RosterWatch Week 1 Matchup Tool Now Available

alex bylineWelcome back.

This is a proprietary weekly tool provided by RosterWatch for our PRO community. You can download it as always, or use the new, sortable and user-friendly online version.

It is designed to be a decision-making tool for gauging the defensive opponents your fantasy players face. If you are new to this, our time-tested and most popular flagship tool, the instructions for use couldn’t be simpler, and can be found below.

DO NOT RELY ON “FANTASY POINTS AGAINST” as your primary indicator for player matchups ever again. It is a flawed metric, as you’ll see, which will cause you heartache and struggle.

The rankings represented here are derived via a proprietary algorithm which takes into account not only standard “fantasy points against” metrics, but also (and most importantly) weighted averages and medians of separate individual player and defensive-unit scouting grades for members of the 2017 unit that will be run-stopping, pass-rushing, or covering against the position in question, along with other analytic trends including projected game-script, game-flow, Vegas indicators, volume of total snaps and much, much, more.

RW PRO users can download the matchup tool (or access the online tool for use) in the downloads section of their profile by clicking HERE.



To use the tool, think about your fantasy player.

Let’s say you own Rams RB Todd Gurley, and would like to see how he matches up against the defense he faces this week.

First, look down the list and find the Rams (Gurley’s team). You will see that the Rams’ opponent (OPP) is the Colts in Week 1, and there are four color-coded cells in the horizontal columns marked “OPP vs. QBs,” “OPP vs. RBs,” “OPP vs. WRs” and “OPP vs. TEs.”


They are not the rankings for the Rams, but rather, for the OPPONENT THEY FACE IN THIS GIVEN WEEK (the Colts). In the “OPP vs. RBs” cell for the Rams, you’ll notice a big, blue ‘No. 1’. This means Rams RBs face the best possible matchup for opposing RBs in Week 1 in the Colts. This is a great indicator for owners of Todd Gurley or those thinking of rostering him in DFS contests.

Repeat the same process for other players on your roster as you are trying to decide which players to start and which to sit in season-long leagues. Also use it to identify which upside-plays to roster in DFS contests based on matchup.

With the launch of the online tool, you can now sort by any column: vegas line, over/under, and matchup ranks vs. each position for easy reference.

“1″ is the best (easiest) matchup, “32″ is the worst (toughest).

(you like blue matchups best)

BLUE: Best Matchups
LIGHT BLUE: Borderline Top Matchups
WHITE: Neutral Matchups
LIGHT RED: Borderline Bottom Matchups
RED: Worst Matchups

+Based on Standard Scoring
++RW Proprietary Algorithm


  1. Post By

    I’m in a 2 QB (4 pt for td) super flex ppr league. 12 team snake draft. I was able to keep A. Rodgers, Evans, Hilton and Howard. I have 2nd pick, do I draft 2nd QB, Keenan Allen or one of the rookie RB’s. If so, which one? I also do not have my 2nd round pick due to a trade.

  2. Thanks guys, pumped to use the matchup tool for the first time! I’ve got a trade question for you. We drafted last night, and my buddy who took Zeek blew it and didn’t pick up McFadden before I took him later in the draft. Now he wants to trade. He’s offering M. Bennett plus an additional player of my choice, or whatever I’d like to offer. It’s a 12 team .25 PPr. I was thinking Bennett and DeSean Jackson, but open to other suggestions. Our teams are below:

    My team:
    M. Mariota
    K. Allen
    D. Parker
    M. Gordon
    J. Howard
    J. Cook
    M. Lynch
    B. Marshal
    C. Coleman
    C. Davis
    D. Sproles

    His Team:
    P. Rivers
    A. Jeffery
    G. Tate
    L. McCoy
    E. Elliott
    M. Bennett
    T. Montgomery
    D. Jackson
    H. Henry
    T. Ginn
    L. Murray
    C. Thompson
    A. Hurns

    1. Let me help you… McFadden and Coleman for Jeffrey and Henry. He doesn’t make playoffs without McFadden. Also, tell your commish to man up and make it a true PPR, or at least .75!

  3. .5 ppr 12 team. Bleeping yahoo gave a me a C for a draft grade, please help.

