RosterWatch Week 4 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet and PODCAST Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

PODCAST —- PRO MEMBERS CAN FIND THE WAIVER WIRE PODCAST HERE IN THE PRO PODCAST DOWNLOADS SECTION. Listen to the PRO podcast as a supplement to the sheet as you’re setting waiver claims for additional insight.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. .5 ppr, 3 wr + flex. $200 budget, $198 left. How much should I spend on Mike Williams?

      1. Thanks, I have $41 entered so we are on the same page

  2. .5 ppr, 2 wr + flex, short bench league. $100 budget, $98 left. I have Hogan and Cooper as my 2/3. Ridley, Boyd, and John Brown are available. Who would you target and how much? Bottom of my roster is Enunwa and Aaron Jones.

    1. around $20 for Ridley, $16 or so for Boyd.

  3. What are your suggestions for folks that had Jimmy G as their only qb?
    Time to start streaming QBs?

    1. in the same boat in two leagues…r.tannehill is quietly effective, flacco too
      j.winston three game suspension is over. all three are in my waiver claim plans tonight.

    2. Dalton has a nice schedule the next few weeks, you can also think about picking up Baker Mayfield who is an unbelievable prospect and may find early success.

  4. Is it time to cut ties with D. Baldwin?
    current WR’s K. Allen, G. Tate, E. Sanders, Baldwin, D. Thomas, M. Goodwin
    Looking to drop either Baldwin, Thomas, or Goodwin for T.Boyd or Ridley this week?
    Thanks in advance…

    1. that’s a nice stable of WRs…doubt he’d start outside of bye-week issues.
      my $0.02, i would…that’s both knees in two seasons. i like t.boyd in the short run as a.j. green is dealing with a mild hammy issue.

    2. If you own Sanders and Thomas just trade away Thomas even for cheap if you can. Make sure to definitely grab a Ridley or Boyd either way.

  5. Should I pick up M. Ryan as a backup QB and drop Cousins/Wentz

    1. In general you shouldn’t be holding backup QBs at all. So, I’d say no in a vacuum without knowing the exact situation in your league.

  6. Greg Olsen was cut in my league after his injury and week 1 and surprisingly nobody has picked him up to this point. With the news coming out that he’s progressing well and may be ready to play after their week 4 bye how much of my remaining $85 FAAB should I spend on him? Even though he’s been sitting on the waiver wire since week 1, the people in my league aren’t dumb so I don’t know if I can just get him for a couple of bucks or if I should play it safe and spend up a bit?

    1. don’t break the bank on anyone coming back from a second fifth metatarsal injury without the surgery. Olsen was ready to quit football to take the MNF job had it been offered. Don’t spend up for this one. Instead, if you don’t get him, pick up a cheap option like Vance McDonald, Tyler Eifert or Dallas Goedert.

  7. Is Christian Kirk a better long term add than DJ Moore at this point?

    1. they are close, but I think I’d rather have Moore ROS.

  8. Post By

    Would you rather roster Enunwa or Geronimo? And is Fournette plus Diggs/M Evans a good return for Saquon? Standard leagues

    1. in standard I can’t believe it but probably Geronimo – it’s close.

  9. Post By

    Would you rather roster Enunwa or Geronimo? And is Fournette plus Diggs/M Evans a good return for Saquon? Standard leagues

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Standard, probably Geronimo for me.

  10. Spend FULL budget on Mike Williams

  11. Are you dropping Anthony Miller for players higher on the sheet?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I would. Trubisky just isn’t that good right now. I’d much rather have any of the top five on the WWCS today (Ridley, Callaway, Boyd, Godwin, Allison) than Miller. I would play those five over Miller right now.

      1. Would you rather have Christian Kirk or DJ Moore over Miller? Concerned about his injury

        1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo


  12. I’ve got a weird team that somehow is churning out wins. Roster at the moment:

    QB – Mahomes RBs – Clement, Latavious, Penny, Michel, Morris, Hines, Bell WRs – Hopkins, JuJu, Hogan, Miller, Westbrook TE – Engram

    Obviously Latavious is getting dropped. I feel like Penny is droppable at this point. Is it time to move on from Morris cause of the Jimmy G injury? Hopefully I snag Allen with the Latavious drop. Hogan is garbage but I feel I can’t drop him. I need a TE cause of the Engram injury. Do we roster two TEs and drop either one of the other RBs or god forbid Miller?

    Honestly, all I can say is that being a part of this nation is how I keep winning! Eff you Bell and Mckinnon’s ACL, this team should be godly.

    Thanks everyone!

    1. Don’t drop Penny just yet or Morris. If you have to drop Miller to snag a waiver TE you can probably do it while holding on to Engram. By the time Engram is back Miller may still be on your wire if he misses time with the elbow or whatever that injury was in Arizona.

