RosterWatch Week 3 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

NOTE: There will be no Waiver Wire PRO PODCAST this week as we had technical difficulties and were unable to get another one recorded in time for most of you to hear it before waivers run. There will always be a Waiver Wire pod moving forward and we apologize for this one-time inconvenience. On the bright side, the TRADECAST returns tomorrow, so between that and the Saturday DFS podcast, you’ll still be getting multiple PRO podcasts this week.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. sorry, posted this in the other thread, but…..

    I feel like i need a qb. 10 team standard. start 1 qb

    have: Dalton, Jimmy G, and Carr (3 qbs, i know)

    my RBs are: Gurely, Conner, L Miller. Ekeler, and K Johnson

    guy has brees and cousins. he needs an RB

    was thinking of offering ekeler and either Carr or Jimmy g for either brees or cousins. thoughts?

    1. drop those QBS man you can’t keep holding all those guys. wait until the matchup tool comes out tomorrow, find the guy with the best matchup and drop the others. Don’t DARE TRADE valuable assets for a QB in a 10 team league.

      1. Understood. Much obliged on both responses. You guys are true best!

  2. also Gio and Ekeler are still available in one of my leagues. who is the more valued target?

    1. look at the cheat sheet and you’ll have your answer! : )

      1. Oof, totally overlooked ekeler on the cheat sheet. My bad. Thanks again

  3. Post By

    Same, posted in other thread as this was posted lol

    Should I trade my A. Brown and D. Adams for their Gurley?
    My RBS are:
    J. Howard
    K. Drake
    J. Allen
    R. Penny
    J. Richard

    My WRs are:
    A. Brown
    D. Adams
    S. Watkins
    R. Cobb
    J. Edelman
    K. Cole

    1. Post By

      I have J. Brown as well forgot that in my wr list

  4. Should i be dropping Doyle for Njoku or any of the WW TE’s?

  5. In a vacuum, which side do you like

    D johnson
    A jones
    K cole
    J conner
    C hyde
    J edleman


    1. the first one, conner is vaporized when Bell gets back and we don’t know when that is.

  6. Was thinking about trading Lamar Miller for Josh Gordon? Fair deal?

    1. Yeah, that’s fair. Acquiring Gordon is a luxury, and Miller is a nice play right now- so it’ s a little bit rich- but if you want Gordon, can afford, and are solid at RB- we can live with it. That’s prob the max we would pay.

  7. Want to pick up Buck Allen. Drop Frank Gore or Blount? Or neither?

  8. Blount

  9. Post By

    Someone dropped Rashad Penny in my 0.5 PPR league. What percentage of FAAB am I throwing at him?

    1. Post By

      I’m a Mixon owner already throwing $25 of my $95 left at Gio

    2. 10-15%

  10. PPR Play 2RB. 3WR. 1 Flex. 1TE
    QB Garapolo
    RB Kamara. MGordon III. Mixon. JamesConner. Chris Thompson. JamaalWilliams. Ekeler
    WR. THill, JUJU S-S, CHogan, MJones Jr. NAgholor
    TE. Njoku
    Def Chargers

    Available on Waiver.
    QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Andy Dalton
    WR. AMiller. Enunwa. Calloway. JBrown. DJax. Beasley
    RB SMichel. JAllen
    TE ASef-Jenkins, Disney. Jesse James. hooper

    1 Get FitzP and abandon Garoppolo or drop a RB for FitzP and have both for now?
    2. Any WR worth having over mine- worried about CHogan ROS
    3. Keep Njoku or pick another available
    4. SMichel or JAllen better than CHogan?

    Thank you. 2-0. Highest score

    1. Would play the matchup at QB, while leaning towards keeping Jimmy G in any close calls.

      Drop Hogan for Enunwa, Callaway, or Brown

      I’d consider dropping Jamaal Williams for Michel or Allen

      I’d prob keep Njoku

      Filthy squad BTW!!!! Thanks for your support!

      1. Post By

        Byron, am I reading that correctly… drop Chris Hogan for Enunwa, Callaway or John Brown? Is this due to anticipated lost opportunity due to Gordon’s arrival? Or do you anticipate the others production will outdo Hogans? I own Hogan on my PPR team, Enunwa is gone but Brown and Calloway are FAs.