    M. maroita
    J. howard
    M. ingram
    J. Jones
    K. allen
    A. Robinson
    D. Adams
    J. cook
    P. Garcon
    J. Hill
    J. Stewart
    CJ. Prosise
    J. Cutler
    Rams Def.

    1. Yahoo’s rankings are complete garbage, great looking squad, don’t stress!

      1. thanks!!

  4. Do I drop Doctson for Jonathan Williams? Have Evans, Diggs, Martavis, Corey Davis and Mike Williams at WR but only Fournette, Dalvin Cook, D”ona Foreman at RB and in a 14 team league there isn’t much left at RB on the wire. Doctson is the best to drop because his price allows me to bid more.

  5. I meant Jamaal Williams for GB!

  6. Which day of the week does the weekly player rankings get posted? Tough decision in one league, .5 ppr pick one for flex: Jimmy Graham, Crowder, or Garcon?

  7. Standard league… have a guy offering Cooks and Mixon for K Hunt and C Coleman. Thoughts?

    Other RB’s are Ajayi, Hyde, McFadden. Receivers are M. Thomas, M. Bryant, maclin, Watkins

    I pick Hunt off the wire somehow and kinda like him going forward.

    1. Take Cooks/Mixon side and run.

  8. Ty montgomery, tate, garcon, or sammy watkins for standard flex?

    1. Montgomery, all day!

  9. Would you drop luck (???? on health) for Bradford (good first week match up)? i also have rivers who does not have a good match up.

    1. Keep Luck. If anything drop Rivers for Bradford and then stream week to week until Luck is back.

      1. Thanks for pitching in A_Douglas !

  10. Vance McDonald or OJ Howard in Week 1? The cheataheet never had enough value to draft a TE so will be streaming all year. Obviously Howard is superior talent but Mcdonald has a juicy matchup.

    1. OJ Howard will be dealing with weather (hurricane) and I wouldn’t trust a rookie te week 1 with Brate in front of him.

      1. Thanks for pitching in Fish! This is a tough call, McDonald feels very hard to trust, even though the matchup is super-enticing. He just joined the team.

        The word out of TB, is that Howard is going to be on the field a lot. If the weather isn’t a disaster, or the game is moved- I’d prob just get sick and roll out OJ- when in doubt I enjoy my fantasy team.

  11. Year two of RW Pro. 10 Team 2 QB PPR Auction. Just ended.

    RW thoughts?
    Brady Luck Hoyer
    Shady, Beastmode, Lacy, Prosise, D. Foreman
    Evans, K. Allen, Cobb, Z. Jones, Snead, C. Coleman
    Gronk, J. Doyle

    Thanks! KC

    1. Awesome job! Brady, Shady, Gronk, Evans, Allen, BeastMode will take you a long way with moderate in season management. Best wishes, and thanks so much for your loyal support!

  12. I’m in a 12 team PPR. Which TE should I cut for a kicker; I have to pick one up. A Hooper or Enjoku or should I depot both and pick up Fiedorowicz ?

    1. Keep Hooper, drop NJoku

  13. Will the weekly rankings be posted today? I like to set my lineups on Tuesday and adjust as needed before the Thursday game. Are you guys still sorting through all the cutdown moves?

    1. Everything is being updated for Week 1 as we speak. Stay tuned.

  14. With the help of the cheat sheet, I have a solid receiving group for a PPR. Just wanted to see if you guys thought what a trade package of any combination would get me for RBs. If not, which 3 do you start this week? Here’s who I have:

    CJ Anderson

    Michael Thomas

    Thanks guys for your input

    1. My god those are monsters. We’d hate to do it, but right now- it’s also worth seeing what’s out there. Investigate the trade value of the RBs from TyMontgomery / McCaffrey through Hyde on the cheat sheet. Also sniff around Doug Martin, Paul Perkins.

      See if any of those guys you can get a reasonable deal on- and then it’s all worth considering. Would also need to know how many RBs / WRs you can start each week.

      You are also in a position you could trade Evans or Thomas for a beast at RB, if you really wanted. Just need to makes sure you aren’t cutting your nose off to spite your face when it comes to maximizing your starting roster.

      1. Thanks for the advice. I have 2 RBs 2 WRs and 1 flex so I can have up to 3 of either one. I know Johnson or bell would be a long shot for Evans straight up but would you put together 2 of those guys to get DJ or Bell? Would that be giving too much? Who would you say is worth Evans straight up?

