RosterWatch Week 5 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

PODCAST —- PRO MEMBERS CAN FIND THE WAIVER WIRE PODCAST HERE IN THE PODCAST SECTION AS SOON AS IT GETS POSTED. You can also find it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or anywhere podcasts are found. You can also simply watch it below on YouTube. Listen to the podcast as a supplement to the sheet as you’re setting waiver claims for additional insight, the pod does not give the exact order and/or tiers of the sheet so do not consider it a substitute for using the sheet.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. Need trade help. I send Keenan Allen and Scotty Miller. I get Miles Sanders and Leviskus Shenault. Its a PPR. My RBS are Gurley, Gibson Drake Edmonds Akers. My other recievers are Lockett OBJ Godwin Pascal Ruggs. We Start 2 Rbs 3 WR 2 Flex

    1. also I’m 1-3

  2. Record 2-2: Trade proposal to me in PPR league – his J Allen/Ekeler (or Chubb), for my Conner/M. Ryan. He needs a RB badly, and I also have Drake, Mixon, Gibson, C Edmonds, Freeman, and Harris just off of IR. I can keep Ek/Chubb on IR of course. Thoughts? (leaning Chubb vs Ekeler).

    1. I’m worried ekeler might be out longer than we think. I think you have the reserves to make it until Chubb is back and getting Allen feels nice. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk, but it is fine if you want to do it.

  3. 12 team ppr. I think it’s time to get rid of Aj green. On the waivers I have option of
    Tim Patrick
    Which one would be most profitable in pickup?
    Second question :
    Someone dropped cam Akers
    Is he worth stashing on my bench or should I grab Damien Harris?

    1. Please watch the video above starting at 36:10 or so for our full thoughts on Green vs. these players and make your own decision based on your roster and situation. The only one in play here right now is Higgins. Question 2: I really like both Akers and Harris and would like to get both, but may lean Harris for now as he is healthy and Akers is not. Both will have basically 3 man situations to navigate, but both are high-upside candidates who could take on major roles within those committees down the stretch. If you have a backup TE or QB, you need to drop him to get both those guys as stashes.

      1. Thank you, I was mid way through the video haven’t got to that point yet

  4. PPR 4-0! My team Play 3 WR 2 RB 1 TE 1 Flex
    CRidley CGodwin JJ Smith-Schuster RWoods C Lamb
    ZElliott AEkeler JRobinson AGibson LFournette JKelley

    Available on Waiver are: (would I prefer any of these to what I have)?
    WR Ruggs, Crowder, PWilliams, Shenault, Aiyuk
    RB D Harris, DJohnson (Cleveland) (Do I keep Fournette for now?)
    TE Tonyan and DSchultz

    1. great team, if you have a backup QB or god forbid DST etc, drop him for any of the players mentioned

  5. Would you drop any of the following for WW add.
    My Team 1. Akers, J Brown, Gage, Freeman
    Waivers: Crowder, Tonyan
    Team 2: Higbe, J Brown, J Landry, Lamb, Gage
    Waivers: J Jefferson, Tonyan and Junno
    Team 3: Gage, Akers, Slayton, Shenault
    Waivers: J Jefferson, J Jackson

    1. it completely depends on the player you will be adding. We address many if not all of the players you mentioned starting at around 33:50 on the video above.

  6. Post By

    Sup Fellas- record 2-2
    1pt ppr Superflex

    Trade: Receive: A. Rogers
    Give up: Gordon and Mayfield
    I also have RB- CEH and Mixon and Hines
    QB- Cousins and R Tannehill
    Fair trade? Would you make it?
    Thanks guys!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think so as long as it doesn’t leave you too thin at RB. AR has a BYE this wk

  7. Hey guys. I’m 3-1 in my 10-team PPR and a 1-3 team offered me D HOPKINS for my TAYLOR + CHARK.

    Good consolidation trade or am I giving up too much, do you think?

    My current roster:
    RB: Cook, J Mixon, J Taylor, R Jones, Z Moss
    WR: Godwin, A Cooper, Chark, D. Parker, M Brown, Isabella
    TE: Gesicki

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d rather see you give up two wr or maybe a WR better than Chark and Moss or Rojo.

      This depends on how much you need to Taylor and/or want to rely on Moss/Rojo/Waiver RBs for your RB3. I don’t know how important the RB3 position is in your league format- and /or how much management you want to put in that position. You have the right idea here though. That said your WR are already really good / deep and just want to make sure your starting lineup stays strong w/ regards to RB

      1. Thanks Byron. The other team needs an RB1 in return so he won’t go for a 2 WR package.

        Great point re: the RB3 though it’s a 2+2+Flex league so I’d really just need to decide between Mixon and Rojo each week for RB2 alongside Hop + Cooper + Godwin (when he returns).

