RW Podcast 242: 2020 Dynasty Rookie Rankings First-Look

Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert go through all of the fantasy football fallout from the 2020 NFL draft while finalizing the structure of v1.0 of the 2020 dynasty rookie draft cheat sheet available at

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  1. Beautiful sheet. Thank you, fellas! How would the QBs shoot up for superflex? Never played dynasty or SF, so not quite sure how to handle it yet.

    1. Have they posted the cheat sheet yet? Or am I just not seeing it

      1. yes it went up yesterday in the DL section.

    2. You’d bump Burrow up to the very top or top two. Tua, Herbert thru the first round. I’d probably take both of those guys before Swift, GL dude!

      1. Glad I asked. Thanks, Alex! I’ve traded up and now have the rookie 1.03, 1.04 and 1.09. Fair to say you’d have Tua on the line with Akers, and Herbert with Vaughn/Jeudy. Thanks again brother!

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Sweet 103 and 104 taylor and ceedee there
    Come back at 109 with cam akers or mims

    Ps. Tight GF bruh

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