      1. Thanks Alex.

  13. Trade option: 12 team PPR

    I trade Kamara and Beckam for Gurley and Kelce

    I start OJ Howard now at tight end. I start TY, Allen Robinson and my third would be josh Gordon, Alshon or Baldwin when healthy with Beckham gone in the trade.

  14. Post By Robert Braswell

    I own luck ..luckily picked up Matt ryan and played him…I want to sure up the spot..Dalton is available..with his upcoming schedule would you drop Luck for Dalton?…How Ebron for Mcdonald..Thanks Fellas

    1. think either of those moves are fine.

  15. Tight end has been an absolute disaster this season as I’ve had Njoku for first 2 games dropped him and picked up Jesse James who was even worse. Players I can pick up include V.McDonald, Njoku, Sefarian Jenkins, Hooper and Brate. Its the only hole on my 3-0 roster. Also I have some depth at receiver Theilen, Hilton, E.Sanders, J.Gordon, M Goodwin and J. Edelman. any thoughts on who I should be packaging for a trade. Thanks guys your cheat sheet has got me 3-0 so far.

    1. keep your depth at WR. McDonald is a fine pick up but I want Njoku now that Baker is pulling the trigger. Would like to see how that thing goes for a game or two if possible

      1. thanks love your show. been pro member for years. been riding with you guys since 2014 when you gave me the heads up on rookies Odell, Evans and Landry and my team went 12-2

  16. Should I trade Royce Freeman and emmunal Sanders for lesean McCoy and pick up calloway or t boyd off waivers? He also offered James white and amari cooper for Royce Freeman and emmunal Sanders

    1. no, i don’t like either of those trades. sanders is way more valuable than he might seem.

  17. Need help- 10 team 1/2 pt PPR, record 1-2
    QB Ryan
    RBs Hunt, Fournette, Gio Bernard, L McCoy, Royce Freeman, Kerryon Johnson
    WRs TY Hilton, E Sanders, M Jones, J Gordon, and Alshon Jeffery
    TE J Reed

    Who would you drop to pick up a TE? Also, C. Ridley, John Brown, Callaway, Boyd, Allison, Godwin, and Phillip Lindsay are all still on the WW- would you drop anyone else to get one of them?

    Thanks, RW!

    1. See if you can package a Gio+Gordon or Gio+Jones for a higher tier WR? Maybe a Stefon Diggs after a down week. 2 for 1 deal and opens up a free spot to pick up a TE.

  18. Jimmy is my only QB in a 12 team (4pt passing TD) league. This is what’s on my WW for tonight: Flacco,Mayfield,Dalton,Tannehill,Eli,Keenum,Mariota and Carr. I’ve never really streamed qb’s, is there one here you prefer ROS or one you prefer just for week 4? Thanks

  19. Noticed Will Dissly is not on the sheet this week. Would u rather have him or McDonald?

  20. Post By

    Trashman, Byron, Alex

    Do you guys think I should drop evan engram or hold on to him till he comes back from injury…. TE’s are thin in my league and hes probably going to be my best option once he comes back from injury whenever that is

  21. standard league- I keep getting offers for Royce freeman and emunal sanders. I need rb help, should I trade Royce freeman and emunal sanders for McCoy and amari cooper. he said I may have to throw in josh Gordon as well. but that seems like too much.

    1. I would not do it. Keep Freeman and Sanders.

  22. Post By

    Two QB league. Have Mahones and bortles. 3point for TD, 6 points for running td and 10 points per yard. Should I drop bortles for Flacco, Baker, Dak or trabitsky and if so in what order

  23. Post By

    1 point per 10 yards, sorry

    1. Baker, Flacco, Trabisky, Dak would be my order.

  24. Would you drop Fitzgerald for M. Williams or Callaway?
    PPR and other WRs are Adams, Kupp, Gordon, Godwin.

    1. I like Callaway for his big play upside. Mini Tyreek Hill.

  25. 12 team standard drop either penny, morris, or fitzmagic for Ridley or Boyd who both are still on waivers? R.Wilson is my other QB. Pretty deep at WR already with Hopkins, Juju, M.Williams, Kupp and Algholor but wanted to see what you guys thought?

  26. 0.5 PPR. Pick up Vance McDonald or Tyler Eifeet for this week?

    1. Or Njoku?

  27. Drop Corey Davis for Ridley or Callaway?

  28. Drop DJ Moore or Anthony Miller for Allison? Even though I own Davante Adams?

    1. Moore for Allison

  29. Hi

    I have #2 waiver until I use it in a 10 team league with a wr/rb flex. Currently have OBJ, M. Evans, Ty Hilton, G. Tate.