  11. Moving forward who do you like better in a standard league, Marvin Jones or Golladay?

    1. Going to stick w/ Marvin. He is 3rd in the NFL in Red Zone targets, and he gets all the big deep bombs.

  12. Should I trade Allen Robinson and Crowell for Yeldon and Royce Freeman? I feel I need help in my RB. My wrs are Michael Thomas Juju. Ty ARob A Miller. My RBS are Fournette Lamar miller AP AMD Crowell 12 team PPR

    1. No. ARob is the best player in that trade. Crowell might be as good this season as Freeman if not better. This guy is attempting to trade Yeldon to you before he has to drop him. Yeldon has no value to anybody but the Fournette owner, unless Fournette continues to be out. Wait for him to drop him then pick up Yeldon, or offer him something very small for Yeldon straight up.

      This trade does not clearly improve your perceived RB situation. You have a very good team BTW, I wouldn’t be too worried. Also, as much as I hate to say it- prob not worth rostering Miller if you own ARob. I might consider diversifying on the WW

      1. Thank you. So I ended up trading AP and ARob for Mixon and Goodwin to a Redskins fan. I hope I did ok

  13. 12 team half point ppr league…someone dropped Sammy Watkins right before the week 2 games kicked off. Who should I place a higher priority on during waivers tonight Sammy or Antonio Callaway and how much FAB would you throw at Sammy if indeed he is the priority pickup? Thanks guys it’s great being a member of RW Nation!

    1. Sammy. I’d prob spend around 20% , give or take a bit. Thank you for being a great member of RW Nation!

  14. Would you prioritize Houston or Denver above the defenses on the cheat sheet?

    1. Yes, only one on the sheet we have any real interest in on the season is NYJ

  15. First waiver priority. I have Mixon but also have Barkley, DCook, DLewis and Michel. It’s a 12 team ppr. I see Gio at the top of the cheat sheet. Would you pick up Gio for the couple weeks Mixon is out or possibly go Callaway for wr depth? Thanks

  16. Close call, you are stacked at RB and can live without. But as a Mixon owner, I’d prob go Gio. Also hate to have him fall into one of your opponents hands as a RB1 or RB2 the next few weeks and have to face him. Small element of waiver wire defense at play too. Also depends to some degree what your WR look like.

  17. For what it’s worth Byron, my wr’s are Juju, TY, Godwin, Marvin Jones and Hurns

    1. With these wrs go Gio

  18. Wentz is on waivers as is Buck Allen, &Calloway, 12 team, half PPR. Who would you claim ? Roster:
    QB: Rivers
    Rbs: DJ, D. Freeman, Kerryon, Ingram, Lindsay
    WRs: Hilton, Sanders, Gordon, Cupp, Alshon, Jordy
    TE: Eifert

    1. Tough to keep two qbs but wentz might be worth a add over jordy

  19. I own Garappolo
    FitzPatrick and Dalton Available
    Drop Garappolo for either one of theses?
    4 points per pass TD

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Can you drop someone else? Probably don’t want to roster two QBs, and it just doesn’t seem like Fitzpatrick can sustain at all. So if you grab Fitzpatrick, you should expect to be letting him go as well, and you’d want a viable replacement.

  20. Post By

    Alex, Byron, Trashman
    Alright guys, your draft tools helped me with what I thought was a great draft but the season has put me in a bind

    As RBs I have
    Freeman, D – Atlanta
    Williams, J – Greenbay
    Buck Allen

    I’ve been offered Lindsay from Denver for Bell. Normally I’d drive to this guys house 150 miles away to laugh at him in person but given we don’t know how long Bell is going to hold out I’m considering it. Thoughts?

