RosterWatch Week 2 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet AND PODCAST Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.


Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. Post By HuntN4BeastMode

    What to do with Dez? Hold or drop?

    1. Drop him like a bag of dirt.

      1. Yessir, thank you Frank Grimes!

    2. How are you a member of this site and own Dez?!?!? lmao

      1. Drop him like it’s hot and so true Alex. Some people just don’t listen

    3. Drop him like it’s hot

  2. Guys, I need your help/advice on options and strategery heading into week 2. 12 team PPR. First, Fournette . This hamstring could linger. I have L.Miller, C. Hyde, J. Williams, and A. Morris. Thoughts on keeping things as is. If so, who to start this week?, Or making a move on the waiver, which is an auction wire for maybe Riddick or Lindsay?

    2nd question…..thoughts on Trey Burton. I won despite him, but should I look to upgrade with the likes of J. Cook, AS Jenkins, OJ Howard and B.Watson, out there on the waiver?? I’m sure guys will be bidding for Cook. With a budget of !$100, what would be your ceiling? Or just stay with the potential upside of Burton?

    Thank you!!!

    1. Check out the waiver cheat sheet.
      You gots some serviceable RBs so don’t panic fool.
      Think I’d stick with Burton over those. It’s only been one week.

  3. Is Lindsey add worth it over the likes of clement or michel that lower tier type?

  4. Ppr I got offered a trade Tyler Lockett for Chris Godwin what do you guys think

    1. Meh.

      1. BTW Guys- If you want be like Frank Grimes and spruce up your profile in the comments section w/ an avatar or photo:

        “Go to- and create an account, that has same email address as your RW PRO account- and then upload an avatar. It’s very easy and super quick.

        That’s it, it will all work automatically on this site from there.”

        1. It’s hard to be like me brother… you don’t want that burden. Lmao.

    2. Post By

      With Baldwin out. I like Locket

  5. Fournette owner here. Bench: Cobb, Burkhead, Watkins, Jamaal Williams, Edelman, Anthony Miller. Is it worth dropping JWilliams or Amiller to pick up PLindsay or Yeldon to handcuff Fournette?

    Fighting the itchy WW trigger finger in week 1, but it’s so itchy! Help haha.

    1. Listen to the WW pod in a few. It’s time to make sure you own Yeldon.

  6. Someone dropped Kerryon Johnson and Robby Anderson before the game last night. How much budget would you spend on one or both of these guys? In terms of cuts, would you cut Alfred Morris and/or Ronald Jones at this point? Aside from that, we’re looking at Sammy Watkins and Anthony Miller as the next guys on the bench in terms of depth chart.

    1. Yes, would cut both for Johnson, esp Jones. I’d spend up on Kerryon prob up to 20-25%. Esp if we get more word on Blount’s health.

      I’d pick up Enunwa first, then Anderson over either of them as well.

      1. They dropped Anderson to grab Enunwa, unfortunately. Thanks for the reassurance that I should be going pretty heavy at Kerryon.

  7. Frank Grimes, I appreciate your reply, but you didn’t really answer my question…I of course will check the “waiver wire cheat sheet” that I pay for, to access, however, .again, I need your help/advice on options and strategery heading into week 2. 12 team PPR. First, Fournette( I have Fournette) . This hamstring could linger. I have L.Miller, C. Hyde, J. Williams, and A. Morris. Thoughts on keeping things as is. If so, who to start this week?, Or making a move on the waiver, which is an auction wire for maybe Riddick or Lindsay?

    1. Would I drop any of those four for them no?
      If you have an extra spot to stash and wait to see sure.
      Assuming Yeldon ain’t availabile for handcuff??
      Dont decide start/sit until weekend bruh.

      1. Thanks man….Yeldon is gone, so I was wondering really if those waiver guys would be better than Morris, really. Preciate the support

        1. I think James White could be a guy you could pick up in exchange for Morris – he’ll have spike weeks while Morris profiles to have a higher week to week floor tho – esp. in standard.


    1. we love you too you big swole bastard!

  9. Why isn’t kittle on the waiver wire sheet? I lost Olsen both Kittle and Cook are available. Who does the nation like better?

    1. Over 50% owned is not on sheet.
      I like Kittle better. I think Cook is a trash can who always seems to have one lucky week.

