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RosterWatch Week 2 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Building a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. Good afternoon RosterWatch Nation.

    Would you prefer Sterling Shepard, Kirk or Patrick as an upgrade to M Callaway?

    With the news of Mostart out for the season, would recomended % of FA budget increase on your sheet? Or was that already figure in?

    Thanks for your assistance.

    1. Probably Patrick w Jeudy out. You can go a little higher on Mitchell if you want, but I wouldn’t go over 25-30%

      1. Thanks. appreciate your insight.

        RosterWatch Nation is the best!!

      2. My apologies for jumping in here, but i would be cautious about using 25% + in probably the first waiver cycle. Best to save as much as you can for crunch time when, you really need someone.

  2. 12-team, 0.5 PPR, 0-1:

    QBs: Mahomes, Fields
    RBs: Kamara, Sanders, Conner
    WRs: Jefferson, Sutton, OBJ, Pittman, Marquise
    TE: Andrews
    DST: Ravens

    Mitchell, Shepard, Gainwell, Kirk and Ingram all available from the cheat sheet. Obviously thinking about dropping Fields for any of these … got any other suggestions?

    Other notable FAs: Gronk, Hardman, Hines

    1. would probably drop fields for Mithcell.

  3. Sermon was out pass curfew. Aiyuk needs to act like a pro, says Kyle. They were being disciplined

    1. makes perfect sense, hope people overreact, I”m sending out trades for Sermon as we speak.

  4. Two questions:

    (1) Rhamondre Stevenson is probably droppable for anyone in the Ingram tier on the WWCS right?
    (2) Is Matt Ryan droppable for Carr, Goff, and Darnold season long?

    1. 1) I’d hold off for now in reference to that tier of player. 2) I’d prefer Ryan over those guys.

  5. Post By salvatore giaimo

    should I drop coleman or Carter for Mitchell.In a bidding league/I have Jeudy puttinghim on my IR list and taking Patrick.How does this sound Thank You

    1. Coleman yes, Carter — it’s a toss up. Carter’s role is sure to grow thru the season but Mitchell could really be in a great spot. I might gamble on Mitchell’s upside either way.

      1. Post By salvatore giaimo

        thank you

  6. Gronk is available in my league. I have Kyle Pitts at TE already but was wondering what % you spend on Gronk?

    1. I wouldn’t bid much at all if I have Pitts, he’ll blow up and you’re going to want to start him every week.

  7. 10 team PPR
    I will drop Mostert tonight I have Kamara JamesRobinson MSanders M Davis CEdmunds and can play 3
    Available are EMitchell, MIngram and also Tyrell Williams GioBernard and Pollard
    try to get one of the above RB or save my waiver position to see what the other coaches decide to drop?

    1. I’d try to get Mitchell or Pollard but hold off on the other in a 10 teamer to see if anyone of value is dropped

  8. Post By salvatore giaimo

    should I drop Waddle or Higgins of Cin for Chark

  9. I have on the waivers Eli mitchel , Ingram and Kirk

    Who should I drop and who should I pick up?
    I have
    Justin Jackson (RB), Sutton, Elijah Moore, will fuller ,Michael carter, marquise brown, mecole hardman,

  10. P/U Elijah Mitchell? My team: QB – Murray, Fields. RB – Zeke, Jacobs, Carson, Javonte Williams. WR – McLuaren, ARob, Aiyuk, Diontae Johnson JaMar Chase. TE Tonyan. 12 team standard, would you drop anyone?

    1. Lord have mercy that is a good team! I might drop Aiyuj for him in standard!

      1. I could drop my kicker (Bass) and then try to make a trade and pick up a kicker before Sunday.

  11. How worried are we about Gesicki’s role in this offense? Is it time to overreact and drop him for any of the TE’s on the WWCS?

    1. I would be very comfortable moving to Cook

  12. Post By

    Is Boyd droppable for any of the waiver sheet receivers?

    1. I would drop him for Agholor- maybe for Shephard and Watkins

      1. Maybe for Reagor too

  13. Does Carson Wentz look salveagble/worth holding onto? Or would you rather drop him for anyone in t he Carr tier on the WWCS

    1. He’s salvageable, I’d give him another week or two before pulling the plug.

  14. Start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, Def
    Bench 5 spots
    2 IR spots

    Last weekend, I threw Trey Sermon in my IR spot and now I have way too many players on my roster to make any waiver moves.