    1. No way you can do that trade

    2. I’ll discuss some options on tomorrow’s TradeCast

      1. Post By

        Cool thanks

  21. Standard Non Ppr. I was offered T.Y. And Crowell for B. Cooks and Carson. Neither RB will probably see my lineup, Who do you like better for WR

    1. Ty over cooks but Carson over Crowell. If the backs won’t see your lineup take the better wr in hilton

  22. Post By

    Im in a Superflex league where QBs are big. Currently I have Mahomes, Jimmy G and Winston. With Fitzmagic on waivers. Every owner in the league rosters 3 per team. With that, the Bucs offense seems like one that is going to be great all year long for whoever the QB is. Jimmy G scares be a bit. I have Winston too but looks like Fitz is going to be giving the qb spot in Tampa a run. So I was thinking of picking up Fitz with a FAAB budget of $100.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Fitz will come back to earth soon. He always has a few big games then proves why he isn’t a starter

  23. Start sit Dion Lewis or Isaiah Crowell 12 team PPR as my RB2. Kamara is my RB1.

    1. Check the rankings later in the week but right now I would start lewis

  24. Got offered Dalvin Cook, Zach Ertz and Kenny Golladay for Todd Gurley and Nelson algholar do I do it?

    1. Nope. Gotta keep riding the lambo

  25. Post By

    Is Carson droppable for Clement?

    My RBs are Zeke, Miller, Lewis, KJohnson, AP, Carson.


  26. Post By "Dirty"(Shaunanigans1980)

    Week 3 pod cast?

    1. The guys said they had some technical problems and can’t get the pod up in time. Stay tuned for the epic tradecast later this week

  27. Luck for Cooks. PPR. What side do you like?

  28. Who else can you get at qb? If there are some solid qbs out there I would trade luck for cooks

  29. Post By

    My RBs are fournette, henry, k. johnson, ekeler. Knowing my league, I won’t get Gio spending under $25. Is it not worth it to spend more considering my RB situation?

    1. If you are 0-2 and need a start this week, which with that group you might- we’d consider bidding on the high side or our recommendation and just see where the chips fall. If you aren’t a Mixon owner this is a pure desperation move to win now. But, only if that is your situation. Fournette is the only lockdown start of that group, and that’s if healthy. However, if you aren’t in a pinch I think you can make due. What about Corey Clement for cheaper?

      1. Post By

        1-1 so not total desperation. Sadly clement has been held on to for a while by another team. I’m thinking I’ll drop sub $20 and pray. Thanks Byron.

  30. Post By

    Alex, Byron, Trashman:

    Think of doing this trade. Giving away Odell, Mahomes and Breida. Getting Ryan, Juju and Howard in return. Thoughts?

    1. Would want somebody better than Ryan.

  31. A guy wants to trade me straight up Ajayi for Mixon .5 point PPR (I have Mixon, my other RBs: McCaffrey, Collins, Carson, Kerryon, and if I can pick up anyone on waivers). We have 2 flex spots also. Thanks for the help!

    1. HELL NO! Keep Mixon!

      1. I thought so, this friend is sneaky! LOL, thanks for the quick reply!

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Mixon is THE MAN when he’s healthy. Ajayi has a big big load split.

  32. I need that waiver wire podcast, I’m a Mixon and Fournette owner and still can’t believe I’m about to drop 10-15% on Buck Allen.

    1. Lol, good post. I get it. Bid on the low side! Buck has a shot if you are in a ppr league!

      Sorry guys, we ran into a technical issue with the audio on today’s pod. Trust me, we were HURT after spending the time to prepare / record it. Tune into tomorrow’s TradeCast!

  33. I have Joe MIxon. Do I drop Alex Collins, Rex Burkhead, or Kerryon Johnson to pick up Gio? Do I just stick with what I got? Because of roster limits, I would have to drop one of those 3 ( or Alvin Kamara) to get Gio. Let me know what you think.

    1. my $0.02…owning a Pats RB is maddening…alex is the real deal even if harbaugh doesn’t know it, yet…hopefully patricia ignores the belichek RBBC mantra & gives kerryon all he can handle.
      good luck!

