RosterWatch TRADECAST: Week 6

Byron Lambert returns with the epic RosterWatch TRADECAST for Week 6 in 2020 fantasy football leagues. He’ll help you — through classic game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy market values — to identify which players you should be targeting in trades, as well as which players you should be selling.

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  1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    We done with Zack Moss?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      I would hold him if you can. He is one injury away guy, meaning if Singletary gets injured he is in for a large workload.

      I know TJ Yeldon was involved somewhat last week, and Josh Allen eats some equity at the goal line, but if he can get healthy Moss is a fine end of bench hold

  2. I am stacked at RBs and the owners of thielen and tyreek hill are desperate.
    my RBs
    mixon, eckler, gurley, d montgomery, gibson, akers, switft, moss, and harris
    my WRs
    juju, parker, and shenault
    which RBs do you think i should try to trade for thielen and hill or should i keep the team i already have?
    12 man ppr leage

    1. I think Gurley Montgomery and juju would be a good trade. You could replace Montgomery with Gibson

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      If they are desperate sell them Ekeler and a warm body for Tyreek.

  3. Did I over pay? 1 max Keeper, 12 man, 0.5 ppr, we start 2Rbs, 2wrs, and flex. Thanks to cheat sheet, I have D. Henery, mixon, A. Gibson , K Allen, A . Robinson, dj.moore, Hollywood brown. I traded m.davis to the cmc owner. Cmc owner is 2-3 and his next best rb is Gurley, however i doubt he’ll give up Gurley. So I ask for B cooks and D. Harris for m davis. Cmc owner instant accepted when I submitted the trade.

    1. I think that’s very fair. He may get two more weeks of Mike Davis I believe. Maybe look to trade Cooks and someone for Tyler Lockett or Chris Godwin?

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Its probably fair value, but Davis was worth more to the CMC owner. It would be like selling Kareem Hunt to the Chubb owner. Mike Davis has been a top 5 RB.

      1. Ok i just looked back at my trade. I was mistaken. I didn’t just gave him m.davis it was chase edmonds and m davis for b.cooks and D Harris. I guess i did over pay ugggh!

  4. RB/WR/TE I have rostered:
    D. Henry/A. Gibson/ JRob/ D. Harris/ C. Edmonds/ T. Pollard
    T. Hill/K. Golladay/M. Brown/C. Kupp

    Wondering what possibilities RosterWatch Nation believes I could consolidate some players into?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      You look well-positioned. Sometimes no trade is the best trade. Henry’s bye is behind him. That is a massive advantage,

  5. 12 team, 0.5 PPR, 3-2

    RBs: Kamara, RoJo, Gibson, Dobbins, Swift, Fournette
    WRs: Hopkins, Hollywood, Laviska
    TE: Dalton

    I’m not sure if I should liquidate Kamara or Hopkins OR try and consolidate some of my other WRs and RBs. What do y’all think?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think you could go either way or even stay put. Kamara is likely a keep on BYE at 3-2 you aren’t desperate. I think you could go 2RB + 3 WR this wk if you need to. Consider seeing if you can get get a great WR + a great RB

      You could also take Laviska and Rojo and trade up for one really good player with a great matchup this week in return- but I think that will leave you short at flex w/ Kamara out. Honestly, sometimes you can get too tricky. I think you have a nice team. I would try to win this week with what you have and see if you can develop anymore depth esp at WR on waivers. Then re-eval next wk if you can’t get an offer for Hopkins that blows your doors off

      1. Post By Chelo Méndez

        Thanks for the great advice once again, Byron! I’ll see what I can do without compromising my team! Thanks!

  6. Trade offered : mixon and shenault for tyreek and jk dobins ppr
    I would be getting tyreek and Dobbins.
    Should I take this offer?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d keep Mixon and Shenault unless you are super stacked at RB. I’d prefer going in on someone like Hopkins Adams if I was moving Mixon

      1. As a person with investments in Mixon, great data point BL – RW: the gift that keeps on giving …!

  7. Are we still going to be buying low on CEH if Bell signs in KC,or does that make us hands off?

    I can see easily making a case for both sides of the issue.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think we’d like to wait and see- but to your point CEH owner could be very scared right now and may give a discount o a player that will still very much have a prominent role in that offense. Or of course once Bell is signed CEH’s value may plummet all together and you can get a real steal. If somebody gave me an offer I couldn’t resist I’d still be willing to do it now- but I think in most cases waiting a day or two for the Bell situation to become resolved is probably the most likely route to go

  8. Post By

    Below is my team and I am trying to get a TE Upgrade from Higbee. Was offered Kittle and AJ Brown for Taylor and Ridley. 12 Team PPR. Thoughts?

