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  1. Current roster: McCown, Hunt, Mixon, Darkwa, T Coleman, Forte, Evans, K Allen, Funchess, G Tate, P Richardson, Brate, and Rudolph. Half point PPR.

    Would you try to ship McCown, Brate/Rudolph, Evans, and Forte/Coleman/Darkwa for Big Ben, AP, and Gronk?

    1. I’m 5-4, in 5th place, 1 game behind a 3 way tie for 2nd, 2 games from 1st, in a 10 team league.

    2. I think that’s a great trade for you.

    3. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Agree. Lots of equity there coming back to you.

    4. Now that its week 10,should I just drop the Grn Bay backfield all together,no one want to trade at all!!!???

      1. What about Demarco Murray as well is he droppable?

        1. It really depends on what you’re picking up in return.

  2. i can deal with that. you’ll need to make another move for a marquee WR as well tough

    1. Instead of all that, what about K Allen for Kamara?

      1. Nevermind, the guy backed off offering Kamara.

  3. Post By jordfan72@gmail.com

    10 team Standard

    I’m 6-2 in a 3 way tie for first.

    Looking to upgrade at TE ( Have Hunter Henry, Greg Olsen)

    Offered someone Beckham Jr, and a 2018 7th Rnd pick for Gronk. Beckham can be kept next year for a 7th Rnd pick. Gronk can’t be kept. He wants a better pick. What do you think?

    He may accept the same deal for Ertz instead of Gronk. Should I go that rout?

    FYI I can only keep 3 next year. They would be Howard, Hunt, and Kamara

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Don’t give him Ertz. If he will do the ODB + a 2018 pick go with that. Something I learned the first year my league started keepers is you play to win THIS year.

  4. Post By barcelona2504@gmail.com

    Current WR are B.Cooks, M.Thomas, Diggs and Corey Davis.
    RB are Bell, Hunt and Kamara.
    I asked about Mike Evans and the owner says he wants Cooks and either Wentz or Wilson. With Cooks being kind of boom or bust, would it make sense to do the trade?

    1. It does improve your starting lineup. I would give wentz over Wilson.

    2. I’m going to disagree with eyak29 here. I think that between the suspension and the Bucs being so bad this year that Cooks and Evans will finish the season out about the same. You’d be giving the guy a free QB.

      But if you do want to get Evans, do the trade next week (or accept on Saturday depending on your trade process time) and make your partner eat that suspension this week.

  5. So I got a little crazy, planning for next year after falling 4-5, losing Watson and dealing with bad decisions from Evans and bad play from Dez.

    Moved Evans for next years 2. Fournette for a 2 and a 5. So sets me up for a 2018 run with my 1, 3 (2s), 3, 4, & 2(5s). Also picked up another 12 to be able to keep Watson and Engram both with 12th round picks.

    Teams ahead of me have had good seasons and would have been a tough run with Evans and Fournette.

    So digging in the wire pool. Wondering what trashy plays to find sneaky up side.

    Line up sets up pretty gross this week

    McCown or Marriotta
    RBs: Mixon, Murray, D. Henry, Powell and D. Lewis
    WRs: Dez, Funchess, C. Davis
    TE: Engram
    K: Eliotte on Bye picked up Bryant but thinking maybe Nugent vs ATl might be a better play
    D: Jags

    Play qb, RB, RB, wr, wr, fl, fl, TE

    Waiver has humphries, Doctson, C. Samuel and other possible sneaky plays.

    Who you like at RB, Wr, and Flex

    I know I kinda mailed in the season but still would love to make a trashmans effort at a run.

    Team should be stacked next year.

    Call me crazy for moving Evans and 4net, deserved. Then let me know how to still win.

    1. Looks like I need Trashmans direct number…. lol

      1. Is this a redraft league? It’s going to be real tough to win after making those trades and only getting picks in return. Be sure to check the trashmans grab every week. There is always some good sneaky pick ups

  6. Post By superknud69@gmail.com

    Should I drop Jordy for Robert Woods or Marquise Goodwin? 10 team 0.5ppr with small rosters on a team with the Demarco Murray Derrick Henry anchor. Thanks man

    1. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Jordy isnt good without Rodgers. If you need to win now woods might be the play this week.

