metcalf, Watkins, Agholor, etc… he actually is the Hockenson owner but he said he’s not interested in my Henry.

      After texting him he actually offered me pick 1.8 and Deebo for my Julio. He originally offered my 1.8 and Hollywood Brown though. Which deal you like better? I can accept the Deebo deal any time.

      Or should I wait and try to trade Julio to a team that has overall pick 1.4 where I’m going to ask for 1.4 and McLaurin for Julio (he also has JuJu, Kirk, Gallup, R. Anderson, Hurd, Meyers) so which deal would you pursue?

      Also would it be worth trying to trade Henry to a team that has Fant, Dissly and OJ Howard at TE. Would Henry for his 2.9 pick + one of those TEs be enough for Henry?

      1. Quick update: the team with pick 1.4 doesn’t want to trade it. So basically it’s a matter of if i should pull the trigger on my Julio for 1.8 + Deebo (or ask for Hollywood or a different WR)? If i accept, I’d have picks 1.3, 1.8, 2.8, 3.3 and 4.8.

      2. Post By Baron VonIronCock


        So full disclosure
        I am low on julio

        I would try to squeeze a lil more outta him
        But in a pinch i take that deal.

        For either hollywood or deebo
        Hollywood frame may be a long term issue
        But hes a young asset which u need on ur team.

        Id much rather mclauren to both of them fools though.

        What else does he have on his roster?

        Here is what i do right now.

        Open a line of communication with him
        Sweet talk him
        Tell him how big hig cock is (metafor for his teams prowess) say hes one big piece away from making a real run.

        Point out the fact julio is still going in 1st rounds of redraftleagues. And he is.

        Then make the move if he u up in the 2021 draft
        From your 4th to his 2nd or your 2nd for his 1st.

        As for henry
        He is still young but this last szn was the 1st hes played more than 9 games or so.

        Id also be interested in tes like jonnu ,jarwin, thomas, or hurst bit obv theyd need to add a nice player or at least 2nd round picks to level the playing field.

  3. First time playing in a Dynasty and I inheritted this team. Any ideas? I’m looking to shop Watkins.

    Hodges, Devlin PIT QB
    Mariota, Marcus LVR QB
    Watson, Deshaun HOU QB
    Gore, Frank FA RB
    Guice, Derrius WAS RB
    Ingram, Mark BAL RB
    McCoy, LeSean FA RB
    Montgomery, David CHI RB
    Snell, Benny PIT RB
    Amendola, Danny DET WR
    Brown, A.J. TEN WR
    Cobb, Randall HOU WR
    Hopkins, DeAndre ARI WR
    Jones, Marvin DET WR (Q)
    Ridley, Riley CHI WR
    Robinson, Allen CHI WR
    Gesicki, Mike MIA TE
    Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE
    Olsen, Greg SEA TE
    Seibert, Austin CLE PK
    Panthers, Carolina CAR Def
    St. Brown, Equanimeous GBP WR (Q) ‐ –

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Look at the general advice above for Renourka, much of it could apply here. Also, as Baron mentioned- above- we’ve been hot on buying Hockenson low at TE all offseason, as I mentioned Troutman in your rookie draft will be an interesting option, as well

      Not a lot of guys you can currently really market or plausibly trade (doesn’t mean don’t try!)

      -That said don’t hate the team if you can make some good sit starts- mainly at RB this year.

      -Your core roster is: Watson + Hopkins + Brown + Robinson

      -Don’t hate Ingram, Montgomery, and maybe Guice this year- but could all be dicey long term.

      Think you will probably do much of the short term re-shaping of this roster, naturally by shedding dead weight and making waiver pickups in addition to crushing your Rookie / FA draft. Make sure you are using the Dynasty Rookie Cheat Sheet for that.

      Also, as soon as the value goes up on some of your middle tier guys that you keep, you should package 2 of them and trade for 1 buy low player, you like better for dynasty. You should do that as many times as you can the next 12 months.

      1. All right I’m making a move! Christian McCaffery and Robert Woods for Frank Gore, Hopkins and AJ Brown. I have the 1.6, 2.1 and 2.6 picks.

  4. Too late. He got a better offer.

  5. Looking for some opinions. 12 Team Dynasty League 2 QB. I have picks 1.1 1.3. 2.1. QB’s Flacco, Ryan, Rivers, and Hoyer. RB’s D.Lewis, J Scarlett, T. Johnson, R. Armstead, J.Hill, D. Harris, T Cohen, D. Washington, and M.Davis.

    Now the guy at 1.2 and 1.4 has the most stacked team I have ever seen, took over my team two years ago, in a Dynasty league and I am in 5 of them. His only weakness is the QB position. He has been asking for multiple weeks for a trade for the number one pick. I responded with my 1.1 and 1.3 for his 1.2, 1.4, and 1.7 He has four picks in the first round.

    Now I need multiple RB’s badly. I am thinking I have to take JB at one just because the value is so high for QB’s. Good move? Or do I go two RB’s and take a QB at 2.1? Think I already know the answer.

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