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RosterWatch Week 10 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. When I click the link, it takes me to week 9 WW sheet. Wondering if you’re still in the process of uploading it?

    1. Post By Show Me Your TDs

      It says week 9 but if you click it it’s week 10

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Looks to good

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          *Looks good

  2. I’m currently rolling with Jenkins and Doyle, but I’ll be dropping one for Clay to cover the bye week next week. At 8-1, I’m all set for regular season. I’m looking forward to Weeks 15 and 16 as to who to play and who to keep/drop. My thoughts is that Rastafarian is better positioned with the Saints and Chargers than Doyle is with Denver and Baltimore. Am I off-base with the analysis?

    1. Denver is not very good vs TE but Baltimore is solid. New Orleans d is for real. I keep Doyle based on targets. Forget the match ups.

      1. I appreciate that insight – thank you, #RWNation!

  3. With Wentz on bye, and I ask this question because these guys are available compared to just what the cheat sheet says, Big Ben or Goff to use for this week?

    1. Both should have good weeks. I go Goff because Pitt could give bell the ball 40 times and easily beat Indy.

      1. I had similar thoughts to that. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the help. 12 team ppr, we start 1,2,2,1. I have two trade offers I’d like your feedback on, please. I have Winston(soon to dropped for Bortles), Goff, Hunt, Gurley, Zeke and Mixon. AB, K Allen and Austin SJ.
    Trade 1- Gronkowski n Mariota for Hunt. I like Mariotas playoff matchups
    Trade 2 – cam and d Walker for Hunt.
    I think trade one is better, but still not sure i should do it. I’m 6-3 in 2nd place and trying to set up for playoffs. Thoughts?

    1. If the last one is TE not flex you can make the trade. You are fine at RB as long as zeke avoids suspension. I would go for gronk and mariota. You might wanna wait to you hear about zeke though

  5. Post By

    Which is the better add? (I would be dropping Golladay or Blount or both)

    Marquise Goodwin or Willie Snead


    1. Goodwin

  6. Post By

    Byron, Alex or Trashman
    Standard scoring 12 team
    7-2 record need a dub this week to clinch 1st place for playoffs next week.
    QB: Russell Wilson
    RB: Alvin Kamara, Doug Martin, Buck Allen, Danny Woodhead, Rod Smith
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis Josh Doctson

    Would you do any of these trades…

    1. Trade Doug Martin and Keenan Allen for Shady Mac?

    2. Trade Doug Martin and keenan Allen for Devonta Freeman?

    3. Trade keenan Allen for Tevin Coleman?

    1. Post By

      Also have Doug Baldwin

    2. Both trade 1 and 2 really help your team. I also feel that you can afford to get rid of Allen. As far as which back to get. Take a look at match ups. I would be more concerned about the playoffs than getting the bye even though the bye is huge. Winning playoffs games > than the bye.

  7. Post By

    Is Buck Allen Droppable for Thomas Rawls since Danny Woodhead will be back after the bye?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I let Buck loose last weekend, but I could afford it. It’s going to be crowded once again in that Baltimore backfield, and Woodhead does pretty much the same things, arguably better, as Buck Allen does.

  8. Post By Austin Benedict

    What do we do with Keenan Allen this week? Should be be a wr3 or flex?

    1. He’s flex-worthy at least based on talent alone, but hard to know without seeing the rest of your team.

      1. Post By Austin Benedict

        Allen, Fitz, Engram, Ginn. Need 2 in a standard league.

  9. Post By yeagermeister

    BHB Commissioner here:

    Would you trade Kennan Allen and Foreman for Michael Thomas? The thomas owner has lamar miller so I thought including foreman might sweeten the deal. I’ve been souring on Allen and think Thomas will light it up over remaining weeks with Brees.

    I also have Green, fuller, doctson at WR and gurley, hunt, ajayi, d henry, buck allen mcfadden

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I think Thomas has the slightly higher upside, although game script and the Kamara emergence has taken some of the impact away from Thomas.

      I’ve been souring on Allen, as well, and I have both Allen and Thomas. It’s frustrating since Allen is getting the targets, but it’s not resulting in production.

      For me, if I can toss Allen and get Thomas in return, I’m doing it.

      1. Post By yeagermeister

        Yeah I worry about the Kamara angle a little, but at same time perhaps that opens things up a bit more if teams will need to worry more about Kamara.

        this is a full pt ppr lg too if that makes any difference. I have allen in other leages and Thomas in one other I think. Both are in top portion of the league, but overall have been rather underwhelming it seems.

