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alex bylineThanks to all the new members of the winning family we call RosterWatch Nation. Now that we have finished with our drafts and are set to begin a new season, here is an overview of the content schedule you can expect on the site from week to week. I encourage you to use as many of the tools as you can in order to make the best personnel moves and sit/start decisions possible. Also, please note that Byron, the Trashman and I will, as always, be periodically monitoring the comments sections of the most recent posts on the ticker to answer all of your questions through the week (excluding the final hours leading up to kickoff on Sunday mornings as radio and other last-minute rankings-related responsibilities make that time extremely busy for us), so ask away.

We thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for your support and reader/viewer/listenership. It is our promise and our sole mission to do everything in our power to give you the best and most insightful information we can to help you win in fantasy, no matter the lengths we must go to get it. We are a NATION.

Enjoy your football this weekend.

Alex Dunlap editor-in-chief


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  1. Is there a way for Pro Members to listen to the SiriusXM show without having Sirius Radio?

    1. No, it’s for SiriusXM subscribers only because that’s just how Sirius works. However, the GrindersLive show will be free on YouTube and on podcast and we’ll be starting our in-season Tuesday podcast next week if all goes according to plan.

      1. Definitely will be tuning in to grinderslive

  2. I have to say that it is awesome to see Rosterwatch nation to grow like it has. I can remember a few years back when the comment section only had a few comments. Now it is impossible to find the questions I asked.

    1. yessir, we’re very thankful for all of you guys!

  3. Brandon Marshall, Tevin Coleman, or Fat Rob for my flex in a .5 ppr?

    1. All good options- pro Fat Rob. If Odell sits, think long and hard about BM.

  4. .5 PPR. My key players: OBJ, Michael Thomas, Marshawn Lynch, Mixon and J. Hill, R. Cobb. I have a trade offer sent to me asking for OBJ and Lynch for Melvin Gordon and Martavis Bryant. I want to counter with OBJ, Mixon, Hill, and Cobb for Gordon, Bryant, and K. Benjamin.

    Do you do either of those trades considering I am weak at RB? I assume the counter offer gets rejected.

    1. They are both fine- but I’m not sure the guy will take the second offer. I would likely do the first deal- although it still doesn’t address your depth which I think is your primary concern- but it does improve your RB 1

  5. Need help with my line up! .5 ppr.
    Davante Adams
    Keenan Allen
    Allen Robinson
    Jonathon Stewart
    Pick 2.

    1. AR + DA are the safe plays- wouldn’t ever blame you for rolling KA if you have a hunch.

  6. Post By Capt. Kirk's Balls

    Thank you guys so much for all the hard work you put in each and every week. Gotta admit, I’ve been missing the podcast this past week…some of the funniest (and most insightful) stuff…”Martavis is a fuckin alien!! & That guy sucks…he just sucks!!” Alex, you tell it like it is, and I love you for it bro. Keep it up, and THE NATION will be raking in fat stacks all season!

    1. Thanks for your support Capt Kirk! The pod will be back up soon!


  7. Obj owner….should I sit him for garçon?

    1. Will have to be a game time decision, but if necessary it’s a fine move to make- I like Garcon this week as a solid safe decent play

  8. In a league with these cockamamie DEF scoring settings:

    Sack: 1
    Interception: 3
    Fumble Recovery: 2
    Touchdown: 6
    Safety: 2
    Block Kick: 0
    Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6
    Points Allowed 0 points: 25
    Points Allowed 1-6 points: 20
    Points Allowed 7-13 points: 15
    Points Allowed 14-20 points: 10
    Points Allowed 21-27 points: 0
    Points Allowed 28-34 points: -3
    Points Allowed 35+ points: -7
    Extra Point Returned: 2

    1) Based on this do I start the Jags @HOU or drop them for one of these available options: Falcons @CHI, Chargers @DEN, or even Bengals vs. BAL?

    Streaming DEF in this league will be difficult because we only have 4 adds every week and there’s 8 bench spots (12 teams) so other DEFs available include: Bucs, Eagles, Titan, Jets, Colts, 49ers …

    2) Also I’m very curious as to why you guys are so high on the Falcons DEF this week and why you’re so low on the Bills DEF at home vs. the Jets?