      1. Agreed with one of the comments section GOATs Frank Grimes about liking Kittle better, but I do think Cook is in for a nicer year than he thinks.

        1. AHHHHHHHHH YESSS!!! Thanks guys

    2. Pick up Kittle he probably has too high of ownership to be on sheet

  10. Would you drop Stafford for Rivers or Luck? I do think last night was an outlier. Just wanted your opinions.

  11. RW you guys are the best! Do I dare trade Cupp for Kerryon? I have competent WR’s and really like how Johnson looked in preseason and on Monday Night. Or, is this lunacy lol? Thanks!

    1. It’s not lunacy, those guys are about even as to how you should value them. If it helps round out the consistency of your roster between RB and WR it’s an OK trade to make. These Lions are going to throw him to the wolves soon enough and see if he sinks or swims. He’s a good player and will show out fine when the time comes. Kupp has a better floor in the short term however. It’s about your risk tolerance and a personal decision.

      1. An answer like this is what set’s RW apart from everyone else. Appreciate it Alex!

  12. Post By

    Got Olsen fairly late in a 16 team but a little stuck now. Thinking I can just stream TEs for a while. Thoughts on Ben Watson this week and beyond? Love the matchup against Cleveland and Brees seems to trust him.

    1. the matchup is elite, he’s a terrific streamer.

  13. I have D Watson and J Garoppolo — Should I start to panic — A Smith, Goff, Keenum all on waivers including Fitzpatrick. Should I drop Garoppolo and go after Smith or Goff?

  14. Should I drop k johnson for Philip l or yeldon?

  15. How about penny or k johnson for b Marsh or Philip Lindsay? Thanks roster watch

  16. Checking on my avatar lol

    1. Ahhh yeahhh

  17. I know Kyle Rudolph got the touchdown, but I like the volume I saw from Kittle and Cook more..worth dropping and potentially committing to streaming TEs? Also got Burton in a league.. how are we ranking these TEs?
    How about Watkins? Is he worth dropping for one of the waiver wire WRs?

    1. 1) Kittle should be owned in all leagues and Cook probably should be, too. I like Kittle for sure better than Rudolph.

      2) Hold on Burton.

      3) Hold on Watkins, especially for these WW options.

      1. Post By

        Kittle better than Njoku?

        Bears over Texans?

        Yeldon/Lindsay over Chubb?

  18. What % of faab would you put on sony michel?

    1. Is Sony worth dropping for any WW add?

      1. If I was in your shoes I may see if I can’t get away with 4-6% of faab for Michel. This is speculating that his role will increase in the upcoming weeks as he gets healthier. Also I’m in a 12 team league and would like an opportunity for Michel in the WW. Good luck.

  19. Lost D.Walker. Planned on going for Ebron, but Kittle is still available. Call an audible, and claim Kittle, or would Ebron be the better choice?
    1/2pt ppr.


    1. Gotta own little over ebron

  20. Post By

    would you drop funchess or baldwin for marshal or ginn..if so what % of fab…200$ buget 1 pt ppr…have thielen enunwa and golladay starting now

    1. I wouldn’t do that.

  21. Alex, Strong work!!!

    Where would Anthony Miller fit on the cheat sheet?

    1. If he isn’t on the sheet he should be owned

      1. Post By

        Question about that. The pod mentioned DJ Moore being a slow process even with Olsen out…But hes not on the sheet, would you hold him over these guys?

      2. Post By

        12 Team .5 PPR and i punted on TE + it got really thin as people doubled up. Someone dropped Njoku to waivers this morning, What tier of the cheat sheet would he be in? Its your usual suspects on the wire after that. Gates/Doyle/ASJ/RSJ/Howard/Jonnu

  22. So I drafted Galloday and made the epic mistake of dropping him… how much do I spend in FAAB on him? Also, is Anthony Miller drop able?