    2. Drop Burkhead like a bad habit!

  34. Post By

    Should I trade Kyle Rudolph and LeSean McCoy for David Johnson. No worries with losing McCoy but I will have to pick up another te

    1. YES!

      1. Post By

        Thanks bud

  35. Post By "Dirty"(Shaunanigans1980)

    cool much appreciated. I like hearing the madness behind the waiver selection. helps me find some seedlings to pluck off the ground of the wiaver tree before they grown in to just insane maniacal monsters

    1. Love this post!

  36. king ghidorah: 2-0 / 10-team PPR+(4)IDP
    should i trade j.conner + e.engram to the l.bell owner in exchange for c.thompson + z.ertz???
    yes? no? stand pat? why?
    want to capitalize on j.conner while he still has value.
    RBs: k.hunt / j.conner / d.freeman / s.ware

    thanks in advance!

    1. Think you could squeeze a little more, but push come to shove I’d prob do it

  37. 0.5 ppr. Should I trade Josh Gordon and Jordan Reed for Evan Engram and Matt Breida?

    WR: Keenan Allen, Emannuel Sanders, Josh Gordon, Sammy Watkins, Chris Godwin
    RB: Saquon, Conner, Royce Freeman, Joe Mixon, Peyton Barber

    1. Don’t think so.

  38. Post By

    Hey RW Nation. Big Ben or fitzpatrick this week? Big ben tends to suck on the road so if fitz is the play I’d like to put in a claim tonight. Not sure which way to go.

    Thanks for the advice!

    1. If you aren’t using a super high waiver priority, or spending big free agent budget dollars, or dropping somebody you really like- then go for it just in case, make the sit/start decision later in the week.

      1. Post By

        Gonna follow the cheat sheet and spend about 4 and drop keenum who I had this week just in case Ben was out. Appreciate it!

  39. Post By

    What do you think about a Landry for Jackson trade?

    1. Who is Jackson?

      1. Post By

        DeSean Jackson.. sorry

        1. I’d rather have Landry

        2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

          DJax has such low volume. Landry gets a ton of work and is a significantly more valuable in PPR.

  40. Is Barber droppable for Clement?

    1. Yes, he’s droppable for a solid waiver pick up in general. CC looks like a solid 1 wk waiver play. Unclear what his viability on season is. Week 1 was a bad indication. But, we love him and he is shaping up to potentially be in a great spot for WK3.


    I don’t see Quincy or Breida on the cheat sheet. Is it because they are likely owned? Do you like both in a 12 team league? Or do you think they both suck? Thanks

    1. Hi BigBrixey,

      Thanks for your joining in the comment section and for all of the support! Yes, they are both well over 50% owned. They should both be owned, for sure in a 12 tm league.

  42. Flash Gordon got dropped prematurely on Sunday, 12-team .5ppr. 60% fab or go even bigger? AB/Hogan/Goodwin, generally playing an RB in my flex.

    1. Yo Hans,

      Thanks for hanging out. Can’t thank you enough for your support. I would not personally spend that much, there’s just too many unknowns for me, and it is very early. I own Gordon, BTW, in 2/3 my leagues.

      If you want to bid that much, we understand it and support you in the move. We respect a man who is out for the win, and willing to ship his chips into the middle of the table. Gordon is an apex predator and the ultimate beast.

      1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

        Apex predator. I just wanted to highlight that. Apex.

  43. Drop Jordy for Callaway?

    1. I did in both my half-PPR and PPR leagues before the games started this past Sunday. He was my WR5 in those.

    2. Think you have to. Could come back to bite. But, the intel we have supports the move

  44. If OJ howard is available, how much % FAAB should I spend on him?

    1. I’d still say 5%

  45. 10 team ppr. 3 wr, 2rb, and flex
    I have Zeke, Yeldon, Devonta Freeman, Burkhead, and Crowell and RB. And K. Allen, Hilton, JuJu, Eman Sanders, Watkins, Golladay, and Enunma at WR.

    Looking to make a trade. The other guy has Kamara, Barkley, and McCaffrey at RB. Tate, Fumchess, and Hogan are his starting WRs.

    He already has ODB for Barkley and Thielen for McCaffrey.

    Which one of those 3 RBs should I try for. And do you think Hilton and Enunwa/Golladay would be a good fit for the trade.

    1. Depends on who his bench RB are. If he has no depth behind those 3, you will have to send a RB back in return. If he can afford to take on the 2 WR – that would be a great trade for you, not sure he’ll take it. I’d be willing to take Barkley or McCaffrey.

