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PRO Week 17 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through: The BLITZ (Premium Video and Podcast)

Alex Dunlap and Will Priester walk through the Week 17 Main Slate on DraftKings and FanDuel.


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    Need some assistance 1PT PPR

    2 RBS choices are Zeke Montgomery D Williams Penny

    From the 2 you don’t choose doe I pick one of them or C Lamb for Flex

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. If it’s my team I go Montgomery, Zeke and Lamb but I don’t think starting Penny over Lamb is terrible if you dont want too many eggs in the DAL basket. I would go with the original three , though. Best of luck

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    Is this last week’s show lol?

  3. This is week 16 podcast

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    Looking at C. Patterson, J Patterson, Pittman or Boston scott for my final flex? Thoughts?

    1. I would go with Cordarrelle or Pittman if its PPR unless Jordan Howard doesn’t play, in which case I would play Scott over both.

  5. Evening Nation……lance or Huntley??

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