    1. Keep miller time. And spend around 15-20% of your budget to get Kenny back

  23. Hopefully Collins isn’t a bust all year. I invested hard in him and Anthony miller as the cheat sheet set me up that way. Looks like a bad 3 way comitee

    1. Keep the course. It’s only one week. A lot of season left.

  24. 12 team Standard (0-1 … thanks for nothing Stafford and Chargers DEF! )

    [1] QB: Stafford
    [2] RB: David Johnson, Mixon (K. Johnson, Blount, Chubb)
    [2] WR: JuJu, Kupp (Gordon, Watkins, Nelson, Miller)
    [1] TE: OJ Howard
    [1] W/R/T: Collins
    Bench total: (7)

    Chubb is 31% owned but not on the WWCS so I’m guessing he’s droppable like Blount? Only hesitant to drop Blount as a Kerryon owner however. With that said, where would CJA be on the WWCS as I prioritize my RB adds …

    Also, too drastic to drop Stafford for Alex Smith? Your initial ranks say Smith’s the better play?

  25. Picked up Lindsay in dynasty before week 1 because of the training camp coverage!

  26. Drop Cole for Marshall and/or Quincy? Stick with Burton at TE or go after Cook?

    1. I would stick with the guys you have

  27. Would you pick up C Brate over Gates at TE? If Winston gets his job back from Fitzmagic he seems to love Brate…but his snap count was really scary in week 1.

    1. You might want to start streaming TEs every week instead

  28. Post By

    .5ppr. Need two wrs this week between: josh Gordon, amari Cooper, cooper Kupp, Crabtree,
    Golladay. Thanks gentlemen

    1. Too early for a start/sit but go Gordon and cooper. Make sure to check the rankings later in the week

  29. Post By

    So in a league with shallow benches, do you keep the golden son Millertime in the wings or drop him for Marshall/Enunwa as a WR5 (keeenan/cooper/hogan/robinson)

    1. I would keep him for another week or two

  30. Post By

    League only allows 5 man bench and already have Marvin Jones Jr.

    Want to pick up Golliday but will need to drop one of the following:
    Rex Burkhead, A.Miller, S.Watkins, John Ross, Kerryon

    Drop Ross, right?

    1. I see no need to sign Kenny over those guys. If you must have him I would drop ross

  31. What should I do with Stafford? Roll him out another week, or drop him for guys like Big Ben, Tyrod, Mahomes, or Keenum?

    Same goes for Engram…I know he was going against the Jags, but should I scoop up Cook?

  32. It’s one week man…don’t over react.

    1. I know….but Stafford looked like garbage, lol. Engram, yeah I’m gonna hang on to him.

  33. Should I drop Peyton Barber for Lindsey, Yeldon, or Ekeler? 0.5 ppr

    1. How does the rest of your RBs look like? I prob won’t drop Barber for those guys if you have a few studs at RB.

      1. Saquon, Mixon, Conner, Freeman, and Barber

  34. Drop Cohen, Sammy Watkins, Alshon, or Allen Robinson for either Lindsey or BMarsh? Or both? I can only make 2 adds a week so was also thinking grabbing Da Bears over Lions Def

    1. I would probably keep what u have. But yeah I would go get the Bears def.

  35. What % of FAAB should I commit to James Conner? It’s a little embarrassing that I didn’t draft him, but the draft was early and I own Kamara, Mixon, Dion Lewis and Ajayi and can only start two…dumb league…but I digress…
    Do I go all in????

    Thanks in advance!

    1. If you can use him as a Flex I may go for 20-30% of your budget but at this time we don’t know when Bell is coming back (maybe sooner). If you used the RW Cheat sheet, you should have depth at RB. It does look like you do.

      1. I’m sorry…but, who are you, Sushi? Are you on staff at RW??


  36. Pick up Aaron Jones this week before suspension is up?
    Would you drop Penny or Morris for him? I could also drop Trey Burton for him as I already have Engram.

    My RB’s are Fournette, Freeman, Burkhead, T. Cohen, James Connor, Yeldon, and then Morris and Penny. We play 2 flex spots. I always listen to Radio Gold and am a PRO Member. This is why my team looks so good 🙂

    1. Probably drop Morris for Jones.

  37. I have Brady, Luck, Wentz, and Goff in a 2 QB, PPR league and I’m looking to trade one for a WR. If I were to trade Luck or Wentz, what level of WRs would you look at? I’ve thought about Diggs, E. Sanders, or B. Cooks type guys.

