Trashman Breaks Down RW Banana Hammock Boys Listener League Draft

Nasty Nate & Cabana Boys

Best Group: RBs – Johnson, Murray, and Mixon all have a shot at being top 5 fantasy rushers (DJ is the league frontrunner). Just wish you had more of them, as one injury could sink you.

Worst Group: QBs – Not sure how you got stuck with Siemian, but it’s an unenviable position. Maybe a push from Lynch and a second season with Thomas and Sanders will do him some good.

How to Improve: Stream a 2nd QB until one sticks or use your surplus of wrs and trade for one.

Trash meter: 3 trashcans – A plethora of questionable WRs with considerable upsides and boom or bust TEs in new roles makes this a team TrashMan can work with.

Get Nuclear

Best Group: There really isn’t a “best” group here. All of your positions have an equivalent level of stability and chaos tied in.

Worst Group: The closest to a “worst” is your RB group. Should Elliott get a reduction or even if he does get 6 games, you might be in trouble the second half of your season.

How to Improve: Keep up with the “Garbage Grab” article throughout the season to build up your rb corps or hope Taylor starts out hot enough to ship him off for another RB.

Trash meter: 4 trashcans – James Conner and De’Angelo Henderson? Faces only a real dumpster diver could love.

Cockamamie Charlatan

Best Group: WRs – This team is built for PPR productivity, and it starts with the WRs who are all, except for Ginn (and even he could get a lot of volume as a starter for the Saints), going to get consistent targets on a weekly basis.

Worst Group: RBs – There’s a lot of upside here, but if Hunt isn’t who we think he is, and Johnson doesn’t step up his game, you don’t have much of a fallback plan. The good news is that your backups could maybe make due in a PPR format.

How to Improve: Try to trade Williams to the Montgomery owner in a trade that would bring another back that would be immediately useful should Hunt not pan out. He’d be much more useful to him.

Trash meter: 5 trashcans – The Trashman loves working with small name players who can come up big, and this team is full of them!

Jimmy John

Best Group: WRs – There’s nothing sexy about JJ’s WRs after Julio, but they’re almost all guys who will lead their teams in receptions and/or yards.

Worst Group: QBs – It’s still unknown whether Wentz will step forward or fall back after a 2016 season that left him with a lot to prove, and Dalton hasn’t had a top 15 finish since 2013, though he does have a stellar set of weapons.

How to Improve: Almost all of your players are solid enough to pair up to get marquee talent. A top-notch QB can make this team formidable.

Trash meter: 3 trashcans – Unassuming and built to last, those questionable QBs and high upside backend WRs stink pretty good.

Bananas and Blow

Best Group: All around shrewd draft, even for taking QBs with your first two picks. Unsurprisingly, this is your best group, though I have to think Ryan will regress since Shanahan has parted ways.

Worst Group: RBs – Forte and Rawls have tenuous holds on their backfields… actually I’m not sure Forte has one at all, and Woodhead and Cook probably aren’t their respective team’s goal line backs.

How to Improve: Up your RB game by trading one of your QBs.

Trash meter: 1 trashcan – All of your players are respectable except for Bradford. Where’s the fun in that?


Best Group: A man after my own disgusting heart! This WRs corps is filthy value from top to bottom – I love Decker in the 13th.

Worst Group: RB – While there is upside for days, Fournette and Perkins are largely unproven as NFL workhorses, and Hill’s hold on the job in Cincy is shaky. Miller is solid, but D’Onta Foreman is going to get more and more work.

How to Improve: I’d take a wait and see approach. You have enough WR depth to make moves when you need to.

Trash meter: 3 trashcans – That slightly suspect RB corps will keep you biting your nails every week.

Sully From Houston

Best Group: TE – Sully took advantage of the ability to start 2 TEs after taking 2 QBs in the 2nd and 3rd round, potentially missing out on other top tier WRs. If they can stay healthy, Graham and Reed could keep you afloat through the season.

