RosterWatch Week 14 Matchup Tool Now Available

alex bylineWelcome back.

This is a proprietary weekly tool provided by RosterWatch for our PRO community.

It is designed to be a decision-making tool for gauging the defensive opponents your fantasy players face. If you are new to this, our time-tested and most popular flagship in-season tool, the instructions for use couldn’t be simpler, and can be found below.

RW PRO users can download the matchup tool (or access the online tool for use) in the downloads section of their profile by clicking HERE.

DO NOT RELY ON “FANTASY POINTS AGAINST” as your primary indicator for player matchups ever again. It is a flawed metric, as you’ll see, which will cause you heartache and struggle.

The rankings represented here are derived via a proprietary algorithm which takes into account not only standard “fantasy points against” metrics, but also (and most importantly) weighted averages and medians of separate individual player and defensive-unit scouting grades for members of the 2019 unit that will be run-stopping, pass-rushing, or covering against the position in question, along with other analytic trends including projected game-script, game-flow, Vegas indicators, volume of total snaps and much, much, more.



To use the tool, think about your fantasy player.

Let’s say you own Vikings RB Alexander Mattison, and would like to see how he matches up against the defense he faces this week.

First, look down the list and find the Vikings (Mattison’s team). You will see that the Vikings’ opponent (OPP) is the Lions in Week 14, and there are four color-coded cells in the horizontal columns marked “OPP vs. QBs,” “OPP vs. RBs,” “OPP vs. WRs” and “OPP vs. TEs.”


They are not the rankings for the Vikings, but rather, for the OPPONENT THEY FACE IN THIS GIVEN WEEK (the LIONS). In the “OPP vs. RBs” cell for the Vikings, you’ll notice a big, blue ‘No. 1’. This means Mattison faces our best possible matchup for opposing RBs in Week 14 (the LIONS). This is a great indicator for owners of Mattison – and or course Dalvin Cook should he be able to go – and it is a positive one for those thinking of rostering them in DFS contests.

Repeat the same process for other players on your roster as you are trying to decide which players to start and which to sit in season-long leagues. Also use it to identify which upside-plays to roster in DFS contests based on matchup.

With the launch of the online tool, you can now sort by any column: vegas line, over/under, and matchup ranks vs. each position for easy reference. The Vegas lines are updated hourly for your reference and research. Please note that matchup rankings can shift through the week with line and O/U movements as well as injury news.

“1″ is the best (easiest) matchup, “32″ is the worst (toughest).

(you like blue matchups best)

BLUE: Best Matchups
LIGHT BLUE: Borderline Top Matchups
WHITE: Neutral Matchups
LIGHT RED: Borderline Bottom Matchups
RED: Worst Matchups

++RW Proprietary Algorithm


  1. Post By

    Would you take a chance on James Washington vs Ari?ppr…. my Wrs are Crowder, TY, Golden Tate and McLauren or is Crowder and Tate a better choice? need one… or I can flex one over Guice or Singletary? My other wr is Kupp!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d pick up Washington at this point and then decide. He should be rostered with that matchup, I like him better than Crowder and maybe Tate. Probably wouldn’t flex over Singletary. Probably would not start Crowder or Tate over Guice either. Washington vs Guice will be a close call. Both should be owned if possible. We’ll make sit start decisions as week progresses

  2. In a 0.5ppr I am starting Dak, Chubb, Dalvin and Godwin so far. I need a wr2 and a flex from Amari@chi Thursday night, RWoods vs Sea, Fuller vs Den, Guice @ GB (for what is worth GB is my Def but could pivot to LAC) or Jamaal William. I do have Mattison in case Cook is a no go. Thanks guys.

  3. Post By Byron Lambert

    Man- those are some great options. I think you play the best matchups, and highest game totals. Also consider prioritizing WR who based on the spread will be playing from significantly behind. Also, check Vegas props when they come in on Sat.

    I’d probably stay away from Jamaal.

    1. With Dak already in, would it be cockamamie to put Woods into my wr2 and sit Amari seeing that the cowboys play tomorrow? Looks like the matchup tool has the 3rd worse matchup for dal wr. Could still decide between Guice and Fuller for my flex closer to sun.
      By the way Byron, this is my team that lead the league in points and only finished 7-6 squeaking into the playoffs. I’ll try to figure this avatar thing out by next season. Thanks as always for all you guys do at Roster Watch.

  4. Post By

    Drop TY for James Washington? also; which QB this week Josh Allen, Tannehill or Darnold?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Yeah Drop TY
      19 was not his year –

  5. Post By

    Made the playoffs as a 3 seed thanks guys. I need 2 wr and a flex out of these: M Evans, C Ridley, M Williams, T McLaurin, J Crowder, T Coleman and D Thompson. Starting Zeek and Fournett at RB. Again Thank you for the help using your draft guide I still have most of my draft picks on my team and have been able to make some trades with others to upgrade.