        1. Evans is worth Melvin Gordon, Devonta Freeman, Jordan Howard, LeSean McCoy straight up –

  15. I can start three RBs, who would you leave on the the bench (its not a bad dilemma)? Cook, Freeman, Gordon, or Hunt?

      1. Thanks for pitching in Sanity! I would personally sit Hunt. Feel good about the other 3 this week.

  16. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    Just pulled the trigger on a trade in a 12-team PPR. I want to get your thoughts:

    I give: Keenan Allen (love him this year) and Doyle
    I get: Crowell and Graham

    Here is the rest of my team post-trade:
    QB: Ryan
    WR: Evans, Martavis Bryant, DeVante Parker
    RB: Gurley, AP
    TE: Graham
    Flex: Crowell
    K: Lutz
    Bench: Luck, Riddick, Burkhead, Tyrell Williams, Doctson, Golladay, Ebron


    1. Solid trade, I think you improved your team. Best wishes VDD.

      1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

        Thank you, good sir!

  17. Post By

    1st year pro member need some advise on my flex 1 pt ppr 12 tm…riddick Decker j charles or s wadkins..thx

    1. Prob Riddick- maybe Watkins if you’re a gambling man.

  18. Finished my last draft. 12 team .5 PPR picking 11th. Cheat Sheet directed me to go RB in my first 3 picks and I did as so. I don’t hate my WR’s, some good upside guys on the bench. Just wondering if you think I should move an RB for a better receiver. Format is QB WR WR RB RB FLEX TE

    J. HILL
    J WILLIAMS(will be dropping him, did draft before the cuts)

    1. We think you are perfectly fine! I think you should revisit after the first few weeks. Best wishes, and thank you for your support!


  19. Need help for line up in one league…

    Have Cousins as my only QB with a really tough match up. Do I stream Bradford, Eli or Wentz or just throw him in there and hope he falls into some points

    Also, love the match up for Carolina @ SF but is it too risky to start Jonathan Stewart based on match up alone?

    Flex-DeSean Jackson
    BN- J Stewart
    BN D Woodhead
    BN Coleman
    BN J Charles

    1. In STD you can prob get away with starting JS- we just hate him. Coleman and maybe DW have to be considered as well, esp if DJAX sits because of the weather.

      We like Cousins or Wentz. Best wishes.

  20. Need help for line up in other league. How would you configure for Week 1?

    Starting Ben over Carr I feel is a no brainer.

    QB- Ben
    WR- Michael Thomas
    WR- Martavis Bryant
    RB- Montgomery
    -TE- Graham
    Flex- Mixon
    BN Peterson
    BN Carr
    BN Keenan Allen
    BN Dougie Martin (SSP)

    1. Will have to at least consider Keenan Allen in flex closer to game time.

    2. Monster squad, btw….

  21. Hi Guys

    This is my 3rd season as a member, and I appreciate what you do. Besides all the info, your interactive approach is key to the success you’ve established….thank you.

    Have a couple of question. In two leagues. Standard.

    Question 1: I have M. Lynch, T. Montgomery, C.J. Anderson and Mac Fadden. Based on Elliot and the matchups, which two would you start week#1?

    #2 A. Robinson, or D. Jackson as WR #3?

    …other team
    #1 Based on Match ups…Cousins or Mariota?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Cream6- thanks so much for your loyal support, you’re an important member of RWNation!

      1- I’d roll Lynch and CJA – then if Zeke sits- Id roll DMC. If not- go with TyM

      2- ARob


      1- Mariota- he should have a huge game

  22. Post By

    Start 3WR K. Allen, E. Sanders, D. Hopkins and Decker?

    1. Everyone but Decker

  23. Post By

    I draft in a couple of hours. I’m in a 2 QB (4 pt for td) super flex ppr league. 12 team snake draft. I was able to keep A. Rodgers, Evans, Hilton and Howard. I have 2nd pick, do I draft 2nd QB, Keenan Allen or one of the rookie RB’s. If so, which one? I also do not have my 2nd round pick due to a trade.

    1. Cross the keepers off the cheat sheet- and use that as your guide. I’d prob grab Fournette, McCaffrey, or Dalvin – then hope Keenan falls to the next pick.