    Current Roster

    QBs: Kyler Murray, Trey Lance
    RBs: Christian McCaffrey, Damien Harris, Darrell Henderson, Trey Sermon, Rhamondre Stevenson
    WRs: Justin Jefferson, Keenan Allen, Cooper Kupp, Elijah Moore, Terrace Marshall
    TE: Tyler Higbee
    DEF: Panthers
    K: Tucker

    Have to drop 1 player to first move Trey Sermon out of my IR spot and then 1 additional player to pick up anyone off waivers. I know the Raheem Mostert owner is going to blow all their FAAB on Elijah Mitchell. Would love to pick up Rondale Moore as one owner dropped him just before last Sunday’s games. Not sure what to do if anything at all.

    1. I’d drop Stevenson if you drop anyone. As much as I hate to say it, Moore seems like the other droppable player if need be right now.

  15. Post By

    Need to know if 33% is good enough to get Elijah Mitchell and drop Jakobi Meyers. any other drop will make my team worse and not better.

    1. It should be enough, but you might have some bullish owners. good luck

  16. Would you use the #1 Waiver wire on any of the following.. Sermon, J White, D Williams, Gainwell, T Jones Jr, Hyde Roundtree, Ingram, Shepard.. Im actually pretty deep at RB Ekler, Henderson, J Rob, Hunt, Carter, and Dillon… I wanted to try and pick up Rountree for the handcuff. But I think I can until the dust has settled..Thoughts..

    1. I think you can wait for Ingram. I’d probably use the pick on Shepard if you need WR depth.

  17. Should have Mcnicols on the cheatsheet somewhere

  18. Anyone..

    I’m #1 on waiver
    In a 2qb .5 ppr
    Team is
    Qbs- Dak Matty Ryan Matt Jones Fields
    Rbs- A Jones Gibson Singletary D Harris
    Wrs Scary Terry Higgins OBJ Jeudy Hardman
    Te Tongan Jonu

    Elijah Mitchell Nyhiem Hines Ingram
    Will fuller Sheppard Watkins Agholor

    Drop Jeudy Matt Ryan or or Hardman?

    1. I’d get fuller or shepard and drop hardman if necessary.

  19. GM! Drop Gio or Connors for Elijah Mitchell?

  20. What’s up RW nation! Didn’t use my waiver today so I’m in 1st position … 12-team, 0.5 PPR, 0-1:

    QBs: Mahomes, Fields
    RBs: Kamara, Sanders, Conner
    WRs: Jefferson, Sutton, OBJ, Pittman, Marquise
    TE: Andrews
    K: Butcker
    DST: Ravens

    Notable players available: Callaway, Carter, Hardman, Ruggs, Mooney, Pollard, Michel, Parker, Moore, Patrick, Pascal, Agholor

    Would you guys drop anyone for any of these players?

    1. Marquise for really any of them. You need better WR depth. None of them stand out more than the others to add right now so take your pick, I’d go Moore if it’s Rondale.

    2. Jees that is a short bench- don’t think so. Would like to see you add Michel or Pollard as an RB4 if possible, hard to say who to drop. Could argue for Agholor over Pittman or maybe Hollywood. Don’t like Pittman’s matchup this wk, so maybe you drop him for Agholor and keep an eye on things. I think Pittman could still break out given a little more time I’d keep an eye on Mooney and Ruggs to, but it looks like a guy like that may always be on your wire.

      1. Thanks for the input to both of you!

        I’m not in the greatest of situations haha, but I’ll try and follow your advice!

        Thanks again.

