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RosterWatch Week 17 DFS Cheat Sheets and HyperDFS Lineup Generator Now Available

The epic DFS Cheat Sheets for FanDuel and DraftKings are now LIVE and available for download to RosterWatch PRO members.

PRO members, click here to head over to the downloads section to use the sheets or give HyperDFS a spin.

NEW! Check out the new and improved version of your very own professional lineup builder, RosterWatch HyperDFS, also in your downloads section! Lock in players you like and generate combo after combo of RW-approved builds!!!

*****As a reminder, we always recommend using the Cheat Sheet in conjunction with the Vegas Tool once it is published Saturday evenings as Vegas almost always identifies a few value plays who aren’t necessarily on the sheet, but may provide excellent flexibility cap-wise. Sometimes we will update the sheet through the weekend as information comes in from injury reports, Vegas or elsewhere*****


THE GOAL of the sheet is to reduce the number of players for the weekly slate to players expected to generate Positive Surplus Value (fantasy points over salary expected points). The player pool is narrowed down to players who meet a minimum number of trends.

THE TRENDS are a series of pass/fail threshold tests of position-specific stats predictors. Through the use of predictive models, we have analyzed every predictive metric we could for each position related to Vegas Indicators, Unit Matchups, Individual Matchups, Historical Performance, Game Script, Weather, and so much more.


  1. Who should I play in the championship. My opponent has Stafford. 0.5 PPR. Need two out of Chase, OBJ or Allen. Never won the championship before and I’m a 10 point dog

    1. answered in the other thread

  2. 3 quick ones for my 3-peat!

    1) Am I crazy for considering Huntley over Brady if Evans and Brown are out?
    2) Pollard or Swift? Your rankings have Swift wayyyyy down there, but didn’t know when those were done.
    3) Do you trust Deonte Harris? It’s him or Berrios

    Thank you!

    1. 1) Kinda but not entirely. I don’t think they’ll both be out.
      2) Swift
      3) No

      Good luck Esal, we appreciate you.

  3. Kicker question. — need to find a good kicker this weekend as it could be key to a win. Currently I plan to go with Badgley [assuming Wentz plays] other choices are Gould, Hopkins, or Folk (who is Q) or Elliot.
    So who would you go with. Thanks

    1. Kicker is certainly not the strong suit of my analysis, but have to think Gould and Folk are in good spots to pile on kicks if those games blow out.

  4. Post By

    Ok, lost gibson…have taylor as RB1. Full PPR..playing Damien Harris as RB2

    Need a flex out of:

    Patterson (WFT), Gage (ATL), Ogunbowale (JAX), Osborn (MIN), or I can pick up boston scott (PHL).

    I am leaning to gage…want to hear thoughts for the championship!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you have a hunch I think Gage is fine- but it is the worst matchup in all of fantasy for WR. I think traditional logic would suggest you roll Patterson here.

  5. If Howard is active, do you start Rex over BScott in a ppr flex? Thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  6. If Jordan Howard is out, would you start Boating Scott over Tyler Lockett? 1/2pt ppr

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If Howard is out I am ok w/ that. But, otherwise I feel fine rolling out Lockett at home in a good matchup – I have a tough time benching Lockett for Scott

  7. .5 pt., Need 1 out of these 3 WR options for the championship:
    McLauren, Aiyuk, Berrios
    and Need 1 out of the remaining 2 WR plus these 4 players J. Wilson, J. Patterson, B. Scott, D, Ogunbowale
    Thank you for all the great advice this season! Happy New Year!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think it’s McLaurin

      Probably Patterson. Happy New Year to you too Mike. Best for 2022

  8. Post By Colonel Jessup

    . Need two out of Swift, E. Mitchell or dionte johnson

    Other questions darrel Williams (kc) or st. Brown in flex. Thanks for all your help this year.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      In Standard I would play the two RBs – Swift + Mitchell

      Think I would probably go w/ Darrell Williams

  9. Post By Colonel Jessup

    Standard scoring in both sorry

  10. Happy New Year RW! PPR Would you start Swift or Eli Mitchell over St. Brown and/or Montgomery? Also Goedert or Schultz? Thanks!

    1. Not over Montgomery, but I’d definitely consider Eli or Swift over ARSB. Then again, I was wrong on ARSB last week

  11. Post By

    Need help full point PPR

    Flex spot

    D Harris or B Cooks


    1. Think I roll Harris, good luck to you this week

  12. Post By

    Happy New Year Guys!!!!! PPR Russell Gage or Gabriel Davis…….

    1. Happy new year bazzball – I worry about these guys in their first games off COVID so I guess I would go Gage, but would go Davis if that didn’t worry me. I think Davis is a pretty good play in a vacuum. If you happen to know that Davis wasn’t symptomatic and just had to sit out, then I’d be fine playing him.

      1. Post By

        Thanks Alex….

  13. One flex spot for the trophy…

    Edmonds, Boyd, Carter, Mike Evans, Ertz, J Patterson.

    1. 1 PPR

      1. Probably Carter just based on volume projection now that Conner is playing. I also find Ertz intriguing in full PPR.

  14. Javonte or E Mitchell in a 0.5 ppr? Thanks for all of your help this season…made it to the championship in both of my leagues.

    1. Thank you for supporting RW, I really like both of those guys, but Mitchell projects for the better volume in a great matchup. You’re really flipping a coin between Javonte and Melvin in a spot like this but we’ve seen he has the upside.

  15. 2 QB league…Daq, Wilson, Hudley, Lance. I’m having a hard time trusting Wilson.

    1. I would go Dak and Lance.

  16. Antonio Brown or T. Hill?

  17. Post By

    1 Pt PPR – Need two between Barkley, Howard, Ogunbowale or Stevensen.

    Need 2 Receivers between Van Jefferson, Cooks, Palmer or G Davis

    Thanks in advance. Feels like I’ve had to rebuild this team every week.

  18. Post By Sirianniruntheball

    Dare ogunbowale or Jarrett Patterson in 0.5 ppr?

  19. 1 superflex and 2 dynasty ships this season homies!

    Thanks for all your help and instrumental content!

    Happy new year let’s keep it going in 2022!


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