  24. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Standard League. Time to drop Jonathan Williams for which RB? Smallwood. Char. West, Alvin Kamara, Tarik Cohen, or David Johnson’s Handcuff (if there is one).

    1. Like Cohen a lot, esp in ppr – Kamara is a sick prospect we love who when he does get an opportunity is going to be awesome in NO- and if ur a DJ owner yes you should own Kerwynn Williams – his capable handcuff –

  25. If you had an open spot on your bench, in a half point PPR 10 team league, would you fill it with Corey Coleman or Paul Richardson?

    1. Coleman

  26. Post By

    I am having a hard time deciding who I should fill in for my flex. It is a 0.5 PPR, 10 man league. Below are my options.

    M. Lynch
    B. Marshall
    D. Parker

    Before the week 1 matchup sheet was released, I was sold on M. Lynch to go along with my RB duo of D. Cook and T. Gurley. However, the matchup tool is showing B. Marshall is the best option of the 3. Is Marshall the choice?

    Also, this is my 1st year as a PRO member. Is this tool to be used religiously for weekly matchup leagues, or is it more geared to DFS strategies?

  27. If Odell sits, there is a reasonable argument for Marshall. We will have a hard time benching Lynch, though. Close call.

    Parker could go bananas any minute, but we want to see it happen first.

  28. Two start/sit Qs. League 1) Who would you sit. Brown, Evans, Cooks or M Bryant?
    League 2) m Thomas, d Parker, m Crabtree or m Bryant?

    1. wait for our rankings to go (somewhat) final tomorrow before making the Cooks-Bryant call but what a great problem to have.

      for the second one, it now becomes easy as MIA game is postponed!

  29. Post By

    Big thanks to Listened to your Podcast which convinced me to become a pro member (and give the Pod a 5 star review). Drafted tonight – .5 PPR 12 team league and I had pick 12. Followed the Cheat Sheet and I feel awesome about my team. Think I have some great WRs to trade with after my Fast Start – thanks to your Mystical, Magical, Maniacal work.

    Melvin Gordon
    Michael Thomas
    Christian McCaffrey
    Keenan Allen
    Martavis Bryant
    Tevin Coleman
    Kelvin Benjamin
    DeSean Jackson
    Derrick Henry
    Darren McFadden
    Jeremy Hill
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Cooper Kupp
    Chargers D
    Caleb Sturgis

    1. awesome work brother.

  30. Already offered a trade. Need help Rosterwatch nation.

    I have Gurley and Olsen
    He’s offering Dalvin Cook and Gronk.

    PPR league.


    1. Post By

      I would take that trade but I am super high on Dalvin cook and I don’t think Olsen is that’s good

    2. I’d see if you could get a TINY bit more thrown in, but I’m almost inclined to say that you would be fine to take it. We like Gurley for a bounce back this year, but Gronk seems the healthiest he’s even been and we love Cook in PPR. If he is the one offering you, though, I’d see if you could get just a little more since he seems hot for Gurley (let him know of Gurley’s super sick Week 1 matchup).

  31. Post By

    I just got back from a long trip and listened o Rosterwatch on XM’s Fantasy sports channel. Because of that i became a Pro member and am really excited. My league’s draft happened right after I got home, here is how it turned our for me. It was the basic 10 team standard league:
    QB Newton
    WR A Brown
    WR D Bryant
    WR D. Jackson
    RB C McCaffrey
    RB M Lynch
    TE Ertz
    Flex B Powell
    BN K Cousins
    BN T Hill
    BN F Gore
    BN M Wallace
    BN C Davis
    BN J. White
    K C Boswell
    Def Steelers

    Based on the week one match up cheat sheet i was going to start D Jackson over Hill but I am having second thoughts. Hw do you think I should structure my lineup? I know I have some options maybe moving Powell out of flex or even one of my RB’s. What do you think?

    1. fantastic job and welcome to RW Nation!!! Defintiely get in the Ty Freak, you’ll want to start him most weeks plus the TB game is called off.

  32. Post By Austin Benedict

    Need to start one of these RBs this week:

    Mixon, Gio, Lacy, Burkhead, McFadden (stupid Zeke!!)

    1. Please check back closer to Sunday as we’ll continue to get the rankings more and more dialed in but off the cuff I say McFadden. Again, that is not the final answer, just my initial thought. I wouldn’t start Burkhead on THURS, would like to see how that thing looks in a one=game sample and move on from there.

