PRO Trashman’s Week 5 Flex Rankings (RB, WR, TE)

Trashman HeaderOften times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions. Please refer to the Rankings tab for our staff positional rankings.

(Based on .5 PPR scoring).

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am in desperate need for a win. I am
    Currently 0-4. I’m in a 10 team standard league (very touchdown dependent scoring). I need advice for the following positions:

    TE: I currently have Drew Sample. I could go get Greg Olsen, Eric Ebron, or Mo Alie Cox from the waiver wire. Which of those four would you start week 5?

    Flex: David Montgomery, Joshua Kelley, Brandon Aiyuk, Davante Parker, Damien Harris… which would you roll this week.

    1. I like Ebron and Kelley this week.

  2. R. Anderson over J. Jefferson this week??

  3. Hey fellas I have 3 starting players that have the questionable tag so far this week, with tonight’s game would you change anyone in my lineup ? Starting Ridley, Evans, Jacobs, Carson & Fuller in flex with Crowder, D Johnson & A Gibson on the bench. 1pt ppr thanks for the help.

    1. Duke, David, Diontae, or D’Ernest Johnson? lol
      Be ready to bench Evans tonight. I’d probably go with Gibson if Evans is questionable; he has a bad matchup anyway.

    2. David Johnson

      1. Oh, I would definitely be starting David Johnson this week.

  4. Would you guys trade my Miles Sanders and Devin Singletary for Dal Cook? .5PPR. I have JT , Swift and Akers/Henderson as my other RB’s.
    Thank you!

      1. Haha just checking. I agree and am trying to get the other guy to accept and I’m almost there. Thank you for your input.

        1. Good luck!

  5. Post By John Hunsberger

    Would you trade gibson , golladay and dernest Johnson for zeke and hillywood

    .5 ppr

    Rest of wrs would be Evans , Parker , Jefferson , green ..

    Or what would you do to keep golladay

    1. Watch Ravens carefully this week. Lamar out Wed and Thurs. Stanley (LT) out last week, limited in practice, Hollywood limited in practice, Andrews limited, lots more limited. Lamar is the key (knee and illness – but not covid or he would have been instantly on covid IR).
      If Lamar is out Dobbins Ingram and Edwards become key considerations. If Hollywood is out (unlikely) look for Duvernay.

  6. Post By

    Hey guys I have a trade offer that I need advice on. I would be giving Singletary and D. Parker for Lev Bell and Diontae Johnson. 12 team standard league. My other WRs Julio Jones, T Higgins, Scottie Miller, DJ Moore, Sammy Watkins. Other RBs CMC, Mike Davis, Conner, A Gibson.

    1. I would not be making that trade. Bell may end up being pretty good, but he’s an unknown and on the Jets with an injured Sam Darnold. Parker are Johnson aren’t really comparable, IMO.

  7. Fighting tough decisions for PPR league – which RB do I sit from Drake, Mixon, Gibson? Then I need two out of Lamb, Jefferson, M. Brown???? I’ll check rankings of course, but looking for max upside…Thanks RW!!!

  8. Desperately need a RB after some injuries. Would you trade Juju for James Robinson?

    Current Starters: Prescott, Juju, JCrowder, JJacobs, D’Ernest Johnson (lol), Jared Cook, Scotty Miller
    Bench: Godwin(out), Golladay (bye), Tonyan, Trequan Smith, Chubb (IR), Coleman (IR)

    Thought is that I weather another week, get Godwin/Golladay back & trade juju for an every week started like James Robinson, who i think i might prefer over targeting Miles Sanders (teams with excess RBs hard to find).

    1. I’m fine with that move. you do need help at the rb position.

  9. ^part of the appeal (besides touches) to me on James Robinson is keeper appeal as well.

  10. S. Miller , M. brown, AJ Brown, Aiyuk, Thomas, T. smith, Conner
    I need 1 and 1 Flex Full PPR

    1. 1WR 1Flex

    2. conner, miller if no evans. if evans plays, m. brown

      1. Get an avatar you bum!

  11. Trashman – follow up on my trading JuJu. Should I go for Miles Sanders first? Or James Robinson is about equally desirable?