      He’ll likely want the most for Kamara, and Ingram comes back soon. Obv, if he’s willing to deal on Kamara- we are fine with him or any of the 3. Generally, we want you to purse the guy you can obtain the best deal on.

      Burkhead is about to be a drop, so if you can throw him in as a value-add on any solid deal, you should do it. Crowell, is kind of the next level up. I could see him wanting JuJu and Crowell, and hopefully you guys settling on Hilton and Crowell- maybe throw in an extra Enunwa or Golladay to put it over the top. You’ll never start all those guys, and as long as you walk with the Uber-premium player in the deal, you really can’t lose.

      Worst case, I’d prob give up Freeman and a WR as well- I’d still view any of those 3 RBs as an upgrade to your RB corps over Freeman, albeit you’d obv like to continue to have him the mix to put things really over the top for your RB group

      1. His counter offer is K. Allen and Hilton and I would get McCaffrey and Hogan. That seems just a bit rich. Or am I just overvaluing my own players here?
        I believe I am going to throw him a counter of Allen or Hilton and Sanders for the same back for me. This feels like a better fit.

  46. Post By

    Should I drop randall cobb for geronimo allison in a standard league?

    1. I’m in the same boat but I am sticking with Cobb for now.

      1. Agree, don’t think so just yet

  47. Post By

    12 team PPR

    Being offered Conner, Mike Evans, and Hogan for Barkley and Allen Robinson. I am a Bell owner with Pat Lindsay currently at RB2.
    Hopkins, Hilton, and Cooks starting WR with not much on the bench.

    Should I take Conner and the upgrades at WR or hold out for Bell to return and have studs RB1/RB2?

    Love the show!

    1. I would stick with what you have. Barkley is a stud and Trubisky is getting more comfortable in Nagy’s offense. Stick with your guys. Your WRs are solid.

    2. probably not unless you can start 4 wrs, thanks

  48. 1) No OJ Howard on WWCS but would you drop ASJ for him in a standard league? What about in a PPR league?

    2) Own the Bears DEF and Ravens DEF but someone dropped the Vikings DEF Sunday morning?! How would you rank them going forward?

    3) Why is Anthony Miller so low on the WWCS? We giving up on him already?

    4) 12 tm PPR league: Start 2RB, 2WR and we have a FLEX obviously
    WRs: AB, Allen, Gordon, Cobb, Callaway, Miller
    RBs: Freeman, Collins, Crowell, Kerryon, Burkhead

    Drop Burkhead or Anthony Miller for Buck Allen, Clement or Ivory?

    1. 1. yes 2. bears, ravens, vikings 3. i think he’s assuming he’s already owned. i just don’t have much faith in trubisky 4. i’m only making a move like that if you think you’ll actually play one of them.

      1. Thanks Trashman! Really appreciate you guys taking the tie to answer these.

        1) Missed on OJ Howard (wish I never dropped him last week for ASJ to begin with I just followed the Week 2 WWCS and saw ASJ above Howard…)

        2) Someone burned a high claim on Vikes DEF, so should I drop the Ravens DEF and just hold onto Bears?

        3) Assuming he’s already owned just means he’s droppable for guys above him on the WWCS in theory right? Maybe I’ve been using the WWCS incorrectly all this time!?

        4) Ended up dropping Anthony iIller which hurt a little bit, but I got Buck Allen since I own Collins and it’s a PPR league? Forgot to mention I also have Rashad Penny so maybe I should drop have dropped Burkhead or Penny for Buck instead? Hoping no one picks up Miller so I can pick him up again once Freeman gets ruled OUT and I can slot him in the IR spot.

  49. I have been offered Davante Adams, Emmanuel Sanders and George Kittle for Julio Jones, Nelson Agholor and Corey Davis. Standard League. My other receivers are Amari Cooper, Sammy Watkins and Anthony Miller. My tight end is Njoku. What do you think?

  50. I’d stay put and keep Julio and Nelson

  51. Do you see a lot of potential with Paul Richardson? Just wondering if I should grab him or one of the guys lower on the cheat sheet as a bench stash. It’s a big league so options are limited but Paul is available as well as some others.