    M. Gordon and then S. Michel, m. Ingram, Aaron Jones at RB

    SHOULD I use the #2 waiver to go after Ridley or Boyd? With the ultimate goal of making a trade? (Obviously don’t want to have to choose between all those wideouts each week.)

    Other positions are

    Rothlisbeerger, Wentz
    J. Reed, E, Enron
    Streaming defenses

    Thank you. RADIO GOLD!

  30. Byron/Alex/Trashman,

    I’m a loyal pro subscriber, have been for years. I stayed true to the cheat sheet during the draft, follow the waiver wire cheat sheet weekly, and listen to the podcasts.
    But I’m off to 0-3 start in 0.5 PPR league where the flex has to be a WR/TE and I’m desperate for advice on how to get things turned around!
    All of my RBs (including David Johnson) are really letting me down.

    Please give me like 3-5 tips on what to do with my roster and in what priority.

    Here’s my roster:

    QB – Stafford, Luck
    RB – D. Johnson, Drake, McCoy, Bernard, Breda, Burkhead
    WR – K Allen, AJ Green, E. Sanders, A. Robinson, Josh Gordon
    TE – J. Reed
    D – Baltimore
    K – Lambo

    Thanks fellas, I need the help!


  31. Drop Anthony Miller for Kelvin Benjamin?

    1. I would probably not do it unless you are thin at WR and will play Kelvin, but there are a few hot waiver picks for WR not Benjamin. If you can, hold Miller.

  32. Should I drop Doug Baldwin and try to pick up Ridley, Boyd, or Callaway. My other receivers are Cobb, Stills, and Funchess. G. Allison is not available.

    1. I may drop Stills for Ridley. I’m tempted to hold Baldwin for now.

  33. Post By

    I need help at receiver position. I have
    K Allen. (LAC)
    Q Enunwa (nyj)
    L. FITZGERALD (ari)
    A cooper (oak)
    C davis (ten)
    I will try to pick up ridley and drop davis. Other receiver that are available are
    John brown
    C Godwin
    G allison
    K golly day
    ..should I drop one of my other receiver to try and get one off these

    1. If Golladay is available I would take him if Ridley is not available. I hate to say it but I may want to hold Amari for now and maybe possibly drop Enunwa for Ridley or Golladay.

  34. Team name FournHub, 2-1. It’s a 10 team PPR league with small benches, someone just waived Phillip Lindsay, I think I have to put a claim in on him but don’t know who to drop. We start 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR flex and TE

    QB: Dalton, Fitzmagic
    RB: Fournette, Hyde, Alex Collins, Royce Freeman, Mark Ingram
    WR: Keenan Allen, TY, Marvin Jones, Enunwa, Cobb, Callaway.
    TE: Rudolph.

    As crazy as it sounds I feel like Fitzpatrick is the drop, he has a brutal matchup vs the Bears this week(compared to Dalton great matchup) and bye next week.

    Thoughts? Been a pro member for 4 years now, radio show on XM fantasy is my favorite thing to listen to all week. Thanks in advance!

    1. I would drop Fitzmagic myself. Plus Dalton has some plus matchups for the next few weeks.

  35. I picked up Vance McDonald on waiver wire last night. I like him I look forward to him being my TE1. But based on your podcast I am considering dropping Kelvin Benjamin and picking up Dallas Goddard to have on my bench in the event that he does break out. Annually, I stream my tight ends position. So carting two tight ends is scary to me or uncharted territory. What do you think about this idea?
    Half point PPR my receivers are Sanders juju , cooper, Calloway,, John Brown and Benjamin.

    1. I play two WR’s and one flex. Seems like Benjamin doesn’t get off my bench in any case.

  36. Post By American Swindle

    Got Bortles and Carr at QB, do you think Tannehill or Dalton is worth a pick up to start over either of those 2? If yes who would you drop?

  37. Amari Cooper just got dropped. Who would you drop first for him, Chris Hogan or Josh Gordon? 10 team ppr.

  38. You like Houston or Patriot D over these D options with Green Bay and Seattle gone?

  39. Post By

    I’m in a 10 tm PPR league and the waiver wire is VERY deep. I currently own the following WRs: R Cobb & M Goodwin. Would you drop either of these two for any of the following: C Davis, K Stills or S Shepard? Also own Crowell and Jamaal Williams, Corey Clement and Ekeler are all available. Thanks for the help!

  40. Have waivers running in a 12 team ppr league tonight. I see Mike Williams available. I don’t see him listed on the WW cheat sheet for receivers. Is that because you feel he’s already owned. If so, where would you slot him in. Thanks guys

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