RosterWatch Week 13 Matchup Tool

alex bylineWelcome back.

This is a proprietary weekly tool provided by RosterWatch for our PRO community. You can download it as always, or use the new, sortable and user-friendly online version.

It is designed to be a decision-making tool for gauging the defensive opponents your fantasy players face. If you are new to this, our time-tested and most popular flagship in-season tool, the instructions for use couldn’t be simpler, and can be found below.

RW PRO users can download the matchup tool (or access the online tool for use) in the downloads section of their profile by clicking HERE.

DO NOT RELY ON “FANTASY POINTS AGAINST” as your primary indicator for player matchups ever again. It is a flawed metric, as you’ll see, which will cause you heartache and struggle.

The rankings represented here are derived via a proprietary algorithm which takes into account not only standard “fantasy points against” metrics, but also (and most importantly) weighted averages and medians of separate individual player and defensive-unit scouting grades for members of the 2018 unit that will be run-stopping, pass-rushing, or covering against the position in question, along with other analytic trends including projected game-script, game-flow, Vegas indicators, volume of total snaps and much, much, more.



To use the tool, think about your fantasy player.

Let’s say you own Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay, and would like to see how he matches up against the defense he faces this week.

First, look down the list and find the Broncos (Lindsay’s team). You will see that the Broncos’ opponent (OPP) is the Bengals in Week 13, and there are four color-coded cells in the horizontal columns marked “OPP vs. QBs,” “OPP vs. RBs,” “OPP vs. WRs” and “OPP vs. TEs.”


AGAIN – They are not the rankings for the Broncos, but rather, for the OPPONENT THEY FACE IN THIS GIVEN WEEK (the Bengals). In the “OPP vs. RBs” cell for the Broncos, you’ll notice a big, blue ‘No. 1’. This means Lindsay faces our best possible matchup for opposing RBs in Week 13 (the Bengals). This is a great indicator for owners of Lindsay as well as possibly Royce Freeman, and is a positive one for those thinking of rostering either of them in DFS contests.

Repeat the same process for other players on your roster as you are trying to decide which players to start and which to sit in season-long leagues. Also use it to identify which upside-plays to roster in DFS contests based on matchup.

With the launch of the online tool, you can now sort by any column: vegas line, over/under, and matchup ranks vs. each position for easy reference.

“1″ is the best (easiest) matchup, “32″ is the worst (toughest).

(you like blue matchups best)

BLUE: Best Matchups
LIGHT BLUE: Borderline Top Matchups
WHITE: Neutral Matchups
LIGHT RED: Borderline Bottom Matchups
RED: Worst Matchups

++RW Proprietary Algorithm


  1. Post By

    Burton has been KILLING me in two leagues this year. Can I cut him for Jonnu Smith or Chris Herndon and rely on them to hold the position down the remainder of the season.

    Otherwise I’m going to be forced to cut one of the following:
    D. Moore
    A. Jeffery
    T. Coleman
    D. Watson (Backup to Mahomes…)
    M. Mack
    A. Robinson

    Thoughts?? Also, where does Jordan Reed fall in line with Burton/Jonnu?

  2. Keep Burton and Reed is around as valuable as he is moving forward dependent on his health.

    1. Post By

      Would you cut any of the above guys for Reed to keep with Burton?

  3. Hey Guys-

    I would love to see an article in the next week or two, if you have the time, that gives us some good pickups for keeper and Dynasty leagues for guys who are probably available due to being rookies or injury that have high potential to be good next season. If you don’t have time for a full article, can you give me some good ideas in this thread? Thanks!

    1. We’ll see if the Trashman can whip something up

  4. I’ve got a 10-2 record and tied for 1st place with 9-pts advantage. Not worried about losing this week, but need to score big to hold #1 seed. Who would you start at these positions? Std league, pts for special team plays.

    WR: Gordon, Sanders or Watkins (if he plays)
    RB: Ekeler, Gus Edwards or Kerryon (if he plays)
    TE: Olsen or Njoku

    Thanks for helping setup a ridiculous season!

    1. Please remember to look at the rankings as they are updated throughout the week, as well as utilizing all the tools, including snap %, touches, targets. My outlook could change by Sunday.

      At the moment, prob: ESanders + Gus Edwards (if he’s healthy and back at practice) – Ekeler is a solid option if Edwards looks shaky or falls through

      I’d prob roll Njoku and hope he pulls a Jonnu Smith vs those Texans.

  5. Start/sit PPR – Must Win

    Flex start 2: J. Adams, Kerryon, Miller, Pettis, Tre’Quan Smith, Sutton

    TE: Jonnu Smith or Herndon

    1. They’re all must wins dsingh!

      You guys please look out for rankings updates , and Trashman’s flex ranks for your sit/starts. Feeling at the moment- I’d prob flex Adams + prob Pettis (if Goodwin is out again) or Tre’Quan – close call.