  52. I have LAC def and like their schedule (except for this week)
    Available as FA are Cleveland, Miami and New England
    Should I drop LAC (others in league will grab them) to pick up one of the above or figure out how to make room on my bench for one of the above?

  53. Post By

    12 team PPR no flex 3wr 2rb 1gb 1 te 1k def

    I have Mixon out this week and need to start 2 of these Collins, AP, Dion Lewis, Wilkens or Eckler.
    It is crazy to think after the first 2 weeks that Eckler has stand alone value with the points he has put up?
    Having a hard time trusting Collins.

    Also was offered a trade of Allen Robinson for Andrew Luck what do you think. I have JJones, D Hopkins, K Golliday and Edelman. I picked a qb in late rounds so had Carr and Mariota but dropped Mariota for Tyrod Taylor.
    I need a qb I can trust just not sure it is Luck.
    BTW Yahoo give me a C on this draft and I thought it looked like a good team for a 12 team league.
    Your thoughts

  54. Drop Cohen fir Ekeler?

    1. Yes

  55. Should Tyler Boyd already b owned since he is not in cheat sheet?

    1. Cannot believe how many fucking Tyler Boyd questions I’ve gotten purposefully leaving him off an extremely deep waiver sheet, after he has 1 decent #$%& game. He can be picked up, it’s a very borderline low upside acquisition.

      I am almost certain we know who Tyler Boyd is in the NFL w/ Dalton and the Bengals. But, here’s for hoping for more! Cheers if you hold him more than 2 wk!

  56. Post By

    Would you guys drop Kupp for Josh Gordon?

    1. No

  57. Post By

    I should have mentioned standard league Kupp for Gordon.

  58. 0.5 PPR

    Receivers are Fitz and Marvin Jones and Larry hurting

    Also have:
    Josh Gordon

    Should I drop Fitzpatrick, Njoku, Carson, Al Morris, or keeled for Calloway?

    Feel like I need a receiver! Thanks!

    1. Yes. Drop Alf Morris or maybe even Carson like a bad habit

      1. Or, drop Crowder or Njoku if you want Not sure who your other TE is

  59. Hey bros! A Jones is just sitting there as a free agent. Who do I drop? J Cook, Ebron or Randall Cobb. 1/2ppr

    1. Ebron

  60. Post By

    Assuming you guys are aware, but if not, there appears to be an issue with the rankings for this week. Thanks.

  61. 14 Team 0.5 PPR. Penny was dropped and I am first on the wavier wire. Current RBs are Fournette, Dion Lewis, Breida, Aaron Jones, and K. Johnson. ASJ & Vance McDonald at TE. Would you drop one of the TEs for Penny?

    1. Yes

  62. 10 team half point ppr league. Would it be crazy to drop Kupp for either Calloway or Cole? Also have AB, Evans, ARob, Amari, and Watkins. Also, safe to drop Yeldon for Ekler or Gio?

    1. Yes.

      1. Yes to both (as long as you don’t own LF on #2) Could try to trade him to LF owner first.

        1. Well, I was outbid for Gio and Ekler….Clement is still available, drop Yeldon for him? I’m not a Fournette owner.

  63. Half point per reception, should I trade Jay Ajayi for Tyreke Hill? Already have Fournette and Kareem Hunt at RB

    1. God Yes!!!!!!

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I need to be in this league if someone offered you that.

  64. Post By

    I’m in 4 leagues this year and used the cheat sheet for each. I’m 2-0 in one but 0-2 in the other three. Was wondering if i could get some advice on any of the 3 0-2 teams. See below.

    Team 1/.5 PPR
    QB – Jimmy G
    RB – Fournette, Collins, Carson, Ingram, Kerryon, Ekeler
    WR – Keenan, Golladay, Josh Gordon, A Miller, Keenan Cole, Quincy
    TE – Engram
    Def – Bears
    K – Boswell

    Team 2/ Full PPR
    QB – Jimmy G
    RB – Saquon, Hyde, Mixon, Collins, Burkhead, Crowell, Ekeler
    WR – Keenan, Juju, Agholor, Cobb, Goodwin
    TE – Reed
    Def- Broncos
    K – Lutz

    Team 3/.5 PPR
    QB – Watson
    RB – Zeke, Lindsay, Ajayi, Mixon, Kerryon, Burkhead
    WR – Davante, Agholor, Baldwin, Golladay, Cole
    TE – Ebron
    Def – Chargers
    K – Boswell

    I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but any advice help for any of these three teams would be much appreciated! Getting into the waive wire cheat sheet now to make my claims. Thank you!