      1. ***meant to say MIXON, not McFadden -brain fart.

  33. Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if I am overlooking the DFS lineup generator, I saw the one for the championship round last year but didn’t see anything for this year. Thanks.

    1. We’re testing it right now with lots of new capabilities and options for you degenerates. All DFS content here will always start getting rolled out on Fridays. Vegas Tool comes out on Saturday evenings and is updated through SUN AM if needed.

  34. I am in a 10 team .5 point PPR, this is my team just like to hear your thoughts:

    QB Matt Stafford
    RB DeMarco Murray
    RB Jordan Howard
    WR Michael Crabtree
    WR Stefon Diggs
    TE Jimmy Graham
    Flex Tyreek Hill
    D/ST Cardinals
    K Dan Bailey
    RB Leonard Fournette
    RB Mark Ingram
    WR Jamison Crowder
    WR Allen Robinson
    RB Frank Gore
    WR DeVante Parker
    QB Philip Rivers

  35. I noticed this am that kevin white is a free agent. Does it make sense to drop cory davis for him?

    1. both of those guys have similar upside, I might hang on to Davis for the time being and see how he is utilized versus the Raiders.

  36. Post By

    I drafted 1 QB in a 10 team standard league and it was Jameis Winston. With the game postponed I will need to drop Zay Jones, CJ Prosise or Jeremy Hill to pick up either Carson Palmer or Carson Wentz.

    Also, I could drop any of those guys for Sterling Shepard or Kevin White, but I believe you have all 3 above higher.


    1. Would drop Prosise for a QB. Would consider dropping Hill for White if I needed a WR, and was solid at RB.

      1. Post By

        Thank you, will do. Would you lean Palmer or Wentz as a backup for Winston?

        Also, I’ve got more depth at WR than RB, so I’ll roll with what I have.

        D Johnson, J Howard, B Powell, D Henry, Prosise, J Hill
        B Cooks, A Jefferey, K Allen, J Crowder, C Coleman, Z Jones
        Jimmy Graham

        I appreciate all the great work! Did pretty good in all this year’s drafts!

        1. I always lean Wentz

  37. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare


    I am in quite the predicament due to the recent news of the TB/MIA game getting postponed. I am in a 12-team, PPR league that starts 3 WR, 2 RB, and a flex. See below for my WRs/RBs:

    WR: Evans (fml), Parker (fml), M. Bryant, Golladay, Doctson, Tyrell Williams
    RB: Gurley, Crowell, AP, Riddick, Burkhead

    As of the moment, I am starting Bryant, Williams and Golladay at WR. For RB, starting Gurley and Crowell. AP is my flex.

    My question to you is, do you expect Golladay to have a presence week 1? I’m also hesitant to start Williams considering the matchup is atrocious.

    I could drop Golladay or Doctson (although I’d rather not for obvious reasons) for one or two of the following: Paul Richardson, Terrance Williams, Eli Rogers, Seth Roberts, Tyler Boyd, Marquis Goodwin (probably my favorite of the bunch, albeit a dart through).

    What are your thoughts on the situation? As of two days ago, I had traded away Keenan Allen and Doyle for Graham and Crowell, so that ended up hurting me with this postponed game…

    1. we might drop Doctson to pick up Richardson – Lockett seems a little banged up and the matchup is terrific. If he flops, you can probably pick Doctson right back up. Golladay is more of a stash and hope he rises to his potential through the season so we’re not that comfortable starting him this week either. Sucks you have your two big guys out, but at least you’re getting their byes out of the way early.

      1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

        Thanks for the input, Alex, but Richardson was just picked up after I posted this -_-. What is your next course of action? Jeremy Kerly is also available.

  38. Hey guys posted this on twitter, but know that you have other shit to get to so I’ll post it here. Is Hilton a bench this week with Luck more than likely not back. Have Tyreke going tomorrow/Watkins Sunday on my bench and have Allen in the flex. Thanks!

    1. we’re fine benching him for those guys. Tolzien hasn’t targeted him at all in the preseason.