        I might subsequently try to move Mixon + Parker/Brown to upgrade at RB again. The 0-4 team has CEH so maybe I should target him?

  8. It looks like D. Johnson – CLE is near the top and near the bottom of the sheet. I am assuming the one near the top is correct? Or is there a second D. Johnson CLE RB (totally possible; I don’t know every player on every roster)? Trying to make sure on your recommendation before I make my claims.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes, sorry- he’s near the top

      1. Thought so. Thanks Byron!

  9. Post By Chelo Méndez

    12 team, 0.5 PPR, 2-2

    QB: Mahomes
    RBs: Kamara, Gibson, RoJo, Fournette, Swift, Dobbins
    WRs: DHop, Hollywood, Laviska
    TE: Streaming

    Being offered Hunt and CeeDee for Kamara. What do you guys think?

    1. Pass- offer Swift, Dobbins, or maybe even Hollywood for CeeDee

  10. Laviska, Tee Higgins, Aiyuk all on waivers right now, burn the 5th priority for one of them? Or wait till the morning and see which one (might) make it through?

    Also, is Aiyuk worth fostering if I already own Deebo?

    My WRs: Kupp, Lamb, Deebo, Gage

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you think they will make it through waivers- then of course wait. But, I find that unlikely. Love Aiyuk- but yeah he’s tough to own if you have Deebo. Sure, I would use #5 if need be

  11. Post By

    Need trade help. sorry i know its not tradecast. team is 2-2. just got offered michael thomas and chase edmounds for mixon and chark.

    My Team:
    RB-Aaron Jones, Mixon, Josh kelley, fournette, zach moss
    WR-Allen Robinson, Ridley, hollywood brown, Chark, brandin cooks, slayton, shenault

    His Team:
    RB-Josh Jacobs, Jonathan taylor, antonio gibson, edmonds, snell
    WR-Michael thomas, thielen, tyler boyd, mclaurin, curtis samuel

    I would ideally like taylor or jacobs and thomas from him. would you counter offer mixon, allen robinson for taylor or jacobs and thomas?

    1. Post By

      I just countered mixon and allen robinson for josh jacobs and michael thomas.

  12. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Who’s the hold and who’s the better sell high? Mixon or Melvin Gordon?

    Do we believe in OBJ or is he also a sell high?

    Is my Mixon + Burrow an enticing offer for Kyler Murray? Murray owner just lost Chubb and only has Myles Gaskin, JK Dobbins and Jordan Howard.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      whichever you can get more for Mixon or Gordon is prob who I would ship. Look at upcoming schedules. If all things are close I prob try to keep Mixon. OBJ is a sell high but don’t hate keeping him. I think he’s solid ROS. Depends on who you can “sell high” on him for to get in return. How high can you go?

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Mixon + Burrow is WAY too much for Kyler!!

  13. Desperate at TE ROS – help me pick one for this week, possibly ROS:

    Jared Cook (injury prone), Austin Hooper, Eric Ebron, Ian Thomas, Drew Sample, Logan Thomas?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Cook longterm- look at the matchups short term for the other guys. Ebron had been interesting- but PIT WR are pretty healthy now

  14. Drop L. Fournette for D Ernest Johnson???

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Don’t think so

  15. Post By

    Should I drop Akers or Moss to pick up D. Johnson or J Jackson off waivers?

  16. Byron, Thank you for ranking so many players on the cheat sheet. It is very helpful!
    Best Wishes,

  17. 12 team 1pt PPR
    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: Mixon, Singletary, J.Williams, (Ekeler)
    WR: Kupp, Ridley, Devante Parker
    TE: Jonnu, Tonyan
    FLEX: Marquise Brown, Ceedee, Shanault, Tee Higgins
    K: Gonzalez
    D: New Orleans

    I lost ekeler but have Mixon and Singletary to play. With Jonnu on the late bye I picked up Tonyan and Jamal Williams (bailed on Michel) before MNF and now am struggling to drop them. I need to replace Rodgers on his bye, am I crazy to drop NO defense and ghost that spot for a QB stream? It’ll put me behind behind in the projection but I like my depth. Is there anyone I’m over hyping?

    I was thinking about placing a waiver for Justin Jackson (Kelley has been rostered) but he was in the tank in your WWCS so figure I’d stay with Williams and that GB offense and wait for ekeler. I’d hate to drop any of my WRs but I am the most deep there. I like Tonyan and Jonnu a lot too.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated! Just bouncing ideas around. Thank you!

