PRO RosterWatch End Zone Targets Report: Week 10

alex bylineHere you can find a new tool we’ve added for the 2017 season. Each week, we will maniacally go through the All-22 tape on NFL Game Pass and chronicle every time a player is targeted in the end zone. Red-Zone targets are a nice statistic, but are not as telling as being targeted in the actual end zone which is clearly a much higher expected-value event. We could not find this statistic available publicly anywhere else, so our solution was to do it for ourselves and for RosterWatch Nation. We hope the database, which will be updated on Thursdays weekly through Week 15, is one you find useful in making your critical sit/start decisions or in projecting player performance moving forward while gauging value for trades.

Click here to access the updated shared spreadsheet


  1. Hi RW, loving your work this year as always. Two questions:
    1) With Cooper and Hill on bye I am rolling my whole WR bench this week of JuJu, Davis and Kupp. Woods is available on the wire. Are you guys rolling Woods or Kupp ROS?
    2) Would you drop CJ Anderson for Drake or roll CJ one more week and see what he can do against Pats useless run D?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would have to say Woods. Love that bench! A total RW bench.

      Yes- for Drake.

  2. I have Dez and and all other Cowboy WR’s are currently on waivers. Who am I picking up just in case?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Butler. Dez says he is playing.

  3. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    Hey guys question in a 16 teams standard

    Current QB is Dalton
    WRs are AB, Julio, Keenan, C Davis and Alshon
    Thoughts on trading Alshon for Wentz and using him ROS
    WW only has savage kizer and Brock

    1. Don’t trade straight up for a QB. Try to make a move for another position then get a QB as part of the package.

  4. Fitz, Alfred Morris for flex 1pt ppr

    1. Larry on the fact that he is the superior talent. There’s no telling how the Cowboy’s backfield is going to shake out.

  5. I’m going on the rankings right now and I need 3 out of these 4 smelly receivers this week. Rankings suggest I start the first three so would you change them? Should I pick-up T. Williams, T. Lockett, or M. Bryant?

    K. Allen, S. Watkins, J. Kearse, D. Adams

    1. I like Allen, Watkins, and Kearse over those other 4.

      1. I think I do too. I want to see a prop for Adams, though, so let’s see what it looks like on the Vegas Tool

  6. 1/2 pt. ppr & I need 2 WR…L. Fitzgerald, K. Allen, K. Benjamin, P. Richardson, or Terrance Williams?

    1. Fitz and Kelvin

      1. Kelvin’s likely going to get Marshon Lattimore, let’s get in Fitz and see how that goes and see what the DFS analystics and props say about the others once that stuff is spit out tomorrow.

  7. Post By

    12 team Standard scoring League
    QB: Russell Wilson
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Doug Baldwin, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Josh doctson
    RB: Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara, Thomas Rawls, Danny woodhead
    TE: Travis Kelce

    I just traded Doug Martin and Micheal Thomas for Shady Mac. He wasn’t going to accept Doug and Keenan Allen guys in my league are smart. I am getting roasted in my fantasy league group chat lol. Did I give too much for shady? Between Rawls Keenan and Corey Davis ( Hopefully heating up) I think I’ll be able to figure out my flex every week and Shady’s playoff schedule is insanely easy. Was this a good trade for me? Also picked up tolbert off waivers as the cuff

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We’ll find out in due time if it was a good trade. Best we can do is make most informed decisions with info we have at hand.

      You should know if you’ve been a member of RWNation for any length of time, we zig when they zag. So your leaguemates donkey laughter is a sign this worked perfectly- just like when yahoo gives us a D on our draft grade.

      If you think like everyone else, you’ll end up like every one else. You have sick WR still, and Shady with that schedule was well worth gamble. We’ll see how it shakes out. Yeah grab Tolbert since you are thin at RB.

      1. This type of cockamamie thinking is exactly why you guys are the best!

      2. Post By

        “We Zig when they Zag” I love it. I made it a point to get Shady after listening to the tradecast and actually seeing his playoff schedule. Couldn’t get him as cheap as I wanted but having Shady>Doug for the home stretch is gonna be nice. And I agree Thomas was expendable because I’m so deep at WR. Thanks Byron!

  8. Post By

    Pick 3. WR Standard. Tate, fitz, Parker, sanu.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Check the rankings!

    2. Tate Sanu then flip a coin between Parker and Fitz. May lean Fitz but have a sneaky feeling about Parker this week. GL

    3. Tate, Fitz, and Parker

  9. Pick one qb- standard scoring 6pts/td -2/int
    McCown Tygod or Mariota
    Rawls or Abdullah?

    1. All 3 QBs are together on the rankings, but I’d go McCown with the juicy Tampa matchup.

      As for RB, Abdullah is getting a lot of opportunities and will be playing the Browns. Rawls wasn’t even good enough to beat out Lacy for the job last week.

      1. I totally agree.

  10. 1 point PPR… which three:
    APeterson, Aaron Jones, Ty Mont, Derrick Henry, Demarco Murray, or Lamar Miller!??

    1. Peterson, Murray, and Miller. There’s no telling how many chances the other 3 will get to even touch the ball.

  11. If your names not Byron or Alex please do not answer my questions…

  12. No disrespect Whodat but FYI- the browns are not that bad against the run. Ranked 6th best vs the run

    1. When a team is 0-8 I’m taking my chances.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        You guys be nice!

