RosterWatch PRO Podcast Episode 21: Week 5 DFS Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through

Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert break down the main slate for Week 5 on DraftKings and FanDuel.

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  1. 2 qb league
    I have Big Ben Rivers and Rogers
    My WRs- Keenan Allen R woods Corey Davis

    My trade partner- wants Rivers and has OBJ
    He’s offering me OBJ and either Trubisky mayfield or Winston for Rivers. Which qb should I take and should I do it?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Fair deal. We’d prob do it assuming it doesn’t send another awesome
      RB/WR to your bench. Toss up on those QBs- maybe look at the schedules. Might gamble on Jameis if all things are even

      1. I guess I don’t see how this trade would help me. My WRs woods and Allen are the same or better than OBJ. I mean I guess OBJ could go to my flex? But I think I need to make a trade for a rb.
        My RBs Fournette Sony michael Henry Buck Allen nick Chubb White

  2. Soooo I’m trying to follow the TradeCast directive and get Fournette or Bell, but the owners in my league are being D-Holes…..

    Bentley Ballers 3-1 in 10 team .5 PPR.
    QB – Rivers and Bortles
    RB – Gurley, J Connor, Lynch, Kerryon, Crowell
    WR – Keenan Allen, AJ Green, E Sanders, Jordy, Marvin Jones
    TE – Graham and ASJ

    I made two offers to the Fournette owner to choose from: Crowell and Marvin Jones, or Lynch and Sanders….rejected

    I also offered Marvin Jones to the Bell owner and got turned down.

    Is it me who’s actually the asshole and going about this the wrong way?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Can you at least get a counter from the LF owner to see where you’re at? This is obv supposed to be a buy really low, it may not materialize in all leagues based on the owners.

      You need to up the offer for Bell. Maybe try your original LF offer on the Bell owner

  3. Post By

    Thoughts on sending this trade 10 team PPR. Thinking of sending Melvin Gordon and sanders to receive Julio and fournette. Not sure if he’ll go for it but worth a shot? Also thinking about Melvin and Henry for Julio and k Johnson. Last scenario is Melvin and sanders for Obj and Jordan Howard. All good options or am I giving too much?

  4. Would y’all trade Saquon+E.Sanders for Fournette and Jordan Howard? 1 PPR and I get LF and Howard.

    Was hoping to flip Howard for Le’veon afterwards.

    1. No way… Fournette is too big of a risk

    2. hmm, these aren’t the best ppr backs. not terrible if you need rb help. injury risk though

  5. DK lineup that includes most of your top rated plays. MSV is the wildcard if Allison is out.

    Big Ben
    Jones Jr
    Vance McDonald

  6. Post By

    Rosterwatch, quick trade question.

    Would you do 2 for 1 trade of Mixon for Dalvin Cook/Aaron Jones?

    I would be getting Cook/Jones…

    1. Maybe if you are really hurting at RB and are 2 and 2 or worse..
      Otherwise, I’m not doin’ it. I feel Mixon is a top 10-12 PPR back rest of season.

  7. Standard League:
    Marvin Jones, Agholor, or Cole
    this week?
    rest of season?

  8. Mahomes or Bortles this week? Need upside

    1. Mahomes if you need upside

  9. I have been streaming QB since Gorapollo was injured
    I have Dalton and Mayfield right now
    JWinston available as FA should I grab and stash him for next week – dump Mayfield and play Dalton today? Or Mariota today?

    Someone dumped Stafford and I plan to try to get him from Waivers next Tuesday night

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