      2. I like it too. Thomas should finish strong. The saints just have to stop blowing teams out!

    2. Post By yeagermeister

      This is a full pt ppr too if that makes any difference

  10. 7-2 2nd place – from your cheat sheets! Trying to Hone for the play-offs
    10 Team PPR Play 1QB 3WR 2RB 1 TE 1 Flex
    Elliott, DFreeman, CMcCaffrey, Tev Coleman, DMartin, AlMorris, MMack
    THill, GTate, SDiggs, SShepard, JuJuSmith-Schuster
    Aust Sef-Jenkins

    QB Winston Down for the count: Available on waiver: Goff, McCown, Brissett, Garappolo, Hundley, Osweiler, Cutler, Flacco Savage(on bye) Stanton Ugh! please list 2 or more I am lower on Waivers
    – Should I just drop Winston and stream 1 of the above or keep Winston and drop DMartin or MMack?

    RB (about to loose Elliott, Freeman hurt, Martin sucks): available are: DHenry KDrake, Darkwa, Dwashington/JRichard, Woodhead, DWilliams
    – Should I grab 1-2 of these and drop some of mine? Please order and who to drop

    WR(struggling with my WR2’s above) available are: CDavis Agholor, Lockett, Woods, Kupp, RAndersonFuller, CSamuel
    – Any for me?

    TE: Greg Olson avilable to pick up – should I pick up and hold (dropping who)? or just be happy with ASJenkins for now

    Who can I package together and do without for a trade and then I will look for teams in need

    Thank you

    1. Mccown and Goff they have the highest floors. You can look at drake and darkwa. I really like darkwa this week. C Davis could be huge moving forward. I would drop Shepard for him.

  11. Thin at WR this week and looking to pick up Robby Anderson but don’t know who to drop. Should I drop Buck Allen, T Coleman, Duke Johnson, Will Fuller, Marquise Goodwin, or Danny Woodhead?

    1. Fuller

  12. If you think you’re headed to the playoffs, is it still worth holding David Johnson? My thought would be no, drop him for someone that may actually be useful. Some of the wire picks are out there, plus, Drake, Williams, Mack in various leagues.

    I look forward to Tuesdays each week with your great content and podcast.
    We’re in the stretch run RW Nation!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      David Johnson can be dropped.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thanks a ton for your loyal support Tigers62- we cannot thank you enough. Best wishes down the stretch!

  13. Two questions:

    (1) How worried should Mike Evans owners be, given Winston’s injury? (i.e. should we start trying to trade him? If yes, who are some realistic talent levels to go after?)

    (2) Is D.Hopkins somewhat of a sell high? I’m a little scared of Savage week in and week out – hoping to target someone like Michael Thomas, but not sure if that’s attainable.

    (3) If yes to previous questions, any guidelines for talent-level to target in trades?

    1. 1. Fitzmagic is a capable, though not great, QB so the hit on Evans might be minimal. That being said, if you can get full price for him I’d take it.

      2. If you can get Michael Thomas for Hopkins take that. Thomas would be a good target for either guy.

  14. Post By

    Would you trade away Damien Williams for Fuller? Ppr. In desperate need of a WR. Only have TyFreak, Marty, Docton, and Pryor.

    1. I can’t see Fuller doing much with Savage under center. You might want to try a sneaky trade for someone like
      Corey Davis or Sterling Shepard as they both have much higher upside.

      1. Post By

        Neither one of those owners giving Shep or David up 🙁

  15. Post By Nebraskan Assassin

    With wentz and kelce on bye I need a qb and TE. Have mccown available. I’m assuming you guys don’t like fitzmagic since he didn’t make the cheat sheet. But which 2 should I drop? Powell, Drake, Corey Davis, Shepherd, montgomery and I can’t believe I’m adding him to possible drops but Jordy nelson.

    1. I’d drop Powell and Montgomery. Neither has done much all year and while Jordy and TY are in the same situation, Jordy is the superior player. Drake had a good game Sunday and still has that cloud of mystery surrounding him.

  16. So dealing with this weeks bye weeks, I have the Balt Def (bears available). I also have K. Allen (Humphries available). I have to drop one to get one also here’s my remaining roster; Watson/Rudolph (my TE), Powell, T. Cohen and M.Lynch -bench (RBS). Who would you drop and pick up for this week (KEEP IN MIND OUR TRANSACTIONS ARE $5 A PIECE).