    1. Team 1- Is solid. You need Jimmy G to step up and LF to get going. Obv, an Ingram return will help a lot, but that’s a few wk away, need to get some wins now. Collins and Carson kind of fucking you. I suspect Kerryon is getting close to break out, and is fine to play if you have to. He is at least certainly trending in the right direction.

      This team is just going to take a little time to mold with how the season is unfolding, which means you will need to exercise some medium level roster management to get you through the next 2-4 wk.

      If you have to play the QB matchups. Your WR to play right now should be KA, KG, Cole, and Enunwa. All you can do is keep working waivers, and listen to the TradeCast later today for some ideas on trade to proposals. Go through that process weekly, and you should get your fair share of wins and points scored.

      Team 2- Similar situation, a few different players. The Mixon deal a blow obv. Prior to that, this was a pretty salty squad. I don’t hate getting rid of Burkhead if you have to for a really solid waiver pick up

      Team 3- Same Deal. I’d look to upgrade Ebron, and would play waiver wire defense if there is a clear cut option better than the Chargers in the given week. Don’t hate stashing them or playing if necessary- still think they have longterm upside on the season and will at least be good in some spots. But if you need wins now and like another matchup better, roll with it

    2. these are deep teams that you can probably afford to make some trades with that will strengthen your starting lineups. right now, you’re probably just missing on the right combinations of starters. also, jimmy g and watson have gotten off to slow starts. things should shape up.

      1. Post By

        Appreciate it guys. Looking forward to the Tradecast today!

  65. Would you drop Benjamin or Corey Davis for Callaway? Stndrd scoring

    1. Benjamin yes

  66. I sent out a trade offer of Conner and Mahomes for Kamara in a 10 team .5ppr. He countered with my Hilton, Mahomes and Conner for Kamara, hogan and stills?

    At qb I still have Watson my wr are OBJ, Brandon Marshall, Josh Gordon, and Funchess and my rb are Hunt, Carson, Lynch and Alf Morris. Should I snap this up?

    1. You guys are close, I’d work to improve the deal a bit.

      If push comes to shove, I’d probably do it. This current offer would be more equitable at the moment, if you are giving up Watson instead of Mahomes. Otherwise I think you should be giving up Gordon instead of Hilton or getting back something a little better than Hogan and Stills. Hogan is worthless to us. Stills is good and we like him, just feels like for Mahomes + Hilton + Conner, you should be getting a little more. Kamara is a sell high. You are buying high on an asset most perceive has already reached his maximum value on the season, albeit still a tremendous PPR asset on the entire season

      1. Right on thank you for the detailed response. I’ll see if I can tweak it a little bit.

      2. On this same team someone offered me fitz and Royce freeman for Gordon, I haven’t accepted or rejected it would this change anything?

  67. Penny is on waivers in my 0.5 PPR league. Hold Carson or drop him to get Penny?

    1. I’d prob drop him for Penny

      1. Thanks for the reply. Enjoy the content greatly

        1. You got it. Appreciate you tremendously. Thank you.

  68. Post By

    12 team PPR no flex 3wr 2rb 1gb 1 te 1k def

    I have Mixon out this week and need to start 2 of these Collins, AP, Dion Lewis, Wilkens or Eckler.
    It is crazy to think after the first 2 weeks that Eckler has stand alone value with the points he has put up?
    Having a hard time trusting Collins.

    Also was offered a trade of Allen Robinson for Andrew Luck what do you think. I have JJones, D Hopkins, K Golliday and Edelman. I picked a qb in late rounds so had Carr and Mariota but dropped Mariota for Tyrod Taylor.
    I need a qb I can trust just not sure it is Luck.
    BTW Yahoo give me a C on this draft

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Re: Ekeler, it’s not crazy. He was doing this last season, too.