  21. Should i drop Lat Murray to pick to Ronald Jones?? Someone hate cut him last week and he cleared waivers. Full ppr. 10 teamer. Thanks

    1. I’d probably Murray

  22. Good morning. .5 PPR. Would you drop Mooney for Kirk?


    1. Don’t think so- close call. If you want to it’s fine, look at the matchups

      1. Mooney played 100% snap count, I’d probably hold him over Kirk – but I get it if you want to buy into Arizona- I get it. Have a look at their snap counts

  23. Drop the Dolphins D to p/u Steelers, Bills or Cardinals?

    1. Play the matchups- would probably be most interested in Steelers + Bill

  24. I noticed on this week’s ww sheet, Cordarrelle Patterson is listed as a WR. With Falcons listing him as an RB, most sites have him with WR,RB eligibility. Where, if anywhere, would you place him as an RB free agent?

    1. I’d put him w/ Tevin Coleman

  25. 12 Team Standard. Do I offer Theilen and one of the following for Metcalf?

    Miles Sanders
    Melvin Gordon
    Elijah Mitchell
    D. swift

    My other WR is Pittman JR.

    1. I also have A. Gibson as my other RB

    2. Maybe Theilen + Gordon – but that’s as far as I would go- and that’s not a total slam dunk. But if you want Metcalf- that’s probably ok but does not come with out risk. You could keep Theilen, and trade a rb like Gordon or Mitchell for a WR straight up.

  26. Post By

    What’s going on with James Robinson? Is Hyde the RB 1 in Jax?

    1. Lol of course not. But, I talked a lot about Hyde’s early season role. Hyde got most of his touches in garbage time, Robinson dominate snap counts when it mattered, and he soaked up all the targets (6). All very meaningful data points that strongly favor Robinson who is also a much better player.

      The person you should be worried about is Urban Meyer, not Carlos Hyde. But if basic rational decisions are made everything will be fine. We’ll just have to see.

      1. Eat a D Meyer!

  27. 12 team .5 PPR 2 flex league
    Got killed by the Gus and Jeudy injuries
    QB: Stafford
    RB: Aaron Jones
    RB: Chris Carson
    WR: mike evans
    Wr: ceedee lamb
    TE Pitts
    Flex: Lat Murray?
    Flex: Tim Patrick

    Bench: Tony Jones, AJ Dillon, Terrace Marshall, Trey Lance, Elijah Moore, Gainwell , Dobbins IR: Jeudy

    Dobbins would be a last round keeper next year, would you be fine with dropping him ? If so, who would be the best fit?

    Emmanuel Sanders, Van Jefferson, Rountree, Hamler, Renfrow

    Thank you

    1. I’m fine w/ dropping Dobbins but I’d aim for somebody better. I could see going for Renfrow . Or, maybe Van Jefferson or Rountree-

  28. Standard league QB get 6 for passing td…
    Hurts Tannehill
    Kamara, Mixon, Dillon, C Patterson, David Johnson
    Kupp, Godwin, Dionte Johnson, Boyd, J Meyers

    One of my worst teams in history! Gainwell is on waivers as is Malcolm Brown desperate! What dead weight do I cut first!? 🙁

    1. Worst team? People are talking about Jalen Hurts as an MVP candidate now. Tannehill will probably recover, but you don’t even need him w/ Hurts. Lol Kamara and Mixon look great. Dillon you’ll just have to wait and see, nobody did anything for GB in WK1, but Dillon got more yards than Aaron Jones on only 2 fewer touches- so we really don’t know about him quite yet. Patterson and Johnson look like decent RB 4-5s after wk1.

      Kupp Godwin and Diontae all had solid WK1 and are all nice players. Hooper you need to work on it. Should have drafted Jared Cook, see if he is out there.

      1. Thanks for the feedback Byron! I am used to loading up on RBs in standard and the Gus Edward’s injury hurt me. Looks like your advice is to roll with RBs I have over Gainwell. At TE I agree, Hooper seems to be outplayed by Njoku. Kmet, cook, firkser, j Johnson, Troutman, Engram all on waivers currently?

  29. 0.5 ppr, need to bench one of these guys. Who would you sit? Zeke, Najee, Swift, McLaurin, Deebo, Diontae

    1. Wow that’s a lot of talent. Bench Diontae in this case.

    2. What did the matchup tool say?
      I’m not sitting DJ vs shitty raiders.

  30. Post By

    Guillotine league question. FAAb of 1000 Metcalf and Higgins on waivers. How much do i spend. I have Deebo Juedy Ruugs and Pittman. So i need help

    1. 40% on Metcalf, 25% on Higgins.