      1. Would you go Hill or Watkins? Only asking cause the pesky Thursday night game.

        1. I have them back to back in my personal rankings, it’s an impossibly tough question. Hill might have more upside but I really think the Rams will want to feature Watkins in a terrific matchup and no Vontae Davis to show off the new toy, so I’d say Watkins.

          1. That’s where I was leaning too. Thanks Alex!

  39. Trade question: Should I move Carson Palmer for Luck and take the risk? I have Eli and he and Carson have the same bye week.

    1. sure, that’s a great trade.

  40. Check me on my math here. These are my flex options:

    K Hunt 28
    J Mixon 19
    Cj Anderson 22
    T Williams LAC 32
    Zay Jones 7
    D Henry 10

    Based on this I should put Jay Zones as my flex?

    1. Love how I transposed Zay Jones into Jay in da Zone!

    2. no, this is just a tie-breaking tool. Always please wait for our final rankings and Trashman’s flex rankings before making a final decision, but the clear answer here is going to be HUNT – I can tell you that already.

  41. Hey fellas –

    So this may be blasphemous but – Is there any validity we should put in “projections” for points in the ESPN Fantasy matchup section? Like for example they have Drew Brees for projected for 19 points. Any connection between those projections and your sit/start tool?


    1. there is no relationship between anything like that and any of our tools.

  42. Post By CanadianMonkey

    hey there, im in a .5 ppr league and need a replacement for parker at my flex since that mia/tb game got moved back … my options are : forte, duke johnson, jack doyle, zay jones, or brandon coleman… am leaning towards zay jones, what do you guys think

    1. i think Zay or Duke Johnson are both reasonable options, GL.

  43. Post By

    matchup tool question. example tyrod vs Jets….opp vs QB is 7. opp vs RB is 30. If it is a running QB, which ranking would I pay attention to? The opp vs QB, or the OPP vs RB?

  44. Post By

    When are the DFS cheatsheets/hyperbuilds going to be available!? Season starts tomorrow…

    Not sure what I’m paying for at this point. Popular articles are from 2013 or so…odd.

    1. DFS tools always come out on Fridays. Vegas Tool, garbage grab, etc. on SAT. Please see the post on the ticker outlining the in-season content schedule.

  45. No Jameis means I can start either Dalton, Tygod, Eli or Bradford. Thoughts?

    1. so close between Dalton and Bradford, but we’ll say Dalton. We would be fine with either.

  46. Thank you for your advice. 12 team PPR, I’m starting Gurley and Miller at RB, AB and K Allen at WR. For flex, should I go with Kareem Hunt or Pierre Garçon? Or, would you switch up my starters? I want to get Hunt in my lineup, but this weeks matchups have me leaning to start Garçon in my flex.

    1. I understand if you want to play the matchup, but there’s no way I’m benching Hunt personally. Hunt has a rushing prop of 54.5 yards and will add on some through the air too. I like him better than Garcon despite the matchup.

  47. 10 team league. Did not draft a defense to start but now have to drop a player for a defense. For some reason everyone seems to take a second QB. I have Wilson and then I picked up Winston in the 14th round. Drop candidates would be Winston, Kupp, Golladay or Corey Davis. None are starters at this point.


    1. Would drop Golladay. Winston too valuable to drop and Davis is simply a prospect with higher pedigree.

  48. Can anyone help me. I click on my account and look for downloads and there are none there. I am a pro subscriber through rotopass. I was a subscriber last year and never had this problem. I contacted the company through email and they told me to come on the message board. Please Help

    1. Please email – they shouldn’t have told you to come ask that question here. They are supposed to tell you to ask sit/start questions here. I’m sorry about your trouble. Tell them when you send a new email that I told you to write back. She’ll get back with you ASAP, I’ll send a text making sure she does.

  49. Quick wuestion .5 ppr .25 per rush. Should a start K Hunt, M Lynch or L Fournette?
    Thanks for any advice.

    1. damn that’s a tough choice but this week we’d say Lynch. VERY tough between him and Hunt.

      1. Thank you, that was the way I was leaning but wanted to make sure I wasn’t letting my pats fandom push me away from Hunt.

  50. Post By

    Looking at the matchup tool, would anything change based on league format (PPR vs Standard)?

    Also, which RBs would you consider matchup proof outside of DJ?

  51. Week 1 (finally!) Flex question, 12 team ppr:

    Woodhead, Thielen or Decker


    Good luck to all of RW nation this season! Time to kick some ass.