    QB Cam Newton NE
    RB Ezekiel Elliott DAL
    RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC
    WR Calvin Ridley ATL
    WR Kenny Golladay DET
    TE George Kittle SF
    FLEX Jonathan Taylor IND
    PK Mason Crosby GB
    DEF Los Angeles Rams LAR
    QB Justin Herbert LAC
    RB Tony Pollard DAL
    RB Cam Akers LAR
    RB Justin Jackson LAC
    WR Marquise Brown BAL
    WR Chase Claypool PIT
    TE Tyler Higbee LAR

    1. Post By

      Apologies. Was messing around with some options and copied the wrong team.

      This is my current team.

      QB Cam Newton NE
      RB Ezekiel Elliott DAL
      RB Aaron Jones GB
      WR Calvin Ridley ATL
      WR Kenny Golladay DET
      TE Tyler Higbee LAR
      FLEX Clyde Edwards-Helaire KC
      PK Mason Crosby GB
      DEF Los Angeles Rams LAR

      QB Justin Herbert LAC
      RB Jonathan Taylor IND
      RB Tony Pollard DAL
      RB Cam Akers LAR
      RB Justin Jackson LAC
      WR Marquise Brown BAL
      WR Chase Claypool PIT

      1. What a sick team!

        With your resources,it makes me wonder if you’d be able to go just a bit higher and make a deal for Kelce.

        But that’s a fair trade.

        1. Post By

          Thanks. Was able to get Elliott a couple weeks ago for Chubb, Gaskins and McLaurin. Before Chubb got injured.

          Traded for Helaire this week for Davante Parker.

          Traded Locket and Sims for Taylor after the Mack trade.

      2. Do you think the team would accept M. Brown and Akers for Kittle?

        1. Post By

          Probably no on Akers. Everyone seems down on him. I would like to counter with Brown and Taylor for Brown and Kittle but dont think that will do it.

      3. Post By Byron Lambert

        I see Ridley for AJB as a lateral move- so this is Taylor for Kittle? Yeah- I’d do it. I’d rather do Higbee + a player less than Taylor (ex. Brown)- but I’m not sure that is going fly for Kittle. If this is the only option- I’d probably take it. Kittle would be an amazing addition to your team. You may want to consider giving up CEH vs JT w/ the news LBell could end up in KC.

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          I like what Gutsman said- you could also try having a look at the Kelce owner too

        2. How much of a downgrade does CEH get if Bell goes there? And same for Gaskin if Bell goes to Miami.

          1. Post By

            Yes obviously not as high on CEH now. Still like my trade at the price. I approached the Kelce owner. Not biting at all.

        3. Post By

          Appreciate the info. Will see if I can move before Bell does.

  9. Look like you skipped almost a full page of comments/questions (previous page).

  10. Got DK for Julio and Ertz. Hammy injuries on older vets that do most their work between the 20s. Glad I’m out.

  11. With the Le’Veon Bell to Chiefs news, would you do this trade?
    I’d receive CEH and Engram
    I’d give up James Robinson and Ebron

    The rare position for position trade.

  12. Another Leveon/CEH trade question…

    I would receive CEH for my James Conner and Robbie Anderson.

    I have Davante Adams, Godwin, JuJu, and Justin Jefferson as my other WRs.

    This would bring depth to my RBs which includes Carson, Gibson, Josh Kelley, Kenyan Drake

    Should I do the trade?

  13. Post By

    CEH for Drake and Edmunds?

  14. Post By

    After listening to the Tradecast this week, I was able to flip James Robinson and Claypool for Carson. Carson owner is in a must-win spot and had no one to fill the void on the bye.

    Also, I love you guys, but will someone PLEASE get Byron a glass of water during the Tradecast. My man gets some serious cottonmouth.

  15. .5 PPR, 10 Team league (QB, 2WR, TE, WRT) where I am doing well at 3-2. I pulled off a deal for Julio last week so I am targeting TE now. I was trying to get Fant since the owner has Kelce and a losing record as well but he may over value him. He has rejected Chark for Fant straight up as well as Slayton/Aiyuk. What would you give up for Fant? Should I offer Boyd or just move on? I could just hold out and wait for Goedert.


    Current team:
    QB: Allen/Rodgers
    WR: Julio/Golladay/Chark/Boyd/Slayton/Aiyuk
    RB: Cook/Jones/Jacobs/Swift/Duke Johnson
    TE: Engram/Goedert

    1. I should mention the Fant owner’s counter is Golladay straight up which makes me think he is delusional.

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