    1. I wonder if you can’t get Wentz for Sanders or Cooks. Luck probably straight up for Diggs.

      Maybe Wentz for Marvin Jones? For Flash?

      Just throwing stuff out now so I’ll stop. Good luck.

    2. In a 2 QB league I’d definitely try to package Luck (or Goff wentz) with a WR and go for top tier talent. ODB Or Nuk! Think big bruh we here to win this shit.

      1. My skill guys (league is all flex spots) are Hopkins, Juju, Dion Lewis, Burkhead, Marvin Jones, Burton, Njoku, and Engram. I got great deals on the QBs in the auction, so I don’t have a whole lot of flex to give up.

  38. Post By

    I can trade either my Cobb or Edelman – for – his J. Williams or P. Barber.
    I am way deeper at WR (A. Brown and D. Adams as starters) then RB (J. Howard and K. Drake). What ya’ll think? Is the week two rankings rest of the season rankings (my first year as pro member), because if so I should trade for Williams and Edelman isn’t ranked yet. Thanks for the help.

    Side question. Is A. Miller droppable now or should I wait on him? He is ranked really low but ya’ll were really high on him and I don’t want to jump the gun dropping him for a random higher ranked waiver pick up.

    1. Not ready to drop Miller. He’s a stash. Wouldn’t do that trade. Better option- package both of those WR together for a better RB. Or, take one of your RBs plus one of those WR and make a package offer for an upgrade at RB.

      1. Post By

        thanks man.

        1. Yes sir. Thank you for your loyal support.

  39. Got offered edleman and Chubb for Lewis. Or amari Cooper for lewis. Lewis is my rb3. I have hunt, barkley, Aaron Jones, Mack and Chris Carson. Funchess is my wr3 with Landry and Hopkins. What’s boys think?

    1. See if you can do Carson + Funchess for Cooper

      1. Thanks Byron!

        1. You got it, brother. Thanks for your support.

  40. 10-team standard scoring league and Fournette & M Goodwin owner. I didn’t draft TJ Yeldon to handcuff Fournette and he’s available on WW. My question is who to drop and thinking it’s either K Cole or A Miller. I’m hoping I can pick whomever I drop in a week or two. Bad options to choose from.

    I only drafted 1 each of QB/TE/DST/K and my other RB/WR corp is:
    RB – Fournette, A Collins, Hyde, C Carson & K Johnson
    WR – K Allen, TY Hilton, JuJu, C Kupp, M Goodwin, K Cole & A MILLER

    Any creative options I’m overlooking? Thanks in advance.

    1. Great team, I’d drop Cole. Time to slap the ‘cuffs on LF. No swindles.

      1. Thanks, and thank Byron.

  41. Post By

    Team name: I Love Big TDs!!! My question is in regards to a couple handcuffs. First, do u guys still consider Samje Perrine (sp) the second back in DC? Secondly, in Pitt, is the current back up Ridley or Samuel? These are super deep leagues with no trading. Should either be owned anyway? Four rbs can be started. Thanks for the insight. PPR

    1. Perine is not worth owning. Don’t care about Ridley, either. Wait and see on Jaylen, no rush to pick him up this wk.

  42. Please let me rephrase my question.
    Would you drop Anthony Miller for any of these 3:
    Phillip Lindsay, Brandon Marshall, or Ted Ginn Jr.?

    1. Prob not. Maybe for Marshall if I was in need of a starter to play this week, or Lindsay if I was desperate at RB. Ginn is not in the conversation at all. We’d like to hang on to Miller for a while where we can. We weren’t expecting fireworks WK1.

    2. Anthony Miller is currently a hold! I wouldn’t drop him at this point. Once Miller Time hits…it will be all of rosterwatch nation reaping the benefits!!

      1. Thank you Byron and Kevin.
        I canceled my Anthony Miller waiver drops.
        He can percolate on my bench.
        I need a TE and a DST for which I will consult the omniscient “sheet” and deal with myself.

  43. What’s the feeling on Sterling Shepard? Drop, hold..

    1. No problem dropping for any of the top 1 or 2 tiers of waiver wire pick ups on the sheet.

  44. 10 man .5ppr league I have Olson, on the wire is Doyle and cook plus some other lesser options. Is this Doyle?