    1. NO sir, it works fine for both, but is only based on standard for the portion that actually does used FP/A metrics (only about 15% of the overall algorithmic recipe).

  52. Post By

    Robbie Anderson Randall Cobb or Tevin Coleman pick one for 1 pt ppr

  53. I followed the cheat sheet and drafted a good team. My only concern is the longevity of Marshawn Lynch as my RB2. Who should I pick up as his handcuff. I’m pretty light in RBs as the draft led to me having a lot of good WRs. 12 Team – Non PPR.

    1. Deandre Washington would be the player we’d pick up if you’re looking to handcuff Marshawn.

      1. Thanks. Do you think it’s necessary? I would have drop Prosise, J. Charles or Hill. I might be overthinking. Just worried Lynch might only last 1/2 season.

        Would you drop any of these guys for the handcuff.

  54. Post By Jeremy Figoten

    In a PPR league. Should I play Tyreek Hill or Brandon Marshall?

  55. Mixon, Maclin, JWhite, Kupp? PPR need 2 of these 4. Have Gronk in this lineup already.

  56. Hey Fellas,

    Need some help, J. Winston is my only QB, I loaded up on WR and weak at RB. Need help deciding who to drop to pickup Wentz or maybe Bradford? Who should I drop? Thanks

    1 point PPR

    WR Cooks
    WR M Thomas
    WR T Hill
    WR W Snead
    WR C Kupp
    WR Z Jones
    TE J Graham
    RB Lynch
    RB CJ Prosise
    RB D Martin
    RB A Peterson

  57. Post By

    How much are we supposed to let these rankings sway our lineup?

    For instance Mccoy is facing the 30th ranked def match up while Blount is facing the 3rd. Is it reasonable to believe based on your numbers McCoy should sit and Blount should start?
    A more extreme example:
    Cory Davis and Zay jones both have top 7 match ups. Do I sit TY hilton and Alshon Jeff in favor of these great match ups.

    Thank you for the clarification.

  58. Riddick or cook. Full ppr

  59. 1/2 pt PPR. Have Hunt and West as handcuff. Does it make sense to drop West for Kamara, Foreman or Smallwood?


  60. Am I missing where a weel 2 tool has been released?

  61. Post By

    Would you start T Williams over S Diggs in the flex spot with the better matchup. 1 ppr

  62. Post By

    Do I give up on Doctson and pick up Marqise Lee? I don’t need either one right now but looking to the future. 1/2 pt ppr.

  63. Post By

    With Howard being removed from the injury report, should I start J. Howard, Hogan, Decker, Higgins, or Mixon? PPR

  64. Post By

    Guys…I’m a Zeke owner…and I’ve had McFadden rostered since day one, but these weekly health scratch with him has me wondering if I should have Morris instead? Thoughts appreciated!

    1. it’s still murky in regard to who the backup is. logic would say morris, since he’s been backing him up in games. but that might be to keep mcfadden fresh. in either case, morris will be involved in the offense, so i think he’s the safe pickup right now.

  65. No specific question, but more of a comment. Thank you so much RW. Checking the matchup tool, I finally have the majority of my players in the dark blue field in single digits. Had my butt kicked horribly last week but you’ve given me immense optimism for week 11. Time to turn around my mediocre season. I’m heading out of the country for a much needed vacation and I’m going to set and forget my line-up for the week and will watch the games with a cool beverage in one hand while the other hand talks some shit to the rest of my league. #RW4EVA
    ps – Duke J. or Jamaal Williams. PPR for my RB2.


  66. In a big $ 14 Team PPR
    I can start all but one…. Who do I leave out this week

    Currently have Doug Martin out…

    C. Thompson
    T. Coleman
    B Cooks
    A. Jeffery
    S. Shepard
    M. Thomas
    D. Martin

  67. Hey Guys-

    Why do you have Stephen Anderson ranked so low this week? he had 12 targets last week, but did only catch 5 of those. that’s a lot of attention though. and i see a bunch of guys way above him like ASJ at #8 that i don’t think you’d recommend playing.

    Also, where would you rank Trey Burton if Ertz can’t play?

    Thank so much! Love the pop, flash, and sizzle!

  68. What is your thoughts for my flex position AJ Green or Jay Ajayi?

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