    1. Also what’s your thoughts on my flex? Thinking Brown might finally score and the boys run the ball. Weirdly liking Higgins too

    2. If you are struggling on which players to drop,then you need to do a consolidation trade to level up your team at a position and also create some much needed roster space. Just wait for the TRADECAST to get enlightened on that.

      And never take a zero at a position. Every win and every point is so important and taking an intentional zero at a spot could really come back to bite you.

  18. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Which WR paired with Melvin Gordon makes the most sense to pry away Derrick Henry?

    DJ Moore

    1. OBJ for sure.

  19. Post By

    Trade question…..
    League plays 3WRs & 2RBs (No Flex)
    I am weak at RB: Mixon, Montgomery, Bell
    Strong at WR: Beckham, Julio, Michael Thomas, Devante Parker, Jones Jr, & Riggs.

    Thinking about trading Parker for Singletary. Thoughts? Waiver wire is weak right now. RB availability is Duke Johnson, Burkhead, Fournette

    1. I’d drop Jones Jr for Fournette.

  20. Sitting at 4-0 in 10-team Half-PPR league. Interested in picking up Tonyan for speculative purposes. Here’s what I have:

    QB – K. Murray, C. Newton
    RB – CMC, A. Jones, R. Mostert, A. Gibson, M. Davis
    WR – D. Hopkins, OBJ, C. Lamb, D. Parker, T. Boyd
    TE – H. Hurst

    Obviously not dropping a RB until CMC and/or Mostert come back. It’s between Cam, Parker or Boyd. I typically don’t keep two QBs, but I’m leaning toward dropping Parker or Boyd and keeping Cam for potential trade down the road. What do you think?

    1. I would not drop any of those guys for Tonyan.

  21. Trade Proposal – Should I trade away James Conner for Adam Thielen?

    My WR – DK Metcalf / DeVante Parker / Brandon Aiyuk / John Brown / Darius Slayton

    My RB – Zeke Elliot / David Johnson / James Conner / Tony Pollard / Devin Singletary / D’Ernest Johnson

    Thinking I need WR help as we start 3! Any other WR’s that I could target?

    1. I would not do that trade. I honestly don’t think your WRs are bad. Slayton probably about to go off playing the Dallas defense this week.

      If anything,try to trade a RB and WR for a stud at WR.

  22. Post By

    Please rank Rest of season:

    1. Jeudy

  23. Mixon owners – assuming we’re trying to sell high this week. What big fish are we going after in a package deal w Mixon? Zeke? CEH? CMC? I’m 3-1 and have the following guys I think would be good to package with him: Ingram, Moss, RoJo, JBrown, Laviska

    1. Depends on what the needs are of the other teams in your league. In a vacuum though if you can flip Mixon and any of those other players for Zeke or CEH,do it. CMC too if you have the depth at RB to be without him for a week.

      1. Thanks man, I agree!

  24. Post By John Hunsberger

    Pick up Brian hill and drop mecole ?

    1. You can. Gurley not looking too great but he’s likely going to get the lions’ share of touches as long as he’s healthy.

      1. we selling gurley high too?

        1. If you can level up to someone better,absolutely.

        2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

          It is easy to say “sell high” but most player in your league are smart/savvy fantasy players. Better to adjust expectations or target a team that is in RB hell. Ina normal year ok to sell, but in 2020, you may be thick at rb today and thin tomorrow. He is a hold for me

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Both are in same bucket. 1 injury away from real relevance. I like Mecole, but I totally get it if you want to lean to the RB

  25. Post By Nebraskan Assassins

    Cam Akers got dropped. 14 team .5 ppr
    Start 2 RB 2 wr 1 flex
    RBs-Cook, Jones, Sanders, Robinson, Harris
    WR-Fuller, Jefferson, Hollywood, Diontae Johnson, Shenault

    Would you drop anyone for Akers? Have tried to trade 2 for 1 to free up space. No luck.

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Sometimes the other teams are just asleep at the wheel. You don’t have the room for Akers, someone else will likely get him. Your roster is rock solid.

  26. Akers should absolutely be owned in a 14 teamer. You have a sick set of RBs for a 14 team league. I like Harris for the short term while Michel is out,but like Cam for the long term.

  27. I dropped Akers to pick up Brady. Was this a mistake? Akers likely to be a timeshare all season and I do have the following RBs — Conner, CEH, Gibson R Jones and J Kelley

    Brady Playoff schedule — Vikings, @Falcons, @ Lions

    Also — Schultz or Mo Alie for TE


    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky


      I dont mind that move at all. Akers has no projectable (significant) role for the short or medium term. Brady you can put in your l/u today

  28. Post By

    Would you drop Mark Ingram to pick up D. Harris NE or D. johnson CLE? 10 team PPR


    1. I’d keep Ingram.

  29. Post By Chelo Méndez

    12 team, 0.5 PPR, 2-2

    QB: Mahomes
    RBs: Kamara, Gibson, RoJo, Fournette, Swift, Dobbins
    WRs: DHop, Hollywood, Laviska
    TE: Gesicki

    Have a pair of waiver questions: 1. Fant is available, who’s better ROS, him or Gesicki? 2. Hilton, E. Sanders and AP are all available, is someone worth dropping for one of them?