        I’d use the QB rankings for your QB- I like JM and TT

        As for AA- you can use the Jerick McKinnon logic that applied vs CLE from 2 wks ago- and say he’s the kind of back that could be effective. However, that could also be Theo Riddick. The game script should also favor DET RB.

        This is very close, I’ve hated AA on the season but who the hell knows with Rawls. The safe play is AA. If you’re a gambling man, it’s close enough that TR is just fine if that’s what you’re feeling.

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          In summary -I’d prob play AA. TR is more of an unknown, very boom./ bust. Although, I do think his ceiling is higher. Don’t forget, we think Prosise is sneaky this week too

          1. Post By Byron Lambert

            Actually, fuck that- I went back and looked at my notes on AA and more of our inputs. He had a critical fumble last week that might fuck him this week. Go with Rawls!

  13. Lmfao! Love the take! This is why I stay with you guys. You won me a ship two years ago, My loyalty is maniacal

    The other problem is I have J graham At TE and Baldwin playing too! Double fuck, right?

    My options
    Rbs- AA TR Drake Booker (pick one)
    Wrs- M Thomas Cooks Baldwin (pick 2)
    Flex- pick another wr/rb from above

  14. Post By

    Need Two WRs
    Keneen Allen
    Rishard MAtthews
    Emmanual Sanders

    Flex Question:
    Chris Thompson or Mixon

    1. Allen and Matthews. Can’t trust Brock to actually get the ball to Sanders. For your flex, Thompson if PPR and Mixon if standard, but I have more confidence in Thompson’s role in that offense.

  15. Post By

    PPR, Trade offer

    I give up Melvin Gordon and Mike Thomas for LeSean McCoy and AJ Green. Other RB’s are Hunt, Jones, and Montgomery. Other WR’s are Baldwin, Hill, and Corey Davis.

    Team is currently 5-4.

    Yes or no?

    1. That is so close I feel it may be trying to get a little too cute.

      1. Post By

        I like the McCoy side, very favorable schedule. AJ is so up and down and that scares me. Thomas has the floor, AJ has the ceiling.

      2. Im with WhoDat on this one.

        1. Post By

          Thanks Byron and WhoDat for the responses.

          Appreciate your thoughts!

  16. Post By

    Hey guys, PPR league. Big Ben or Goff?

    1. Ride the hot hand with Goff. Ben hasn’t even hit 20 points this season. I can also see Leveon just running it down Indy’s throat.

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      +1 for Goff.

      Game script for PIT vs IND suggests lots of LeVeon Bell late game.

      1. I fear that the game will be so out of hand that James Conner mops up the garbage time. Now that I actually read the question I totally go Goff over Ben.

  17. PPR and I need to start two of the following: Hurns, Corey Davis, Terrance Williams, Marquise Goodwin. Which two? Thanks

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I’d lean Williams and Goodwin. Wouldn’t fault you for giving CD a fair look.

    2. If no Dez I would go Goodwin and Williams. If Dez plays I go Davis and Goodwin. I think Davis proves himself as a top 5 draft pick this week even though the matchup isnt the best vs Cinci

  18. Hey all. Ppr league should I trade my M Evans for J Howard. I have d hop K. Allen Crabtree and d Parker. I could use rb help tho. Thanks in advance

    1. It’s not necessarily a bad deal, but you should be able to get more for Evans. Try exploring some other options before you pull the trigger on this one.

      1. Agreed. You should able to get more for Evans. If not you should not sell him.

  19. Post By

    Since listening to the trade cast ive been trying hard to get mccoy, but his owner is being (reasonably) stingy. Would you guys give up Michael Thomas and Lynch for him in a standard league. I have Tate, Marvin Jones, and Funchess as well.

    1. Yes. There just isn’t any touchdown upside with Thomas this year and that severely caps his ceiling in standard. Coleman is going to continue to be the Saints go-to receiver in the endzone. I also like trading Lynch this week on his bye, and I just don’t trust him despite his game last week. This is a great consolidation of talent.

      1. Appreciate the response! Hopefully I can make it happen

        1. Update: he bailed last minute. Rip

          1. That’s unfortunate.

  20. Lone Wolf 5-4

    need help with my trashy RB’s in a standard scoring league

    need 2 of these 6 trashy RB’s

    CJ Anderson
    Dion Lewis
    Rob Kelly

    i know it is bad, but what is the best 2 of the bunch?

    thanks for the help


    1. Demarco and Lewis will have the most opportunity, but I think Abdullah might surprise us this week.

      1. thanks i will go demarco and abdullah and pray to my trashman god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Post By

    PPR Rishard Matthews or Keenan Allen. Would you be scared to play Allen because of the Shut Down Matchup???

    1. Matthews definitely. Jags are scary.

  22. 1/2 ppr…Should I accept this trade? I would acquire J. Howard and R. Anderson and I’d give away Fitz and P. Richardson. My RB are McCoy, CJ Anderson, L. Murray, Riddick, & Gallman. WR I’d be left with are K. Benjamin, K. Allen, C. Coleman, & Terrence Williams.

    1. I really like how that strengthens you at RB and you’re strong enough at WR to take the downgrade from Fitz.

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