Worst Group: WR – Evans and Sanders are a solid start, but Cobb as your third and final WR is heart attack waiting to happen. Who knows what his role will be after a down year and a beastly addition at TE in Bennett. I’d be fine with it if you had a 4th and 5th option…

How to Improve: Pair a couple of those speculative RBs on your tail end for some WR depth.

Trash meter: 4 trashcans – Doesn’t get much trashier than this unorthodox lineup.

The Golden Son

Best Group: WR – I guess Beasley in the 14th was an effort to ground this all upside group of WRs. You’ll always have a shot to win the week as long as one of those other guys has a game left to go.

Worst Group: RB – You took a similar approach with RBs, but I’m not as certain of the production. You need half a season or serious injuries to happen to get reliable numbers out of everyone after Gurley, and even he is somewhat of a question mark going in.

How to Improve: At least you can stay detached from the second half of your lineup, leaving a multitude of potential slots for hot waiver wire pickups that you can act on with little hesitation.

Trash meter: 5 trashcans – Almost every player is a boom or bust candidate. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of a season!

Expert Quality

Best Group: WR – Nothing sexy about these picks, but any one of these WRs could lead their teams in receptions and yards, besides Shepard.

Worst Group: QB – I would say RB, because you have so few, but the one’s you have are super solid and your QB pairing is much more questionable. Pairing a QB who, although stellar, hasn’t played 16 games in over two years with a guy who is still learning the position is a risky move. Hope they don’t hamstring you.

How to Improve: A couple of those late round WRs are bound to exceed our expectations sooner than later. Use them to get some depth at QB.

Trash meter: 4 trashcans – You have at once the oldest and youngest team in the league it seems. A lot can go right, and so much can go wrong!


Best Group: TE – Looks like you took a similar route as Sully when you couldn’t get elite WRs. If Eifert can stay on the field it might actually work!

Worst Group: Woah boy, if Zeke misses any time you are going to be in it, and that may be the case even if he doesn’t. The other RBs you have are too tied in to gameflow situations to rely on with much regularity. I do applaud the attempt to get PPR talent though. The move to take Alex Smith in the 10th was a missed opportunity to add depth…

How to Improve: Hope that Smith starts out of the gates hot so you can trade him. It’s a longshot though. If Zeke misses time you need to see what you can get for him, as much as that hurts. I’d be willing to pay big for him – I’m talking multiplayer trade here. Also, stay tuned to the Garbage Grab and the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet after week 1 to bolster that lineup.

Trash meter: 2 trashcans – You gotta temper the risk with stability to make this sort of strategy work. We’ll get it right though. Maybe Hogan can really step up in NE.

Boiled Pnut Twister

Best Group: WR – Green and Thomas can both be top 5 WRs, and Kupp is going to catch a lot of balls. Smith, as much as I hate him, should provide plenty of return for his meager investment.

Worst Group: QB – I really think Dak is who we think he is, a top tier QB, but Watson is an obvious risk.

How to Improve: Talk to BVIC about Alex Smith. At least we know he’ll be starting.

Trash meter: 4 trashcans – Your bench is chock full of trade potential. If you’re smart about it, you can build a real juggernaut.

Trashman’s Grab

Best Group: DEF? – Um, I don’t know whether to give you a high five or a face palm with this one, unless your aim is to trade one of them for a another QB or TE. I appreciate that you took the “Best value” strategy to heart, if nothing else. The fact the you were still able to get great value late in the draft is the one thing keeping me sane here.

Worst Group: TE – Cook has a lot of potential in Oakland, but he’s a master of squandering opportunity, as we’ve seen from his previous situations.

How to Improve: Add some depth at TE. You have plenty of obvious ways to go about it.

Trash meter: 4 trashcans – I know better by now than to draft with the intention of an early trade. It rarely happens as soon as you think it will. Fortunately, you were able to get the necessary pieces anyway.