    Hope this makes sense and thanks

    1. Drop Watson to get Bears for this week. No need to carry a 2nd TE and Rudolph is the superior talent.

  17. I’m 7-2 in a 10-team, standard scoring league and have a sanity check question. I have Carr on bye this week and picked up Taylor last week. Their ROS schedule (through week 15) compliment one another. Do I keep both or drop one for either Goff or McCown? If dropped, I think Carr would be picked up by another team and maybe Taylor, too. Both Carr and Taylor have 4 home games through week 15 and both appear to play better at home.

    I only have 1 TE and 1 K rostered and both Kelce and Elliott are on a bye week. Unless I drop a WR (Fuller or Shepard) to pick-up a 2nd TE, I’ll just take a zero. I also have KAllen, DMartin, and MEvans but think you will agree they shouldn’t be dropped. While Elliott has been great, I think I’ll drop him for Succop or Forbath.

    All opinions are appreciated. Thanks RWN!

    1. I’d probably drop Carr for Goff, maybe considering Tyrod throughout the playoffs just by looking at the schedules.

      Feel free to drop Fuller: no faith in him doing anything without Watson.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      RWN doesn’t take zeros

      In a 10 team league – ur QB wire sounds pretty good with guys like Goff avail, so you can probably drop. But, we lean your direction of keeping Carr. If you want Goff, maybe you drop Taylor- all very close. If you have something all dialed up with Taylor and Carr, roll with your plan.

      In 10 tm- I’d drop Fuller w/ Savage at the helm. Maybe you can try to trade a few guys first.

      1. Thanks Byron. Dropping Fuller for ASJ or Kroft and think I’ll refrain from dropping Taylor for Goff and hope Taylor has another good game this week . I do think Carr has a favorable ROS schedule & matchups so keeping him.

        So wish my league’s teams would consider trades but none do. Will be looking for a different league next year.

        And thanks for your feedback, too, WhoDat. I appreciate it.

  18. RW,

    My league went crazy with drops last week. Would you suggest going for any of the following over your various top WW pickups on the week 10 sheet? PPR. Cj Anderson, Lynch, Crowell, Drake, Gore, Ty Montgomery.

    My current RB are Freeman, Duke, McKinnon, Ivory

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Lynch and Drake are worth a shot after their week 9 performances.

      1. thank you!

  19. time to cut winston loose?

    10 team league.

    i had d. watson and picked up t. taylor last week. (worked out well actually)

    McCown is available. Also brisset and bortles.

    i’m thinking yes for mcCown?

    thank you!

    1. McCown sounds reasonable.

  20. Sex Panther 7-2
    I’m currently in 2nd and have gotten there with a pretty lack luster bunch of wide outs. I have
    WR RB
    M. Thomas C. Hyde
    T. Pryor Sr M. Gordon
    D. Parker M. Ingram
    C. Davis A. Kamara
    D. Henry
    M. Breida
    This is a .5 pnt ppr we start 2wr 2rb 1 flex. I have some one in the league offering me either Kelvin Benjamin or Dez for Hyde or Kamara. I’d hate to give up one of my running backs. I stock pile them on purpose because they are harder to come by but I could use the help at WR. What would you do here?

    1. This would be a good move for you since you can’t play all those RBs and them scoring on your bench doesn’t help. I would make the move with Hyde since he’s on the worse team and your trade partner would have to eat the bye. I like Dez over Benjamin but wouldn’t be surprised if Benjamin breaks out in Buffalo.

  21. In 4 pt per pass TD are you OK with me Dropping Winston and picking up Goff or McKown

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I’m in favor of hoping off the Winston train.

      1. Yes. Who knows when Winston’s shoulder will be ready for game action.

  22. Which 2 would you rather own for ROS in a PPR? DMartin, MMack, Darkwa and KDrake?

    1. Drake and Martin

    2. I like Macks upside the most. I would pair him with Martin. This week darkwa has a dream matchup.

  23. Priority question here. I need Goff and Clay due to byes on Wentz and Jared Cook. Matt Forte is available and I need more RBs. What would the priority claim order be in your guys opinion? Also I feel that I should keep Cook and not drop him. Is this a smart play or just drop him?

    1. 1. Forte 2. Goff 3. Clay. Forte might be an every week starter for you whereas the other 2 are just fill-ins.

      I’d rather have Clay that Cook ROS.

      1. I prioritized Goff over Clay for this week because there is no word yet on if Clay will play.

      2. Sounds good! Thanks for the input!

    2. Yep be careful with Clay he is 50/50 this week. Goff has to be first he has a great matchup this week. As for Forte, its hard to say without knowing your other backs.