  45. Yeah, on the season it’s Doyle.

  46. Post By

    I drafted Stafford and Matt Ryan in my standard league. Got them rounds 12 and 13. I thought I was in good shape but now I’m not so sure. Should I drop one and go for Keenum or Taylor? Or both?

    1. I’d drop Ryan for Keenum

  47. Post By

    Team name: Half Chubb

    12 team PPR:
    Should I start Adrian Peterson or D.Henry?

  48. Post By

    Fournette owner in 12 team standard who got tj yeldon drafted 2 picks before I was going to take him as a handcuff.

    RBs: fournette, henry, k johnson, ekeler. also put $10 on lindsay.
    WRs: k allen, juju, sanders, cobb, j nelson.

    The yeldon owner is looking for receivers, should I trade? He didn’t bite on cobb for yeldon. Potential 1 for 1 or maybe a 2 for 2? The only decent receivers he has are larry fitz and cooper kupp.

    Recently initiated pro member but been listening to your podcasts for a while. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys

    1. If he didn’t take Cobb, I’d offer him less this time

      1. Post By

        Thanks, tried but he won’t take anything except the top 3 receivers. Bit of a bind as I was also unable to get lindsay, so I’m banking on fournette playing, and henry not sucking. Rough beginning to go potentially 0-2

  49. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    is it time to sell high on Connor? I am thinking of a trade to propose to the Bell Owner, to target Julio, AJ green, or his Diggs, and also free up some space for Yeldon. Here is my current team (we start 3 WRs):
    QB: Rivers
    RB: Saquon, Fournette, Connor, L. Miller, Kerryon, Penny
    WR: Davante Adams, Cooper, Agholor, Hogan, Fuller, Miller
    TE: Reed

    Other players Backs are Bell, Ajayi, D. Henry, and Sony Michel.

    Should I hold out another week to see if Connors stock rises or should I try and propose something to try and strengthen my WR depth?

    1. Post By Show Me Your TDs

      10 TM PPR

      1. I think I would roll Conner another week seeing that they’re at home against KC. With that being said, it wouldn’t hurt to get some feelers out there to see if any of your league mates are interested.

  50. .5 ppr

    Drop j Nelson, S Watkins,
    Miller Time for B Marshall?

    1. Maybe Miller for Marshall but only if you’re going to use Marshall in your lineup. I’m holding onto Miller Time for now.

  51. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    So I have been a sub for a few yrs now… maybe 3 or 4 ?
    I still don’t really know how to use the waiver wire sheet.
    I see some guys have low % but are at the top of the sheet , this confuses me

    I have also always had trouble with things like
    seeing a guy like marshall for example on the sheet but really wanting to hold my weakest link ( Sutton )
    how do you approach situations like that ?

    1. We explained this on yesterday’s WW Pod, only 30 min long. No mandate to go after the top guys, we do our best work from the bottom tier a couple wk in advance

  52. Post By

    Should I drop Chris Carson for Lindsay or Yeldon?

  53. I snatched Agolor, Lindsey, Eckler, Kenny Stills in my waiver wire. But Alex Collins just got dropped. Do I drop one of my RBs

    My other RB’s are Fournette, Dion Lewis, and Bilall Powell

    1. yeldon is still available as well for the handcuff

      1. Post By

        You snatched all those guys with no thought of covering your ass with a gimpy Fournette??? YES grab Yeldon now!!! I would also decide who you least like and grab Collins as well! He has no business being dropped! That is a major over reaction to week 1!!!

  54. Just checking out this gravatar thing.

  55. Any interest in a Martavius pickup and dropping Christian Kirk?

    1. Isn’t Bryant getting suspended again? I believe for the year too.

      1. Yes. And yet they still signed him to a 1 year deal. My thought is they may feed him for as long as he is elligable.

  56. Post By

    Stuck in a precarious situation with some early injuries and stuck with a couple negligent picks in an auction draft, 12 tm .5ppr league, start 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 QB and 1 Flex

    Qb:: Brees
    RB: Fournette, J. Howard, McCoy, Kerryon, Yeldon, Mack
    WR: TY, Goodwin, Anthony miller
    TE: Doyle, Njoku

    Trying to pick up Enunwa or Marshall to start at WR – may have to start McCoy at flex, even though game scripts look to be against him. Any suggestions on early season moves to get aggressive with to fix this roster?