    Thanks for all your help!

  12. Post By

    Trade option in a PPR format:
    I give Ertz for Shultz and Samuel. Could use a WR 3

    1. Post By

      Deebo Samuel**

  13. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Annoyingly, the Chargers haven’t put Ekeler on IR, so I don’t have a vacant slot to add a Kicker yet.

    If push comes to shove, who gets dropped between Greg Ward and Shenault?

    Alternatively, I’m sitting on the Chargers D/ST for the NYJ and @MIA matchups in Week 6 and Week 7, respectively, and I could deal with dropping them. Currently riding the Rams D/ST, but I don’t love their Week 6 matchup.

  14. Post By

    Edelman or Scotty Miller ?? 1pt PPR.

    I have ability to keep Edelman in and if they cancel game, our Commish can put Miller in. I have to declare to our commish before game tonight if i keep Edelman in starting lineup.

    Any help please! I keep going back and forth

  15. play a gimpy Evans tonight or go with DJ Moore or Hollywood Brown?

  16. Standard league.
    For my flex
    Mike Evans or Robbie Anderson

  17. 1 PPR. Ronald Jones or Joshua Kelley?

  18. Evans is active, Evans or JuJu PPR?

  19. Post By Nebraskan Assassins

    Trade offer I get deebo Samuel I give Damien Harris. Thoughts?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      If you need an RB it seems reasonable. Have realistic expectations for Harris. 2 down RB with shared TD equity. Harris could have boom weeks, but expecting 75-100 yards with no TD or receptions is likely his week to week projection for now

  20. Post By

    Hey guys,

    I have Deebo and Aiyuk on the same roster. Both on the bench for depth.
    4 man bench probably gonna have to drop one.
    Who should I hold on to?
    1pt ppr


    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky


      Deebo has a longer resume, he is the better bet. But you are right in that it is all speculation. Could easily go the other way.

  21. .5 ppr

    deebo, hollywood, davante parker, ebron, d’ernest johnson

    was leaning to deebo if the workload comes, parker 2nd, do i consider ebron in a plus matchup?

    always overthinking

    thanks for all you do

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Hollywood has under-performed so far (obviously) If the big week is coming, this has a good shot to be the one. I wouldn’t want to miss out on that. The floor is low, but I like HWB here.

  22. Need a TE from the following Olsen, Higbee, and Gesicki.
    -Need a 1WR and flex…Parker, Lamb, Landry, J Brown, Higgins. McKinnon, Shenault.
    – Need 1 WR and a flex D Johnson, Gordon, Higgins, J Brown, Freeman.
    – Need a flex Gordon, A Brown, Slayton, Gage and Shenault.
    Thank you

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Big Mike:

      I still like Mike G and Higbee despite the poor couple of weeks. Both flashed that mega upside. I would lean Mike G over Higbee bc he has less competition for targets (in theory) Tua playing would shake things up, but not sure that is good or bad

  23. Rest of year?:
    Tee Higgins

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Hi Buck:

      I’ve been suggesting to RWN, start shifting out fo a “rest of the year” mindset.” The NFL is so volatile w Covid and injuries, just look at the next few weeks first before you make choices for rest of the year. That said I’d prefer

      Landry if I had to speculate how the ROS will play out. Good luck!

  24. Need help on a trade, I’m 1-3 but have the third most points in twelve person league .5 PPR

    Brandon Aiyuk WR | SF
    Tyreek Hill WR | KC


    Darrynton Evans RB | TEN
    Derrick Henry RB | TEN
    Darius Slayton WR | NYG

    my three WR are
    Tyreek Hill WR | KC
    Diontae Johnson WR | PIT PHI
    D.J. Moore WR | CAR

    and Starting RB and flex
    RB Todd Gurley RB | ATL CAR
    RB Josh Jacobs LV
    RB Antonio Gibson | WAS

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      I like the trade bc Henry’s bye is done. Slayton could “get right” this week. Its fair trade. Good luck!