  24. Do I cut any of these guys so that I can keep Jake Elliott? Half point PPR. Kroft, Fat Rob, or Dede Westbrook?

    I’m short on WR”s as my Alston is on a bye and Dez is questionable.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d cut fat Rob.

      1. Thanks Byron!

  25. *Alshon sorry

  26. Roster:
    QB: Goff and Cousins
    RB1 Hunt
    RB2 Mixon
    WR1 A Brown
    WR2 M Thomas
    WR3 Dez Bryant
    D Parker
    J Doctson
    RB K Drake
    RB D Woodhead

    ? Should I trade M Thomas for LeSean McCoy. I would like to offer Bryant but I don’t think he will go for it.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yeah, that would be solid.

  27. I am going to offer Dez for McCoy but your good with Thomas for McCoy?

    1. PPR or standard? Either way, I think Thomas has the higher floor while Dez has the higher ceiling. Both trades would be fair, just depends on what you’re going for with your roster.

  28. Can I drop Jordan Reed? Someone managed to get Jack Doyles, Jimmy Graham and Jordan Reed on the same lineup. I don’t think he’s tradable and I need a kicking play this week since I can’t let jake elliot go to the waivers.

    1. If you have league chat, put out a message that Reed is available and see if you get any bites. Otherwise, dropping him is viable since he can’t score points on your bench or if he’s injured. Elliot is too solid to let go.

  29. Post By

    Was offer Mike Evans Crowell and Mariota for Doug Martin Golden Tate and Carr standard league

    1. Hold. Carr = Mariota, Martin > Crowell, and Detroit >>> TB. It would be senseless to eat Evan’s suspension, which I suspect is the logic behind this proposal. Couple that with the loss of Winston and just how bad the Bucs have looked in general.

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I don’t know if anyone is a real winner in this trade, and I don’t think swapping Tate for Evans makes you the winner.

  30. No Adam Humphries love with Evans out and Fitz magic in vs the jets this week? Wondering if the #2 work well together or is that just a stinky Trashman play?

    1. Its trashy alright but it is a great play.

  31. 12 team .5 PPR and I️ have Elliott and McFadden and Rod Smith are available. Need help on who to pick up and who to drop, or Should i stay put.

    Potential drops: CJ Anderson, Agholor, Chris Davis, Derek Henry, Buck Allen. Since we might know Zeeks fate Thursday I️ can also drop my bengals D then pick another up when we know more.


    1. CJA doesn’t look good at all right now. Come Sunday I would have Smith on my roster and CJA off.

  32. Post By

    Need a wr3 with Evans suspended. I have Watkins on bench or Could pick up Goodwin, amendola, or Humphries?

    1. I like Watkins with Goff en fuego.

    2. If its ppr amendola is the safest.

  33. 8 team PPR dynasty. we keep 11 players. joe mixon for doug baldwin.. i get baldwin.. we have large rosters. start 2qb 3wr 3rb, 1TE ,K def and a flex. if i love mixon i will still have bell, hunt, hyde, mckinnon, damien williams, my curren wrs are, hopkins, cooks, crabtree, robert woods, sanu, devante parker, robby anderson. as u can see i dont really need baldwin and dont really need mixon.. should i still do it?

    1. Since you don’t have an immediate need for a WR, I’d roll the dice and hold Mixon just to see how things pan out.

      1. also i got an offer . mixon for darrick carr. its a 2qb keeper league.. i lost watson and have brady. picked up cutler and fitzpatrick. should i roll with cutler the rest of the way? it is also possible i can get mccown but i would have to give up someone like crabtree for him

  34. 7-2, 12 team .5 ppr with Ertz on a bye.

    who do I drop to p/u a TE – B Allen, CJ Anderson or D Adams?

    My other RB’s – Fournette, Ajayi, A Jones
    My other WR’s – M Thomas, Crabtree, Diggs, Smith-Schuster

    Allens future with Woodhead coming back?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I think it’s a 1a/1b type of deal if you’re looking to drop Allen or CJA. I had both, I let go of Allen this weekend, and I’m considering dropping CJA for a WW pickup. For context, I also have Kamara, Mixon, Coleman, Ajayi (just picked up Clement) and Doug Martin, so I haven’t been in a position to want to play CJA or Allen.

    1. CJA over Allen? won’y Allens role be really diminished once Woodhead comes back?

      1. It could be, but there is really no telling until we see how things go. Woodhead isn’t the ideal model of health, and while Allen is producing I would rather have him over CJA who isn’t.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      You guys are awesome- thx to both of you for pitching in!

  35. Post By

    I am looking at filling in my last RB2 spot on my roster for this week. Here are my options.