    1. Like the Bengals in this setup and think JAX is fine too. Flip a coin

  9. Hey guys, need help with flex. 0.5 Ppr
    Rish. Mathews
    Fat rob

    1. Love Rishard this week but Hogan may be the safest play. It’s extremely tough. Gillislee is nice too. Man – I really like Rishard and think he gets in the EZ tho. I think Hogan has the best floor. Good luck.

  10. How do I add a picture to my profile?….plus how about designing some rosterwatch t-shirts…with some of the classic maniacal one liners on the back….would love to sport a solid white one with the red logo….like a boss!!!

    1. It will be easier soon. You have to make an account at gravatar for now.

  11. Need some help here…
    Pick two of these guys in PPR- 1 RB and 1 Flex

    S. Watkins

    Thank you!

    1. What a sick team. I say CMC and Dalvin GL. Tough choice

      1. Oh man, it sure hurt watching Hunt destroy world’s on my bench! Ha

  12. Need 3, 1 rb 1 wr 1 flex. Abdullah, Hunt, TY Montgomery, martavis, ty hilton, arob. Thanks!

    1. Or Mixon

      1. Since you don’t have any decisions tonight – let’s wait for the Vegas tool and see where the props have them

  13. Post By

    Alex, Byron & The sick, smelly disgusting Trashman,

    I am so looking forward to this Fantasy season. It’s been since 2014 that I won this league. RosterWatch has already started the Cheatsheet is truly magical. I been listening to RosterWatch since 2014 on SiriusXM; I been ziging while they zag, I do say that they are getting wiser, so I must up my game. I respect how RosterWatch acquires their data. The insight and due diligence that is imbued in not only the Cheatsheet but RosterWatch itself will undoubtedly achieve to ascend to the apex of the the League.


    Ron Swanson/ Kobayashi Maru!

  14. I play in an 8 team standard league. My defense this week is New England, the Chargers are available. Do you think that I should stick with NE or make a switch to the probably lower scoring game?

    1. I’d be fine rolling w/ either – wouldn’t stress over switching it out

      1. Post By Longhornfireman

        Thanks, for the quick response.
        Here’s team, what do you think:
        QB – Newton and Roethlisberger
        RB – Gordon, Fournette, Hunt, Coleman, Abdullah
        WR – Brown, Beckham, Allen, Parker, Zay Jones
        TE – Kelce
        Def – NE
        Kicker – Crosby

  15. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Shouldn’t the weekly flex ratings come out before the Thursday night game?

    1. No they come out on Fridays

      1. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

        But why are we excluding the Thursday night players?

        1. Because the trashman is garbage and it wouldn’t be RosterWatch if somebody wasn’t on a little tilt.

  16. Thanks as always!! We appreciate your work!!

    1. Thank YOU mr. Big Wolf!

  17. No Podcast show????

    1. we’ll have the podcast – I’ll edit the post to add that, I forgot it was part of the planned schedule this year.

  18. Post By

    Figures the one guy RW liked that I did not get any shares of in K Hunt….lol. But I did put a couple c notes on him for rookie of the year back at 28/1 before the odds changed! Looking good!!!

    1. wish I would have seen that prop!

  19. I have both Fat Rob and Perine. Someone just dropped Theo Riddick. Should I drop Perine to get Riddick? Half point PPR.

    1. We’d rather keep that situation handcuffed until Perine takes the job unless we’re really in a spot where we absolutely need to. HE’s a guy you could hate yourself at some point for dropping.

      1. I’m pretty weak at RB. I have Gordon and Lynch starting with Fat Rob, Perine, and Jamaal Williams as my only guys on the bench. Would you still stay put? Thanks for all of your help!

  20. 10 team standard scoring league
    Rbs- D Cook M Gordon Donta Foreman Conner
    WRs- Baldwin T Hill B Cooks Hilton Randal Cobb P Richardson

    I feel a little thin at rb, should I drop Richardson and or one of my backup rbs for the following guys? Or stay put
    Fa rbs available- riddick procise Smallwood Jamaal Williams Perine Carson Darkwa

    1. I think I already answered this one in another post.

  21. With Evans and Parker out for this week, I need a flex for my PPR team. Thielen, Rishard Matthew or Woodheaed? Please advise.

  22. Post By

    I would go Thielen.

  23. Got an offer alshon, s.watkins for Crabtree in a ppr league in the long haul is this a good or ????

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