  57. Flex this weekend for 0.5 PPR: Kupp, Agholor, Chris Carson, Sammy Watkins. Thanks!

    1. Kupp or Agholor for the 0.5 PPR appeal.

  58. Great work as always guys! Should I drop Njoku for Kittle? Thanks.

    1. I wouldn’t. Njoku got a tons of targets

  59. Not worried about Anthony Miller at this point but do you think Enunwa, Mike Williams or John Brown would be better options? PPR.


    1. Enunwa is going to be contributing every week he is on the field. If you need someone to produce now you can make the move. Personally im holding miller in all my leagues

  60. Post By

    TN: The Jugheads. Playing the Archies this weekend. Gotta win. Case of soda on the line. I own Fournette. We start one (1) RB and one (1) flex (rb,te,wr) and 3 (three) wideouts. I got Dave Johnson at rb, now who in the flex? Between Fournette Q, Alex Collins (thurs), Austin Euckler, or CJ Anderson. Waiver wire is all skank. It’s PPR with 3pt 100 yard bonus. Fournettes hammy makes me worry and Collins on Thursday sucks too. What do you guys think?

    1. Probably would go Collins. It is tough to rely on fournette at this point

  61. Post By

    12 Team .5 PPR . I punted on TE in the draft. Someone just dropped Njoku to the wire, what tier of the sheet would he be in? Have to imagine he would be ahead of cook. Wire is the usual suspects Doyle/ASJ/RSJ/Gates/Jonnu.
    Thanks !!

    1. I would take njoku over cook even though both will be solid parts of their offense this year

  62. Ppr should I drop mariota for keenum as my back up qb

    1. Do you really need a backup? That roster spot is probably better used on a position player

  63. I see lots of comments about stashing Miller on the bench. One concern is that the Bears have 3 solid receivers (includes Burton). Tough competition for targets. Now for my Q. Would you drop Miller for Yeldon? Yeldon would most likely sit on my bench. – I have Gurley, Freeman,Mixon k johnson, and a jones. I can start 3RBs.

    1. I would not drop miller for yeldon if he is just going to sit on the bench. Yeldon has limited upside if fournette is healthy

  64. Post By

    Who should I throw in my Flex, 1 pt PPR…. T. Coleman, P Lindsay, A. Collins, or P Barber?

    1. Post By

      If Freeman is out go Coleman. If not with Dixon going on the IR I go Collins. Not ready to annoint Lindsay.

  65. Post By

    Also, nobody picked up Enunwa off waivers. Should I drop Anderson for Enunwa, or stick with Anderson?

    1. Post By

      I think so. Enunwa seems to be his go to at the moment.

  66. Post By

    Picked up Mahomes on waivers, I have Big Ben
    Just got a trade offer of Tyrod Taylor and Alfred Morris for Mahomes

    I countered with Mahomes and LeSean McCoy for David Johnson……no response yet

    1. Post By

      Doubt you will get one….lol

    2. Good luck with that

  67. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Good morning, RW Nation. Gut feelings on Jimmy G / Tyrod Taylor this week? I’m already in QB stream mode.

    1. Jimmy G will have a good game vs the lions. They looked like they will have a tough time stopping anyone

  68. Need Two Guys out of the following:

    1. Adams and Enunwa

  69. 12 team .5 ppr

    Sammy Watkins was just dropped.

    Do I drop any of the following for him, with my main WRs being Odell, J Gordon, Agholor? Jordy.

    Should I drop:

    1. I would drop any of them for Watkins

  70. Lost Walker. Have a trade offer for either J. White or J. Williams for Eifert. My RBs are Cook, Mack, L. Miller, J. White, J. Williams, K. Johnson, and P. Lindsay. Not sure if to take either offer.
    1-pt PPR

    1. I would trade for Williams. Eifert never stays healthy

  71. Don’t want anything to do with Eifert. There are almost certainly better options weekly on your waiver wire.

    1. What about White for Njoku in the same league?

      1. I would do prob do that if I needed a TE

  72. Guys-

    VERY VERY impressed w/ the effort that so many of you made going back above, and reading the instructions on uploading an avatar, and then got off your ass and took action! Way to Mobilize and UNITE, RW NATION!