    2. You could use a WR but someone will be available every week.
      Be careful blowing your wad too early…. “That’s what she said”

  31. Post By

    Just got Eli Mitchell off the waiver wire. Being offered AJ Dillon for him. I already have Aaron Jones already, so it’s a handcuff if I do accept the trade. My other RB’s are Dalvin Cook and Antonio Gibson

    1. Keep Mitchell. If he has another big week, you’ll be able to get more for him. OR he could solidify himself as the #1 in SF but we both know how Shanahan likes to rotate his backs.

  32. Hey guys, what do you think of getting Winston, Calvin, and C Davis for ARod and Woods in ppr superflex? Other qbs carr and d Jones. Thanks!

    1. I like this deal. Ridley > Woods. And Winston will be SuperFlex Viable and C Davis is a WR 3 with a WR2 upside.

      1. Thanks Ani, you’re the man.

    2. Did someone offer you this deal?
      How many WRs/flex you start?

  33. Post By

    Hey guys,

    I’m in a 12 team PPR league and I’m debating dropping Michael Carter to pick up Tony Jones Jr. We have a QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, DST, Kicker format and my two starting RBs are Cook and Mixon. I also have Damien Harris on my bench currently. Would love some insight if you are able to give it, while Tony Jones Jr is still on the waivers for me this week in my league.

    1. Meh

      1. No opinion? Or should I wait another couple weeks on Carter? I’m just not a big fan of the Jets is all haha

        1. I’m waiting on carter over jones. Yes Jets are trash for TJJ Kamara needs to get hurt then prolly Payton comes up with some whack committee solution anyway. Carter just maybe could get the lead in the shit Jets trio of RBs. Wait one more week and see? If someone wanted jones he’d be gone or do you have someone else to drop possibly?

          1. Maybe Rondale. This is why I was wavering because I don’t need him but I want to be proactive, but hard to predict who’s going to be between Jones and Carter. Here’s what I have: WR – Antonio Brown, AJ Brown, Aiyuk, Hardman, Landry, Ronadale Moore (picked him up before waivers last week because of the potential bc I have Kyler). RB – Cook, Mixon, Harris, Carter. Thanks for your thoughts in advance

          2. Pss the trio of RBs for the jets is why I’m like, do I keep with this dumpster fire?

  34. Trade Josh Jacobs and McLuaren for Tyreek Hill and Pollard My other RB’s are Zeke, Carson, Javonte Williams.

    1. Damn I’m taking the freak here.
      Does leave you thin at RB but Heinicke kills all my scary terry mojo and Jacobs has that toe issue.
      Do it Jedi.

  35. Post By

    OK Guru! 10 team full point PPR
    McLaurin or Mike Williams.


    1. No WR was on the field more than McLaurin in Week 1. I have to go with him

  36. Post By

    Guys, I’m in trouble. I used the draft cheat sheet, and it kept pushing receivers on me, which is fine. I’m stacked there. But I’m super thin at RB. I have Kamara and then a host of crap. I lost Mostert and someone grabbed Mitchell before the 1pm kicks, so I have Phillip Lindsey, Mark Ingram and Michael Carter.

    Someone dropped Zach Moss, and I know he was a health scratch, but Singletary fumbled twice and Matt Breida sucks. Do you see a path to playtime for Moss and if so, which of those 3 scrubs I mentioned above do I drop for him?


    1. Post By

      I need to clarify that this is a keeper league, and if I drop Carter, someone else can pick him up with 15th round keeper eligibility. I don’t know if that changes things.


      1. If you’re loaded at WR can you trade a WR for a RB?

        1. Try to see if the James Robinson or Zeke manager is looking to sell after a bad Week 1.

          1. Post By

            Great suggestions – the Zeke manager will only move him for a first round pick next year. I’m just not willing to pay that yet. the James Robinson manager has him in the 10th round next year, so he’s unwilling to move him either, unless I severely overpay.

            There’s not much on the trade market that’s there for me right now 🙁

  37. Pick up JD Mckissic and drop D Johnson or C Patterson?

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