RosterWatch TRADECAST: Week 5

Byron Lambert returns with the epic RosterWatch TRADECAST for Week 5 in 2020 fantasy football leagues. He’ll help you — through classic game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy market values — to identify which players you should be targeting in trades, as well as which players you should be selling.

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  1. Post By Chelo Méndez

    Just finished the episode, I’m itching to make my first trade of the season.

    12 team, 0.5 PPR, 2-2 record

    QB: Mahomes
    RBs: Kamara, Gibson
    WRs: Hopkins, Hollywood
    TE: Gesicki
    FLEX: RoJo

    Bench: Fournette, Swift, Dobbins, Laviska

    I’m obviously going to offer Gibson and RoJo for Zeke or CEH. In the case that my offers are declined, do you think those two are too expensive for the second tier RBs (Sanders, Jacobs, Taylor, etc)?

    Great episode once again! Thanks!

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      I love Byron’s over-arching strategy with trading. It has made profits for my team over and over again. My add on advice is dont get overly anxious about trading this week if that deal gets declined. RoJo is set up for another good week. If that happens, you may be able to get the deal done next week. Be patient.

      1. Absolutely! If your trades get shot down,revisit next week as the landscape will definitely have changed. You may have to get creative on a lot of these deals in order to get them done.

    2. Post By Chelo Méndez

      I offered Gibson and RoJo for Carson and I think it might go through. Do you guys think I’m giving up too much?

  2. What do you think my Drake and OBJ for Aaron Jones.
    My team. J Allen, Kamara, Metcalf, Junno, A Brown, Golladay, Gordon, Slayton, Akers, Gage, Shenault, Minshew.

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky


      If you can get that done…Bravo! I think Drake has a chance to increase his value this week with a game vs the Jets, but I’m selling Drake for anything reasonable at this point. I love ODB ROS but AJ is a top 5 fantasy asset

      1. He accepted let’s hope it doesn’t get vetoed 🙂

  3. 12 man PPR. I got a problem this week, I still need to pick up a kicker and don’t have an active slot because eckler still isn’t on IR. And I have to replace Stafford as well.
    Qb : Stafford
    Rbs: mixon, eckler, Gurley, d Montgomery, Gibson, moss, swift, harris
    Wrs:juju, Parker, Green
    Te: Schults and jonu smith
    Kicker: none
    Def: San Francisco
    If they don’t designate eckler to IR, what should I do? Tennessee might not play so might have to keep schultz. And someone just dropped Michael Gallup should I drop someone for him?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Hi Ron: My faith in AJ Green has evaporated. I would drop him for Gallop or to pick up a kicker.

  4. PPR. Ingram for Shenault too much to give up? Bench depth but I am deeper at RB. Thanks.

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Ingram may clean up this week. His value can only go up. Might be worth a hold for 1 more week. But I def like Viska better at this point. If you don’t want to gamble, make the deal. Pick up, Gus Edwards. We talked about him in the Zero Dollar bidding article this week. He could easily be on top of the waiver wire sheet next week.

  5. 12 team PPR. I’m an Ekeler owner. Was offered to get J. Kelley & L. Shenault, and to give up Will Fuller and Damien Harris. What are y’all thoughts?

    1. A fair trade imo.

  6. Post By

    Would you trade away David Johnson and OBJ for Kamara? Standard scoring

    1. I’d do that.

  7. Which WR would you bench this week — Beckham, Parker, A Roberson, or Juju — can only start 3 thanks

    also — what do you think — will the bill titans play this weekend? Titan’s forfeit?

    1. Juju. I think the game will get played somehow. Titans probably going to get some kind of heavy penalty though.

  8. PPR League where I am 3-1. I have been offered Julio and Aiyuk for Kupp and Harris. Thoughts?

    My current team (1QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, FLEX) is:
    QB: Allen/Rodgers
    WR: Kupp/Chark/Boyd/Golladay/Slayton
    RB: Cook, Jacobs/A. Jones/Harris/Swift
    TE: Engram/Goedert

    1. I like that trade.

  9. Post By Kenneth Bone's Mustache

    PPR League where I am 3-1. I have been offered Godwin for M Gordon & Fuller Thoughts?