      1. Post By superknud69@gmail.com


  7. Damn, I would love to make that power play. It’s not happening, though, the way this guy’s roster is set up and with how much he values McCoy. You can’t win ’em all, unfortunately.

    1. Me too. I have been trying crazy hard in my leagues and no one wants to bite. Its causing me to go on tilt!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        LOL, it’s not RW if somebody’s not on tilt!

  8. What are we thinking of Ingram vs McKinnon ROS? Got an offer for Doyle and Mckinnon for him but in a 14 teamer depth is key and been flexing Doyle, so damn consistent. Want to make sure it’s a significant upgrade (.5 PPR)

    1. it’s not. kamara has been getting more and more snaps.

  9. One huge dak 5-4 standard
    Im thinking sitting allen against jags. I have c. davis and r. matthews (tenn)

    1. Was leaning davis since it sounds like his snap count is likely go up from 75 %. Im thinking decent game

      1. Totally could be the sleeper in this situations. He can break out at anytime, and more opportunities are huge for him w/ increase in snap %.

        I’ve been thinking all week, is this still a week too early for Davis- and on paper it probably is. But, on the other hand a lot of times the breakout comes a week early with guys like this, and the points are left on people’s benches.

        All we can do is make best decision with info we have the moment or go with a trashy gut feeling. I tend to go with the data, which points to RM or sticking with your stud KA. Best wishes.

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I’m heavily considering sitting Allen. I don’t think I’ve started him in three weeks 🙁

      1. been a tough run, he’ll be valuable again down the stretch

    3. Similar situation here, not great replacement options. I think you can go RM if you want. Def worried about Keenan. I’d say one thing to never forget- sometimes Rivers goes absolutely bonkers in the toughest matchups, you’d never expect and Chargers coming off bye.

      RM is a solid play. If you are unsure, even though the matchup sucks- Keenan is slick enough I think you can roll with your stud if you have to, esp in PPR. Keep an eye on our WR rankings.

  10. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    How do we feel about Kamara and Evans (sending) for Devonta Freeman (receiving)?

    RBs: Kamara, Mixon, Coleman, CJA, Martin, Ajayi, Clement
    WRs: Evans, M Thomas, Smith-Schuster, K Allen, Hilton

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      3-6 in a 10-team standard so I need to make some moves.

    2. no go, freeman has been trending down. may not be healthy

    3. way too rich for DF

      Send Martin, Ajayi, Hilton, Clement, maybe even MIxon –

      Try Martin + Hilton

  11. Post By jshoemaker3280@gmail.com

    Team name: Bend the knee (6-3)
    .5 ppr should I trade Chris Hogan or Tyreek Hill for Adrian Peterson?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I think if you can swap Hogan for Peterson, that’s a must-do.

    2. if you can get ap for hogan, i would definitely do that

  12. Post By sattmchrupp@yahoo.com

    I received the following trade proposal.

    I get: James White
    I give: JuJu Schuster

    My WRs currently are Julio, Dez, and AJ Green (I start all 3 with one of them in the Flex)

    Corey Davis and Robbie Anderson are on waivers for me to pick up if necessary to replace the depth of Schuster.

    Overall, is James White a good option to have as depth going into the playoffs?

    My current RBs:

    A. Jones
    D. Henry

    1. pass, we hate James White in fantasy- great pass protector though

  13. Would you trade Mike Evans and Doug Martin to get Kareem Hunt? Yahoo 1PPR I am 5-4

    WR: Evans, K. Allen, Demaryius, Parker, Corey Davis

    RB: Freeman, Martin, Forte, Morris, Drake

    1. Probably, yeah

  14. Juju on waivers

    1. Should prob be owned. Great matchup this week. Love that you uploaded an avatar, thanks for being a great member of the community!

  15. 12 man ppr…looking to sure up my WR corp for the Playoffs…..Corey Coleman is on the waiver wire. My WR are the following;
    D. Thomas, Fitz, Robert Woods, Crabtree, P. Richardson & W. Fuller…IS it worth dropping say Fuller or Richardson for Coleman?