  1. I’ve got a few questions to start out after the draft and before week 1.

    1. I’m in a 2QB league, I got Aaron Rodgers–yay. But. I also am running the Seahawks defense who are playing each other this week. This matchup is projected to be within a few points. Should I drop anyone and pick up the Bengals or Falcons defense for this week?

    Here’s my bench:
    Allen Robinson
    Mark Ingram
    Ameer Abdullah
    Tyrell Williams
    Jamaal Charles
    Zay Jones

    2. Looking at my bench, who should I run in the FLEX spot (1 point PPR)– I currently have Carlos Hyde there.. but he only put up 3 points against Carolina last year.

    3. I slacked horribly at TE in the draft. I got Jack Doyle. Should I drop him for Eric Ebron, Coby Fleener, or Jared Cook? Especially since Luck is going to be out (at least for this week)?

    1. And by “this matchup,” I mean my fantasy matchup.

    2. I would drop Tyrell for ATL DEF

      Id flex Robinson or Abdullah in that case

      Jared Cook

      Best Wishes!

  2. Post By

    I have Winston as my starter but this postponement of week 1 screwed me. Should I play Bradford or Dalton for this first week?

    Also in PPR for week 1 do you like Perriman, Kupp, Golladay or Doctson? Choose one.

    1. Post By

      Looking at the ultimate matchup tool for week 1, I pretty much answered my first question. Sorry

    2. Very close call, what we believe are two good options. For some sneaky reason, I kind of like Bradford this week. Wait for our final QB rankings later in the week to make the decision.

      Cooper Kupp all day, baby.

  3. What is the status on the DFS tools for week one? HyperDFS just suggested I roster Edelman so I assume an update is coming?

    Thanks for the great content. RW Nation!

    1. Will be live for the weekend slate! Stay tuned!

  4. .5 PPR.

    RB’s are Gurley/Hunt/Martin/Riddick

    I was offered Mixon & Hyde for Hunt & Riddick

    Would you accept, or hold tight?

  5. Really need some help RW nation! Full PPR I’ve got
    D Parker
    Snead (susp)

    I need a replacement for Parker this week and don’t know what to do. Obviously not going Doctson. Should I play Kupp or get a waiver wire player like … J Kerley
    M Goodwin
    T Smith
    T Austin

    1. Go with Kupp if he’s active, if not pick up Goodwin.

      1. Thanks I appreciate it

  6. I want to thank you all for your help last year. Won the league following your advice!! I would normally wait a bit to ask a question, but I know you all are high on Kupp and we accidentally autodrafted Duke Johnson. Kupp is still available. With the following roster, would you drop DJjr for Kupp? Thanks in advance!

    PPR League one FLX:
    QBs: WIlson, Palmer
    RBs: J Howard, M Lynch, C Hyde, T. Coleman, D. Johnson Jr
    WRs: Evans, M Thomas, P Garcon, Z Jones, W Snead
    TEs: J Graham, J Doyle

    1. Close call – I personally would – I love Kupp and hate Duke. It doesn’t look like you will play Duke anytime barring a disaster anyway.

  7. That is amazing. Thanks Trashman!!!

  8. What do you think of the trade I did with Bananas and Blow. You liked my draft the best. Since then I traded Ryan and Keenan for Luck and AB.

    1. Alex? Trashman?

  9. Hey Guys..and Trashman. Just wrapped up a hellacious *20 Team Dyn Draft. using the Cheat Sheet ended up with a pretty good team. Question I have. Noah Brown or Austin Carr? Who would you rather own?

  10. Post By

    I need help 1pt PPR either T Coleman or D Cook?