      Go get ’em tiger

  6. Moore, C.Davis or Reynolds? Standard…Wilson or Winston? Reed or Burton? Ppr

  7. Please see the rankings updates tomorrow afternoon. Close calls. Finish the job.

  8. Post By

    Fox River Trouser Trout 10&2
    (Top seed clinched)

    Two questions
    Based on the site rankings, Prescott and Lamar Jackson have quite the gap on your list, whereas other industry folk have their point totals within 8 to 10 basis points difference. What in your mind is driving the ranking gap? (Jackson’s trash targets, Cooper injecting life into the Cowboys?)

    Second question:
    Best booze to keep your feet warm while shoveling? 20 degrees and plenty of snow here west of Chicago.

    Thanks gents.

    1. Yes, Dak is more of a passing threat- also a higher Vegas game total.

      From Texas we recommend tequila or mezcal – as a Greek man I would also recommend Ouzo

      1. Post By

        Thank you for all points of insight sir!

      2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

        Mezcal is the truth.

  9. I have the Bears D, but looking ahead to next week, I don’t think I can play them against the Rams. Should I go ahead and stash Jets, Saints, Seahawks, or Cards?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I could get behind stashing the Saints for sure. Standard wisdom would say stash the Jets to play vs Buffalo…but it didn’t work out so well for them last time out.

      1. That was my thought too, about the Jets…..especially with Allen back. Someone already grabbed the Seahawks, so the Saints it is! Thanks

        1. Well I forgot the Saints play tonight….I’ll have to try and get them next week…..our waivers clear at 11am daily.

  10. Post By

    I’ve got a good problem in the fact I’ve got too many good options. Hunt and Tyreek are obvious and already in but I’m having trouble choosing my other RB, WR, and Flex in .5 pt ppt so I’d love your input. The choices are as follows….

    Josh Adams, Dalvin Cook, Austin Ekeler
    Amari Cooper, Kenny Golladay

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Prob Coop + Cook + Gollday / Ekeler (Flex)

      Good luck

  11. Nation, I need some help. Sweating my flex. Must win 14 team standard league

    I am debating Carson over Ingram at RB2 because Dallas minimises opponents snaps by killing the clock and hes splitting no matter what.

    I am dressing Amari over Alshon and Green at WR 2

    Flex I am looking at Ingram/Green. Can’t trust Alshon.

    So am I getting too cute putting in Carson (10 point home favourite, will get the work) over Ingram, and should I wait and see on AJ?

    Win and I’m in, lose and I go home crying.


    2 RB 2WR Flex

    1. Just answered on Twitter- please wait for a rankings update this afternoon

  12. Must win. Brees or Luck?


    1. Brees baby!

  13. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    I’m enthralled by Lamar Jackson’s implied floor because of his legs in a juicy matchup. Is it enough to consider shelving Jameis vs. Carolina?

    1. I’m in the same boat. I’m rolling Jameis.

      1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

        That’s what I’m probably doing, as well. Just need to make sure I’m not discounting Jameis more than I’m pumping Jackson.

        1. Id go w/ the rankings on that one

  14. Wilson or rivers
    Need 3 out of these players.
    James white, gus Edwards, a. Ekeler, josh Adams, sammy Watkins, Josh Reynolds or Duke Johnson

    Thanks for the advice!!

    1. Wilson, Edwards ekeler adams

  15. Post By

    Would like some advice. 1/2 pt PPR. Pick 2 – Matt Breida, Joe Mixon, Doug Martin. Thanks.

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Mixon, Breida.

  16. Need to sit one:
    Cooper, Golladay, DJ Moore. I have Cam. Full PPR.

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Man, that’s tough. All three could be in for nice production. I’d say sit the guy with the lowest floor, and that’s probably DJ Moore, but I wouldn’t feel great about it.

      It’s not Golladay, though.

      1. Yeah this 1 sucks thanks. I gotta figure something out soon before this TNF game. Much appreciated.

  17. I’m a little weak at WR would you pick up Kendrick Bourne, Chester Rodgers, Dontrelle Inman, TJ Jones, Kirkwood or Austin Carr. I would be starting them this week as WR3 over Desean Jackson, Gallup and Taiwan Taylor. PPR

    1. I’d grab Ellington

      1. Ellington is not available

  18. PPR Flex… Dalvin CooK or Alshon

  19. PPR
    M. Ingram or Josh Adams

  20. Post By

    RW Nation! Need 1 Flex option from these choices:
    Anthony Miller
    Funchess (if he plays and doesn’t exacerbate back issue)
    David Moore

    1. Post By

      Also, it’s a non-PPR dynasty league

  21. Thanks for the Svc.! PPR Ellington, L. Fitz., T. Quinn, Sheppard, who sits?

    1. Besides all of them lol. Bench one I meant.

  22. Post By

    Ok you guys. Just subcribed last week. Love the advice. need 2 of these rbs: Ware, Ingram, mack. Tm Colman, Wilson Jr.

  23. Post By

    Full point ppr. Need 3 from these six running backs. Lindsey Chubb mixon ingrahm Edwards or Samuels. Also should I go with Goff or Winston

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