    1. Yes on Fuller.

  16. Post By jshoemaker3280@gmail.com

    What if they will only except tyreek?
    My my team:
    C.J. Anderson
    Dion Lewis
    Alfred Morris
    Charles clay

  17. Post By thetzel3@aol.com

    1pt ppr need a flex K Allen or Fitz tonight?

  18. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    12 team standard scoring
    RB: Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara, Danny Woodhead, Thomas Rawls
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Doug Baldwin, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Josh Doctson

    Trade Doug Martin and Micheal Thomas for shady!?!?
    Byron wasn’t playing that playoff schedule has me feelin all sorts of maniacal

    1. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

      Doug and Keenan aleen for AP also a good trade to make??

      1. I’d do either of those. You need the help at RB.

      2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

        If you can swing Martin and Allen for AP, I’d jump all over that wagon and then some.

  19. Post By John Hunsberger

    I know this isn’t a trade but should I just cut Blount? I need rb help (I been starting Dion Lewis or C.J. Anderson) and woodhead and Williams are are available .

    1. I’d take a shot on Damien Williams. We know who Blount is.

  20. With zeke just suspended, Morris or AP in ppr?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  21. Do I start Fitz in flex or Alfred Morris no that he’s the starter ? 1pt ppr

  22. Post By Dsummitt15@sbcglobal.net

    In a standard scoring league do I start thomas rawls over keenan allen as crazy as that sounds? I also have russ and baldwin in my line up too if that changes anything.

  23. Thanks again fellas! Yall rock as alway though im still were i started haha. Supposd i wont get cute, just roll the stub KA out over RM and CD and pray for that big rivers game. The “jackson 5” scare me (jax secondary)

  24. 14 Team, full point PPR, redraft…
    QB Rivers, Cutler
    RB Gurley, McCoy, Darkwa, Henry
    WR Hopkins, R. Matthews, Parker
    TE Jenkins, Hooper
    K Lutz
    D Jaguars

    Need to replace the injured Malcolm Brown… Which one of the following will help over the rest of the season?

    RB Booker, Mack
    WR Woods, Doctson, Snead

    1. And Goodwin

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo


  25. Thinking of trading Ajayi and Olsen for Kelce and D Parker…. I would still have Hunt, Ingram, and Hyde at RB.. other wrs are M Thomas, Funchess, and JuJu


  26. I would rather give up Hyde but this deal isnt too bad. It upgrades your TE and Wr and your Rbs dont take a huge hit.

  27. Post By Frankyfootball425

    Im currently in 1st place at 7-2 in an 8 team PPR league ( Also this will be our first year doing 3 keepers at end of season)

    Thanks to the draft cheat sheet i was able to get a roster of

    QB: Tyrod, big ben (jameis and deshaun both got injured )
    RB: Fournette, Melvin G, Hunt, Zeke
    WR: Julio, Keenan,demaryius, Diggs, Sheppard, maclin,
    TE: Reed, Brate

    MY 3 keepers i was thinking for next year would be: zeke (3rd) fournette (4th), hunt (8th) and build around those rbs, other possible keepers are diggs (9th), deshaun (16th)

    I have 3 possible trades i could do right now
    1. Melvin gordon (2nd) & maclin/sheppard FOR corey davis (11th) and mark ingram (15th) (helps me now but also for future)

    2: melvin gordon (2nd) and diggs (9th) FOR aj green (2nd) and jay ajayi (1st) ( helps me win now)

    3. melvin gordon and diggs & sheppard/maclin & Tyrod FOR gronk and landry & cam newton (win now)

  28. Making a push for a championship. Right now my lineup for the playoff run looks like this.

    10 team standard

    Carr / Mariota


    B. Cooks

    Kamara @ flex

    Kelce (Just traded for him)

    I’ve been offered a trade.

    I’d be getting Prescott, and Crabtree

    I’d be giving up Carr, and Cooks

    Should I make that deal?

    I was also thinking about offering my 2018 1st round pick for Fournette. The guy is all but out of playoff contention. Thoughts?

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