    1. Cook

  11. Can I possibly start Powell or Abdullah over Hunt this week?
    The matchup tool says yes…

    1. Yes you can

      1. Maniacal

  12. Finally had our draft tonight and feeling pretty good. Standard, 10-team:
    QB Carr
    TE Kelce
    RB Gordon/D Cook/T Coleman/D Martin/P Perkins/D Henry
    WR Evans/K Allen/T Hill/D Parker/C Coleman/K White
    DEF LA Rams

    An early run on QBs and I resisted; now wondering if I should drop White or maybe Coleman to pick up Dalton. Based on your season match-up tool they compliment each other for the season. Or, be patient for 3 weeks and then grab Dalton or just stream. Your thoughts?

    1. I have a similar situation with Cam. Bye is Wk 11, but I’m stacked. So I decided to just wait and see what happens in the coming weeks before the bye or even sooner. You know damn well someone is gonna get hurt, under perform or just suck it up, You’ll end up dropping someone by then and better yet, someone else will as well, maybe even a tad better QB than the options on waivers now. I would just wait. Some people have no patience and drop players as fast as they can…that’s when you strike.

    2. Solid idea- we certainly wouldn’t drop CC, though- and honestly in a 10 man league 2QBs are very tough to roster- I’d rather keep Kevin White for a week or two to see if he breaks out. We’d be willing to stream QBs all year, if we were you- your roster is awesome!

  13. I have to pick two rbs-
    R Kelley

    Standard 12 tm league

    1. RKelley + Hunt or Perkins

  14. Where is the review for the cockamamie business league?

    1. Prob in a dumpster, or floating in a dirty urine stained puddle under a bridge somewhere by I35.

      1. Hahaha damn Trashman. I’m not sure how someone so filthy and disgusting can put me on tilt so easily. Go dig that review out of the urine puddle Trashman!

  15. Last draft — What do you think? These players were not drafted and are free agents — Would you make any moves — Sam Bradford; Jeremy Hill, Kamara and Charles; Zay Jones, Golladay Many thanks — your cheat sheets are the best!!

    QB Carr
    RB Cook
    RB Freeman
    RB T Coleman
    RB Burkhead
    RB Prosise
    RB Woodhead
    WR M Evans
    WR M Thomas
    WR K Allen
    Wr M Bryant
    WR D Parker
    WR C Davis
    Broncos + Lutz

    1. oops forgot I have ERTZ for TE

    2. I’d consider dropping Burkhead or Prosise for maybe Zay Jones or Charles.

      1. Thanks Byron, would it change your view on Prosise or Burkhead since I can keep them (only drafted players can be kept) next year with a late round pick.

  16. Post By

    Perkins or Mixon this week?

    And, I was proposed this trade. My Dez and Tyrell Williams for his Melvin Gordon and Golden Tate. Thinking I am going to do it as I am really light on RB’s.

    1. Perkins

    2. We love Melvin Gordon- that’s a good deal – assuming you’re not left swindled at WR

      1. Post By

        I still would have Michael Thomas and Keenan Allen, along with Zay Jones and Garcon. So getting Golden Tate should solidify the position. Cheat Sheet did me well.

  17. I’m in a 14 team, 1/2 PPR league and we have a $150 auction budget in our draft. I have the ability to sign two of these three guys to a contract for what I purchased them for in this year’s draft. This contracted price will be good for the next two year’s drafts. Who would you leave out? $15 for DeVante Parker, $3 for Alvin Kamara, or $3 for Corey Davis. Thanks.

    1. yikes – prob Kamara- and would hope to still be able to get good value on him next yr as a sleeper if I wanted him. Parker appears to be worth the risk- unless you’re worried Cutler won’t be back next year- and he will be screwed at QB.

      CD is a no brainer at $3. Best wishes.

  18. Tev Coleman or Moncrief .5ppr?

    1. TC

  19. Funchess or Jeffery? .5 PPR

  20. Tyreek, crowder, or maclin. Also, Hunt or Abdullah.

    1. I can also throw lynch into the running backs considering the matchup. Hunt, lynch, Abdullah. Pick two

    2. Going with Tyreek but can’t decide between the three backs!

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