    My current team is:
    QB: Rodgers
    RB: Cook/Mixon/Gordon/Dobbins
    WR: Kupp/McLaurin/Hollywood Brown/Lamb
    TE: Schultz/J Smith

    1. It’s fine although you’ll definitely want to replenish your RB depth.

  10. Post By

    Here to vent. This league I’m in the guys are insane. I offered mixon and chark for zeke, the guy is 1-3. He declined and countered with Aaron Jones and Ridley for zeke.

    1. Some people won’t trade unless it’s heavily skewed in their favor. In that case,it’s best to just move on and target another team for a trade.

      I’ve had a few what I thought were fair trades this week that were shot down,but you just have to regroup and keep trying.

  11. Hey Guys –

    Excellent tradecast!

    Would I be giving up too much by offering Mixon + Lamb for their Zeke in a .5 Yahoo 10 person league?

    I currently have-
    M Evans, C Lamb, K Golladay & M Thomas
    D Montgomery, J Mixon, D Singletary, Akers & Gio B

    Or swap out Mixon/Singletary?
    Or swap out Lamb/Fant ( Waller is my starter)?

    Thank you!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No that would be awesome!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Would rather send Fant than Lamb if you own Waller

  12. We are both 2-2.

  13. 8 team, 2 QB, 2 flex league
    I have:
    RBs: Mixon, Gordon, David Johnson, Ekeler, Kelley, Gaskin, L. Bell
    WRs: Ridley, Jefferson, Golladay, Robinson, R. Anderson
    TEs: Jonnu Smith, Ebron

    Do you think I’m giving up too much in Mixon and Gordon for CEH?
    What about Mixon and Jefferson for T. Hill?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      CEH doesn’t look like anything special to me. He looks like a really good player, but not a “great” player so far. Mahomes throws downfield, rather than dump off. I would not “over-pay” for CEH

    2. I would easily give Mixon + Gordon for CEH.

      1. Ended up with a counter of Ekeler, Kelley, and Mixon for CEH and I accepted!

        1. Gordon, not Mixon.

  14. For a flex position — R jones, Justin Jefferson, Juju, Gibson, or Julio — just one Leaning towards Jefferson.

    (starting Conner, CEH, Cooper and Lamb)


    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Those are great options. No bad choices. If he is healthy I like JJSS or Gibson

      1. Who is JJSS

        1. Juju Smith-Schuster

          1. Post By Incognito


  15. .5 PPR 12 team

    Do you like any of these deals? And if so, which do you prefer to pursue, think there is a big opportunity here.

    A) Give: Marquise Brown
    Get; Godwin

    B) Give: Marquise Brown, Higbee
    Get ; Kittle

    C) Give: Melvin Gordon, Marquise Brown, Higbee
    Get; Godwin and Kittle

    My Team

    Qb- Dak
    WR- Michael Thomas
    WR- Tyreek hull
    Rb— miles sanders
    Rb— Chris Carson
    TE— Kittle
    W/R— Antonio Gibson

    Bench-Golladay, Hollywood Brown, Higgins,Gallup, Melvin Gordon ,Damien Harris, Carlos Hyde

    1. Correction**** I have Higbee at TE not kittle

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      A) Hamstrings are a death sentence for WRs in fantasy. I would not trade FOR Godwin, but the price of HWB is very intriguing. Godwin is good enough to bounce back, but I tend to stay away from the hamstring players.

      B) Love getting Kittle for Higbee and HWB. If you can pull that off, kudos to you

      C) See “A” I avoid the HS injury players. you will be right more than you will be wrong over time

  16. Post By

    Hey guys I have a trade offer that I need advice on. I would be giving Singletary and D. Parker for Lev Bell and Diontae Johnson. 12 team standard league. My other WRs Julio Jones, T Higgins, Scottie Miller, DJ Moore, Sammy Watkins. Other RBs CMC, Mike Davis, Conner, A Gibson.

    1. I wouldn’t do that trade. I don’t want anything to do with any Jets player if I can help it.

  17. Post By

    Trade offer:

    I give up Mostert and Fuller and get back Robinson and Higgins

    My team:
    RB: Mixon, Connor, Mostert, Harris, Mattison

    WR: M. Thomas, Ridley, DJ Moore, Lamb, Fuller, Miller, Shenault

    TE: Hurst. Jonnu

    1. In general,I try to shy away from owning a RB and WR from the same team,specifically when those two players are on a bad team.