    Proud Papa

    1. Glad to make you proud papa.

    2. We are a maniacal bunch.

  73. Post By

    Keep up the great work guys.

    12 team ppr pick two:
    P Lindsay


    1. Post By

      Have D Baldwin, Edelman and Ingram on my bench so it’s thin this week

    2. Too early for sit/starts. Always check rankings later in the week. For now- Agholor + tough call between Lindsay and Enunwa/Ryan Grant. Also see the WK2 matchup tool when it goes live.

      1. Sorry this response was for JBTurner89 above. Thanks Bud!

  74. Offer Lamar Miller and Phillip Lindsay/Alfred Morris for Joe Mixon?

    1. If you are getting Joe Mixon?! YES!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Definitely go get mixon

  75. 14 Team 0.5 PPR. Couple Trade Questions

    RB – Fournette, Dion Lewis, Breida (had McKinnon), Eckler, & Aaron Jones
    WR – TY, JuJu, Emmanuel, & Kupp
    TE – ASJ & Jonnu Smith.

    Which deal would you prefer or if not any.
    Eckler & Kupp for Evan Engram
    Eckler for Kerryon Johnson

    1. Oh God! I LOVE Eckeler for Kerryon! Pull the trigger right now!!!!!!!!!!! Run to your PC!!!!

      Don’t ever ship off the most Golden Son of all, Cooper Kupp, unless it’s in a deal for an elite player!

      1. Deal done. Trusting the trashman to deliver some garbage TE plays week end week out.

  76. I know it’s early but this team I was felling great about when drafted 10 days ago has me worried at rb. I got Fournette late 1st and Henry late 3rd as my rb 1&2 (the root of my worries now). Took Kerryon Johnson in the 6th and Wilkins and Yeldon (handcuff) late. Looking at the wire and best avail isSproules, Buck Allen and Gore. So is it time to take a deep breath and wait this out or try and trade a wr for a back. I have KAllen, Josh, Miller time, Sanders, Jordy and Golladay…team name Golladay Inn Express (can’t trade him…haha). It’s a 0.5ppr by the way…thanks guys

    1. LOL, chill. Your WR are filthy. Fournette / Yeldon is just fine. A little worried about Henry, you’ll either have to flex him every wk and live w/ boom-bust. Remember, he did have a 65 yd TD called back this wk on a bullshit penalty that should have been called on the other team. And, there were 2-3 rain delays. Weird deal. Better days are ahead for DH. Or, if you develop more options you can begin to matchup play him.

      Kerryon is on the verge of a breakout, be patient and stay tuned. Wilkins didn’t look great but is a reasonable bench option right now.

      KAllen + Josh Gordon + ESanders + Golladay = OH MY!

  77. I have the same dilemma of should I keep/drop Baldwin? Current WR’s on team K.Allen, G. Tate, E.Sanders, D. Thomas, P. Garcon.
    Another guy in my league recently dropped M. Goodwin (SF) for Lindsey. So I’m debating if I should drop Baldwin to pickup Goodwin.

    1. You should pick up Goodwin, which means you will also eventually need to trade or drop Garcon. You also need to trade Demaryius Thomas as soon as possible. Depending on the depth of your league- Baldwin could be dropped don’t hate it, don’t love it just yet.

      Best case trade DT + Garcon to somebody for 1 good player in return. Open a roster spot, and pick up Goodwin.

  78. (.5 ppr) Stills, Barber, or Alex Collins in the flex? I stayed away from RB’s on Thursday nights last year but it’s only week 2 and Collins had a light load week 1.

      1. Post By

        Me too especially with K Dixon going to IR.

  79. Should I drop Kupp, Corey Davis, Chris Carson or josh Gordon for Golliday ?

    1. I can’t drop any of them for him right now

    2. I wouldn’t

  80. Post By

    S10 team standard league would you guys drop Luck for Garoppolo? Someone dropped him and it looks like his schedule is much more friendly than Luck. He would be my only QB for now.

    1. No especially with goodwin questionable

  81. Post By

    Would you give up Ju-Ju for C Thompson in a 1pt ppr?