      Are you getting Luck? I don’t think I’d trade a piece as good as Robinson for a QB.

      Draft grades are about as useful as preseason college football rankings.

  69. Freeman and Watkins to the T. Coleman owner for M. Gordon? Not sure Watkins will ever break my starting lineup.

  70. Post By

    Hey guys, need to pick a Flex. 1 PT PPR. Landry, Lindsay, or Breida.

    Thanks as always! You guys have helped me be 2-0 in both my leagues and also highest points in both leagues too!!

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I’d wait for Trashman’s flex rankings tomorrow, but I’m leaning Lindsay. Should be close.

  71. Trade Question (0.5 PPR) – 0-2 Record

    Getting: Ingram and Landry
    Giving: Julio Jones

    RBs: Hunt, Coleman, Rex, Royce and Lindsay
    WRs: Sander, Jones, Cooper, Callaway, Davis and Miller

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Best player in that trade is Julio. I’m not a fan.

  72. 10 team standard.

    Goodwin got dropped.

    Do I drop Golladay, Kupp or Corey Davis to pick him up ?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I wouldn’t say no to dropping Davis.

  73. Post By

    someone dropped L.Bell in my league, who would you drop to stash him (Bell)?

    Full PPR 2RB, 2WR with IR spot, my roster…

    Qb: Watson, Goff
    RB: Gurley, Freeman, Mixon (IR), P.Lindsey, S. Michel, A. Jones
    WR: Juju, Kupp, A. Rob, W. Fuller, Goodwin, Enunwa
    TE: Engram

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Probably Jones for me.

  74. Post By John Hunsberger

    Do I trade Sammy Watkins for Alex Collins ?

    My wrs are juju , micheal Thomas , John brown , Godwin , Calloway and Allison

    RBs are Henry zeke and Kerryon Johnson ?
    Standard lg

  75. Hey guys,

    What are our thoughts on Tyler Boyd? 12 team .5ppr WRs are JuJu, Hopkins, Hogan, Miller, and Grant. Team got murdered with Bell and McKinnon so I’ve been trying any RBs that I can. I’ve got Morris, Yeldon, Burkhead, Michel, Penny, Clement, and Bell if we can actually count him. I’m just trying to separate myself from the rest of these losers.


  76. 12 tm full pt ppr start: 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, te and flex
    Wr: Allen, manny sanders, Hogan, gordon (before trade to Pat’s, else I’d no it have 2 Pat’s wr), and enunwa

    Rbs: mixon, saquon, penny, Freeman

    I have chargers and texans def wo I can cut one. I really dont want 2 Pat’s wrs. I’d like to cut Hogan but not until edleman is back.

    Both lat murray and Antonio callaway are avbl. Which one should I get or both? I was leaning murray for rb depth and with the issue cook had last week.

    I’m leaning on getting both by cutting a def and Hogan or enunwa? Thougts?

    1. i think murray is the rational choice. i think callway will be the better player though. i don’t know if/when you would start him. you should def cut a def. i would try trading hogan before cutting him.

  77. Should I trade golden Tate for alex Collins? I’m thin at RB. I have fournette, James white, Crowell, and sproles. My WR are thielen, juju, Beckham, Tate, Brandon Marshall, chris hogan. Any help is appreciated.

  78. Post By

    Trade sent to me:
    Receive – Dalvin and Stills
    Trade – Golladay, Ingram, and Ekeler
    My RBs – Fournette, Collins, Ingram, Kerryon, Carson, Ekeler
    My WR’s – Keenan Allen, Golladay, Quincy, Flash, A miller, Cole
    I’m thinking this is a little too much to give up, but what do you guys think?

  79. RW, Thank you for putting Anthony Miller on this weeks Waiver Sheet. I threw him back for Antonio Callaway.

  80. Trade option:
    I trade Kamara and Beckam for Gurley and Kelce

    I start OJ Howard now at tight end. I start TY, Allen Robinson and my third would be josh Gordon, Alshon or Baldwin when healthy with Beckham gone

  81. D Johnson or Lat Murray?
    Lat Murray or Fournette (reduced workload or re-injury?)

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