  18. Start two in triple flex league:

    DHenderson, Scott Miller, DErnest Johnson, Slayton or Shultz

    1. with Akers coming back I don’t know what to do with henderson. I know I choose Slayton, but the rest are tough. If Evans is out, I might actually go Scotty Miller, if not, then I’d wait to see what practice reports are on Akers and Hunt in deciding if I want to play Hendo or Slow D’Ernest.

      1. Feeling that thanks. Losing Chubb hurts!

  19. Post By

    My Team:
    Russ Wilson
    RB: Aaron Jones, mixon, Josh Kelley, fournette, Zach moss
    WR: Allen Robinson, Ridley, chark, Hollywood brown, slayton, Jeudy

    Would you give mixon, Allen robinson, fournette for chris Carson and tyreek hill? Other guy is 0-4

  20. Post By

    Full point PPR trade question:

    In a 3 WR, 1 TE and flex I have
    WR T hill, DJ More, Lamb, Marvin Jones
    TE Ertz, J Smith, Tonyan

    Can trade Ertz for Schultz and Deebo Samuel


  21. Post By

    Waiver question. Just had someone drop ekeler. I have a roster spot available Should I stash Damien harris or ekeler?

    1. Stash Harris for the next 2 weeks minimum. I think Ekeler’s return is 4-6 weeks.

  22. 12 team PPR, would you do this?
    I would get Kyler Murray for Drew Brees, Terry McLaurin and Le’Veon Bell. My other receivers are Lockett, Thielen, Crowder, Jeudy and Deebo Samuel. I really need to trade 3 guys or I’ll need to drop 2 of them. Bell, Samuel and Jeudy are the bottom of my bench. I was thinking of swapping McLaurin with crowder. He already rejected it with Jeudy

  23. 0.5 ppr

    I was offered Gurley for Antonio Gibson. Decline?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Super close call. If he wants Gibson that bad see if you can throw somebody else in you think is a sell high to get another buy low player in return in addition to TG3. This is a lateral move, and those are difficult to evaluate. I would probably give slight edge to Gurley ROS, but it’s totally unclear

  24. Another trade offer my Connor and Parker for Henry. My team is currently 3-1.
    K Murray, D Cook, A Rob, D Parker, McKinnon, A Jones, J Landry, J Brown, Higgins, Godwin, Lamb, Higbee..
    Thank you

  25. Different team 2-2 just now received the following trade offer. My Mixon and Fuller for Dhop. My team Mahomes, Carson, Gordon, D Johnson, Shultz, Golladay, Akers, Freeman, Higgins, D Henderson.

    Team 2, this team is 1-3 but I thinks it’s my best team. I plan to make the following trade proposal but not sure if I’m giving up to much.
    My J Taylor and A Rob, for Zeke. I think A Rob already playing may be an issue so any suggestions would be appreciated.
    My team. Watson, D Cook, D Parker, Ertz, McKinnon, A Jones, J Brown, Harry, Freeman, Shenault, Godwin, Minshew.
    Also going to make the same offer to the CHE owner.
    Thanks again

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Taylor and ARob for Zeke is just fine! Offer Parker instead now that ARob has played! Throw in Freeman if you have to!

  26. Post By

    12 Team Standard ESPN League: I just traded Leveon Bell for Aaron Rogers (it was offered to me). I have:
    QB- Brees/Rogers
    RB- Henry/JRob/Gibson/ Pollard/Edmonds/Harris
    WR- Tyreke/Hollywood/Kupp/Golladay
    TE- Jonnu/Gesicki

    I am worried about the titans and heir covid situation… would you trade Henry away paired with a WR for another top RB? I was looking to upgrade TE too but not sure what it would take to land Kelce or Kittle. Any advice is appreciated!

  27. Would you trade Kareem hunt for johnathan taylor?

    I have Helaire, gibson, harris and bell as my other RBs.

    If not, what calibre of WR could I target with hunt, or should I hold.

    1. I think you could get Golladay if his owner needs an RB upgrade…. Kupp would make sense… maybe McLaurin if his owner is worried about the QB Change. I can see Hunt being traded for a WR2 with questions.

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