    1. Post By

      Need to know the rest of the roster….

  82. Post By

    But on its face the answer is No…..

    1. Post By

      3 WR 2 RB and Flex. WR Lineup: M Thomas, Evans, Ju Ju. RB’s: Mixon & Conner. Flex is usually Coleman or Collins. I also have L Bell on my bench. If I trade Ju Ju, my WR reserves are Ross, Crowder, and Garson.

      I love Thompson with the 1 pt PPR, but it would thin me out on my top WR’s with our league starting 3 of them. I’ll take your advise if you tell me not to do the trade, but it is tempting on paper to want C. Thompson.

      Thanks brother!

  83. Randall Cobb + Adrian Peterson for Adam Thielen?
    I get Thielen.

    My RBs are Zeke, Mixon, Kerryon, AP and penny
    Wrs are Keenan Allan, e Sanders, Jordy, Cobb, Anthony Miller

    0.5 pt PPR

    Thoughts? Seems like too much.

  84. Need to pick two of these RBs

    1. Mixon and Freeman assuming Devonta can go… If not then Mixon and Coleman

  85. Should I pick up G. Allison and drop Anthony Miller? B. Marshall is also available. Maybe drop an rb for him? Any of these guys available worth a spot, is so who to drop?

    My Wr: K. Allen, T.Y, M. Jones jr, Kupp, A. Miller
    Rbs: Barkley, Carson, K. Johnson, Blount, Clement, Yeldon

    Available on waiver wire:
    Wr: Shepard, ginn jr, P. Richardson, D. Jackson, Grant, Allison, Marshall, Dorsett, M. Williams
    Rb: Buck allen, Duke johnson, Ekeler, Cj Anderson, Wilkins, Sony

    Thanks in advance!

  86. Post By Robert Braswell

    sony Michael and dede are available in my league..I can drop Wilkins…full point ppr ..which guy would u grab? Thanks

  87. Post By Nebraskan Assassin

    well someone decided to do a last minute league tonight for some reason and i agreed to it. cant find the draft cheat sheets anywhere….should i just use this weeks rankings?

    1. Email our admin Jen at and see if she can send you something. Let her know Standard or PPR

  88. Won week 1 but without Bell, Mixon and Kerryon top backs with Gronk, Gordon and Sanders. Who would u flex out of: B Marsh, Watkins, and Jordy?

    1. Prob BMarsh, maybe Watkins. Nice work on WK1! Keep it up!

  89. Was checking out WW and somehow, Russell Wilson had apparently been dropped b4 last week!? (WTF) So he is now starting this week for me. Then, I see Deshaun Watson on WW too!?? (These guys have no chance smh)
    So, I have Wilson, Luck (Drafted Late) and there is Watson on WW.
    Here are the only guys I could even consider dropping, but dont want to…
    Jones Jr
    Then Which qb to keep and which to trade?

  90. Corey Davis on WW in a high stakes league. Rank these flex spots in order for rest of season:
    Brandon Marshall
    Will Fuller
    P Lindsey
    Corey Davis

  91. Should I pick up G. Allison and drop Anthony Miller? B. Marshall is also available. Maybe drop an rb for him? Any of these guys available worth a spot, if so who to drop?

    My Wr: K. Allen, T.Y, M. Jones jr, Kupp, A. Miller
    Rbs: Barkley, Carson, K. Johnson, Blount, Clement, Yeldon

    Available on waiver wire:
    Wr: Shepard, ginn jr, P. Richardson, D. Jackson, Grant, Allison, Marshall, Dorsett, M. Williams
    Rb: Buck allen, Duke johnson, Ekeler, Cj Anderson, Wilkins, Sony

    Thanks in advance!

  92. Post By

    Subscriber here! Drafted TE V. McDonald in 14th round. Dropped him for Seals jones last week. Should I drop Seals jones and pickup Ben Watson?

  93. A Fournette owner offered me Larry Fitz for Yeldon – I am guessing this is a resounding “yes!” ?

  94. Post By

    Hey Nation,

    12 team .5ppr

    Offered Baldwin/Ingram for Collins/B Marsh

    I have kamara, ajayi, carson, penny on roster and a waiver claim for cj anderson. Should I accept?

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