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Evans – ridley for sure

      I am leaning crowder – I just feel like he is due for a crowder game
      plus if its ppr hes got a 6 point floor
      Williams is trending up (hes an inch behind corwder) and while Mclauren has been quiet GB’s defence is crap but its clear the redskins are run run then run some more.

  6. Post By

    sorry full point PPR

  7. Is there a likelihood that Aaron Jones will lay another egg this Sunday? I do have Ingram on the bench or could flex Sutton? What do you think?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      RB’s just score more consistently
      plus you have to expect GB leads a lot of this game, so the rbs should be getting more play
      Ingram and Jones both have top 10 matchups dog
      play em both

      1. Thanks — but i think I need to pick one . — i failed to mentioned that I have McCaffrey and Chubb starting.

  8. Not sure what to do with Lockett this week. Is he going to draw shadow coverage from Ramsey? I have Guice against GB and James Washington against ARI as possibilities. Slipped from 9-1 to 9-4 and really can’t afford another L – it’s a season long league with no playoffs.

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Alex, TM, Byron
      this is for you …

  9. Boys

    need to sit 1 of these 4 WR half point ppr

    edelman, tyreek, devante parker, godwin

    trying to force parker in to my line up but who sits?


    Lone Wolf 8-5

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      I am sitting tyreek
      bellicheat will find a way to eliminate the tyfreak
      UNLESS you are the underdog, then aim for the sky with hill and slide out parker ?

  10. Playoff time and need to pick three of these four RBs – Bell, Chubb, Freeman or Hunt. Thanks.

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      sit freeman
      which ever freeman it may be
      sit him

      1. Thanks for your thoughts Baron– Is your animus towards Devonta a gut feeling; I notice that both the Trashman and the rankings have Freeman ahead of Hunt.

  11. Post By

    Wasted Talent 8-4 Point per

    Rb2 + flex needed
    Devonta Freeman
    David Montgomery
    Derius Guice
    Alex Mattison (or if cook healthy can sign Mosert)

    Thank you gents

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock


      1. Post By

        Thank you sir.

  12. Full PPR I need 3xWRs 1xTE 1xFlex
    (Mccaffery and Fournette)
    Boyd, Edelman, Deebo, Kirk
    J Cook, Griffin
    J White, M Sanders

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Order of excellence

      Deebo (game script should be favorable for air strike)

      Either TE – but Griffin missed practice – illness – word on the street is he caught the Herp from darnold

      1. Thanks

  13. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    I’m starting Cook as RB1, I need an RB2 from this list.


    Ekeler @ Jacksonville
    Singletary vs. Baltimore
    Mostert @ New Orleans
    Darwin Thompson @ New England
    Mattison vs Detroit

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock


  14. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    My turn :

    Pick 2

    .5 ppr (te premium 1 ppr)

    Keenan, deebo
    James Washington, MANDREWS
    D freeman, Jamaal Williams

    AND Rodgers or Josh Allen

  15. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    2nd turn
    Set up similar to above te prem

    Pick4 ( I can start 3 TE’s if needed)

    Sutton – deebo – Boyd – Andrews – kittle – Jack Doyle – Mike williams

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      1100 $ on the line boys – appreciate ur help

  16. Post By

    Any thoughts here,

    Deshaun Watson vs. Lamar Jackson

    and need to start 3 of the 4 receivers, non ppr

    Sutton, Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, or Keenan Allen


    1. Can’t beat Jackson’s floor. I’d sit Golladay.

  17. Would you start Anthony Miller over Allen Robinson tonight? Also this weekend. Is Pascal a start over Kirk?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      for me I stick with the girl who I brought to the dance ( arob )

  18. Post By

    2 WR: Godwin, Cooper, Landry, Sutton, C Kirk, M Jones
    2 RB: Montgomery, J White, McCoy
    1 Flex from Above?

    Also 1 QB: Kyler, Baker, or Mono Sam Darnold

    You guys are the best, I’m in the playoffs in all 3 leagues! Thanks in advance!

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Godwin & Sutton
      White & Montgomery

  19. Flex question. Sutton, John brown, Jamaal Williams, or Hyde? PPR

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Sutton by a country mile

  20. Post By

    Which wr? Crowder, Golden Tate, McLauren or pick up James Washington? ppr

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      drop tate grab Washington but maybe start crowder

  21. Joe mixon Curtis Samuel Or rashad penny ? .5 ppr flex

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      mixon seems to have a solid floor
      Samuel is always capable of posting 3 points

  22. Post By

    Montgomery or Allen Roninson tonight in my flex? Full point PPR other options would be westbrook or Kirk.

    Also Josh Allen, Baker, or Jacoby at qb ?


    1. ARob tonight and out of those options I go Baker, but I did choose to start Tanny-hill over Baker in one of my leagues where I don’t have a bye.

  23. Post By

    Which QB this week? Darnold, Tannehill or Josh Allen?

    1. I have Darnold one spot ahead of Tannehill.

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