RosterWatch + RotoGrinders DFS Week 9 Roundup w/ Alex Dunlap and the Siege


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    What do you think of a proposed trade in my league. Team 1 giving up Funchess & Doyle for Kyle Rudolph and Pittsburgh, 1 pt ppr and we vote on these. The guy getting good players is in 1st place and the other guy middle to the bottom of the league. It just looks uneven to me.

  2. 10 Team PPR

    [1] QB: Wilson
    [2] RB: D. Martin, Mixon (Lynch, D. Henry, Cohen)
    [3] WR: Evans, Funchess, Agholor (K. Allen)
    [1] TE: Engram (Doyle)
    [1] W/R/T: CJA
    Bench total: (5)

    So guys like Darkwa and P. Rich are ranked higher this week than guys I’m currently starting like Agholor and CJA so should I be dropping Cohen, Doyle or anyone else to pick up and start P Rich and/or Darkwa this week?

    Really trying to figure out my best WR3 play and best FLEX play…

  3. 6-2 2nd place Thank you!
    Play 1 QB 3 WR 2 RB 1 flex 1 TE PPR
    THill, GTate, Wfuller, SShepard, S Diggs
    EElliot, Dev Freeman CMcCaffrey, D MArtin, TColeman, AMorris
    A Sef-Jenkins
    Jax and Phily Def (hate to give one to my opponents)

    Lost OBeckham now will lose Elliot I need to buff the team for the play off run :
    In PPR
    TE: Do I pick up Greg Olson (FA) and keep for the play offs? Who would I drop ? AMorris

    QB: Worried about Winston’s health Do I ride it out right now or pick up McCown or Goff? Who would I drop? A Morris? One of my WR?

    WR: Do I wait to drop Fuller or drop and pick up available JuJU Smith-Schu, C Davis, R Anderson, C Coleman?

    RB shake it up to anticipate Elliot gone? Available are MMack, D Henry, Darkwa, Drake If I already dropped Morris for one of the above, who do I drop?

    Trade: Any of the above I can do without or use as trade bait – then I can search for a team in need. Thank you!!!

  4. What’s is trashman Hangup on Coleman (NO). Started him over R. Anderson bc of weather last week and lost bc of it. I’ll take some of blame lol but dude had one catch and if D could tackle it would have been 1 for 1 for 1.1 pts. Just want to save someone this week from the spread of the Coleman virus!

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    1 pt ppr
    Need two?
    Tyreek Hill
    Michael Thomas
    Adrian Peterson
    Christian McCaffrey

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