  25. Trade question

    Would you take Montgomery giving up Chark?

    Other RBs: Drake, DJ, Swift, hurt Ekeler
    Other WRs: ARob, Godwin, Justin Jefferson, Fuller


    Leaning towards yes

    1. I think it’s a fair trade although having two skill position players from the Bears’ limited offense is not ideal.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Agreed- but I’d probably still take it-

  26. Pick 3 WRs, 1 RB, and one flex to start this week in ppr I have no idea with these guys at this point and am open to starting any combination:
    Moore, Chark, Woods, Lamb, Slayton
    Drake, Gibson

    Also Burrow or Daniel Jones?

  27. Post By Byron Lambert

    Chark and Woods for sure- probably Moore but Lamb is fine too + Gibson + Lamb / Moore. Probably sitting Slayton and Drake- but truthfully all your options are pretty good

  28. Half ppr.. Need 1 Hollywood Brown or Diontae Johnson . Thanks in advance

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Like them both, I’d prob go w/ Diontae

  29. Post By

    I’m gibbled by the potential move of Tenn/Buff out of week 5. For now I have D.Henry and J.Allen in my lineup. Apologies for asking about a big group of players, but it’ll help me with setting up substitute players (our league is letting us sub players in case games aren’t played). If you could please rank these players I’d appreciate it! I’m listing them in order and am noting my starters as of now.
    T.McLaurin (starter), J.Jefferson (starter), A.Gibson, M.Gallup, S.Watkins, L.Shenault, B.Aiyuk.
    Thanks! And fuck you, Vrabel.

    1. Mclaurin, Jefferson, Gibson, gallup, shenault, Watkins, aiyuk

  30. Would you trade Ju Ju For Kareem Hunt? I have Chubb. Right now I have Gordon & Aaron Jones @ Rb With JU & Keenan Allen @ Wr. Then Justin Jefferson in the flex. This week Jones on bye so using Chase Edmunds. If I had Hunt would use in in the flex and move Jefferson to WR. Would this improve my team?

    1. It would improve your team this week, or however long chubb is out. When he returns it might lesson your starting roster with both backs in it. If you need to win now it’s the move

  31. I’m 2-2!

    Need some help with a player to drop:
    Starting Metcalf / D Parker and need one other receiver Darious Slayton / Brandon Aiyuk or John Brown however I have to drop one as well.

    Normally I’d just use the rankings and be done but dropping one makes it more complicated.

    Other potential drops are tony Pollard (I’m the owner of zeke) but I like the insurance policy although Dallas is much more air attack this season due to game scripts!

    Help me with who to cut loose?

    1. I’d drop pollard, but i don’t really do handcuffs so that’s easy for me. I’d drop aiyuk otherwise

  32. 12 team PPR, would you do this?
    I would get Kyler Murray for Drew Brees, Terry McLaurin and Le’Veon Bell. My other receivers are Lockett, Thielen, Crowder, Jeudy and Deebo Samuel. I really need to trade 3 guys or I’ll need to drop 2 of them (Bell, Samuel and Jeudy are the bottom of my bench). I was thinking of swapping McLaurin with crowder. He already rejected it with Jeudy. I guess the big question is Kyler Murray worth Brees and McLaurin (I’d probably drop Bell anyway).

    1. I’d want to see mclaurin with Allen under center before i made that decision. I lean no though

      1. Thanks!

  33. Post By

    Hey guys!!!! Please help! Thanks!

    .75 PPR

    Pick 2


  34. Post By

    full point ppr DJ Chark or Marquise Brown??

  35. Burrow or D Jones. I also have Mixon.

  36. RW Nation,

    I can’t believe no one is talking about the FanDuel debacle from yesterday. I’m writing this as they are finally now updating the scoring but say nothing about the fact that there were no availability of switching players out in the late games. Just take it =, pay it and slam bam
    Total BS

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