    Marlon Mack
    Aaron Jones
    Derrick Henry
    Kenyan Drake

    Or I can pick up CJ Prosise off waivers

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  36. Drop ASJ for Olsen? Other te is brate.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Might drop Brate for Olsen.

  37. You guys have saved my season, thank you!

    I’m trying to figure out who to fit into my flex spot this week (standard scoring):

    Keenan Allen (tough matchup)
    Sterling Shepard (would he run the wrong way to make sure they don’t win?)
    Derrick Henry (Got the TD last week to save himself, but isn’t even getting most of the snaps)
    Marion Mack (See Henry, but even lower volume)

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think it’s Shepard

  38. Post By

    Was giving away TY Hilton with rough schedule ahead for Jarvis Landry a decent idea? Having second thoughts.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yeah, that’s probably fine.

  39. Post By Scott Mitchell

    Trying to consolidate resources (hyped for the Tradecast Pod to come out today).

    Thoughts on offering Keenan Allen and Dion Lewis for Doug Baldwin?
    (0.5 PPR, 12-team, 3WR, 1 Flex)

    Current Team:
    QB- Brady
    RB- Hyde, D Murray, M Gordan
    WR- Allen, Theilen, DeVante Parker
    TE- ASJ

    Bench: Corey Davis, D’Onta Foreman, Paul Richardson, Dion Lewis, Corey Coleman (IR)

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would look at the schedules- that appears to be a solid deal, esp if you need a better play this week. This will make PRich fairly worthless to you, but not biggest concern in the world. This is a pretty even deal, comes down to who you think will help you get this most wins in the coming weeks.

      1. Post By Scott Mitchell

        Schedule-wise, I see Jax this week then Wash, KC, NYJ during playoffs for Allen.
        Baldwin sees an okay schedule and I know that SEA always heats up for playoffs.

  40. Post By Byron Lambert

    I think it’s Shepard.

  41. Half point ppr. Trade Mike Evans for D Baldwin and Robby Anderson?

    1. Only if you need two players to go into your starting lineup, and if you need this for a win this week

      1. If so, we can live with it.

      2. It’s a rough week having to start McCown, Mixon, Darkwa, Funchess, Golden Tate, Rudolph, and K Allen. Bench is T Coleman, Forte, P Richardson, and Brate. With Hunt and Evans out this week.

  42. I have Kelce on bye in a standard league who would be a better bye week fill in Charles clay or Austin Hooper?

    1. Close call- Hooper has been very solid in PPR and has a good matchup if you saw what Kelce did last week vs DAL

  43. Apparently I was late to the show. Sat down at lunch to answer some questions and they are all answered. Gotta love the maniacal freaks in Rosterwatch Nation!

  44. PPR Trade (4-5)

    Getting: Tate
    Giving: Mixon

    Wrs: Dez, Hilton, Lockett, Kupp, Doctson, M. Bryant, Golloday, Westbrook, M. Williams and Zay Jones
    RBs: Mixon, Drake, Jones, L. Murray, Foreman

    1. I love the trade in a vacuum. That being said you are looking pretty nasty at RB. Explore some options trading Dez for a RB1 then reevaluate. Right now you can’t afford to lose Mixon.

  45. Would you rather have Duke, D. Williams, Mack, or Montgomery for this week and/or rest of season? Flex spot. PPR.

    Thank you.

  46. In a tough spot with byes and thin waiver. If Dez sits this week who is the better play? Beasley, B Butler, Humphries or a buffalo WR (Zay if he plays or J Matthews)?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob JM

  47. Post By Scott Mitchell

    Couldn’t get the bite on the Keenan Allen + Dion Lewis for Baldwin trade.

    What about Keenan Allen + Dion Lewis for Antonio Brown (if he’ll take it) and do I go as far as Keenan Allen + Demarco Murray for Antonio Brown?

    [0.5 PPR]

    Starting Lineup would now be:
    FLEX-Corey Davis/Dion Lewis/Paul Richardson/Corey Coleman

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Fuck yeah, that would be even better. Get it done.

  48. Byron, are you in tonight? Trade ?
    Here is my attempt to get McCoy

    Trade ?: I can get McCoy for D Parker and M Thomas.
    I have the following:
    RB1 Hunt
    RB2 Mixon
    WR1 A Brown
    WR2 Dez

    Should I do it

  49. Post By

    I have Alshon Jeffrey and Amari Cooper on bye this week (and Odell Beckham on IR)

    1 point ppr, and I need 3:

    Mohammed Sanu
    Keenan Allen
    Cooper Kupp
    Corey Davis


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