    1. Post By Chelo Méndez

      Marvin Jones was just dropped too.

      1. Let him float on the waiver wire.

    2. Fant is not likely to play this week,but I do like him ROS over Gesicki. You could consider Hilton in hopes that he can turn things around,but he has been pretty underwhelming for a while now so I would just stay pat.

  30. Post By

    Johnson from Clevland is on the sheet twice at two different prices 50% or 10%?

    1. Based on the waiver wire pod,it’s likely that the higher tier is the correct placement.

  31. Who should I put in for a Flex?

    Edelman, Aiyuk, Akers, Dobbins, D’Ernest, Justin Jackson.

    1. Edelman

    2. Aiyuk for me…

  32. Post By

    Also if Byrd and David Moore are available in my league what type of bid on these two

    1. If you can do $0 and save your FAAB bucks,do it.

  33. F*ck guys that veto trades.. almost turned Fournette and Leveon into CMC smh

    1. Frign jobbers in your league bro

  34. Would you accept this trade offer
    C McCaffrey, Julio and T. Higgins for
    Mixon, M Evans and D Parker
    My current team is
    J Burrow, D Jones
    M Sanders, J Mixon, Z Moss, J Taylor A Mattison
    M Evans, DJ Moore, D Parker A Brown
    Jonnu Smith, D Godert, Greg Olsen

    1. Possibly what’s your record?

  35. good afternoon RosterWatch Nation.

    12 team .5ppr 3-1

    Offered following trade:

    His Kelce & J Jackson
    My J Robinson & Jonnu Smith

    My team:

    QB- Mahomes and Newton
    RBs- A Jones, J. Robinson, Mostart, Gibson,
    Bell, D Freeman.
    WR- Evans, Woods, Hollywood Brown, Dionte Johnson, T Higgins.
    TE- Jonnu Smith

    Do you like this trade?

  36. Post By Chelo Méndez

    12 team, 0.5 PPR, 2-2

    RBs: Kamara, RoJo
    WRs: Hopkins, Hollywood
    FLEX: Gibson

    Bench: Fournette, Swift, Dobbins, Laviska

    Being offered ARob for Gibson and Swift. I’m on the verge of saying yes, but I don’t like the ROS situation of my RBs (other than Kamara).

    1. Pass wey

  37. Post By

    Trade offer:

    I give up Mostert and Fuller and get back Robinson and Higgins

    My team:
    RB: Mixon, Connor, Mostert, Harris, Mattison

    WR: M. Thomas, Ridley, DJ Moore, Lamb, Fuller, Miller, Shenault

    My thought is I give mostert and not deal with that RB backfield (feels like he’s always hurt) and get back a reliable RB2, I can play in flex or in the case Mixon/Connor go down. I have strong WR’s so can give up Fuller (also injury prone) and get Higgins who seems to be on the rise.

    Just not sure if this is really a high upside trade or just a “it looks fine if you want to do it” Trade.

    Second option is countering with a package of mostert and a better WR than fuller, for a Robinson/McLaurin deal

    1. Seems fine it’s JRob>Mos for me. Thomas may return but NO has bye next week…

  38. Dear RWN,
    This is a dumb question but why should I drop Russell Gage for Tee Higgins?
    Thank you.

    1. I also have Brandon Aiyuk on my bench.

    2. If Julio is out I stick.

  39. Post By

    Would you trade cupp and Watkins and receive kelce ?

    Trading my two wr’s away would leave me with : Julio A.Robinson, Hollywood, shenault, aiyuk

    1. Do it green pea! You shouldn’t need to ask this one lmfao.

      1. Post By

        He ended up not going through w it but we managed to work it out. Gave up cupp, Watkins and Henderson for kelce and gage.

  40. Would you drop Slayton to pick up Shenault in a 0.5ppr?
    12 team and I’m 2-2. Thanks

    1. I like them both this week but lean Slayton

  41. Hey guys,

    I am in desperate need for a win. I am
    Currently 0-4. I’m in a 10 team standard league (very touchdown dependent scoring). I need advice for the following positions:

    TE: I currently have Drew Sample. I could go get Greg Olsen, Eric Ebron, or Mo Alie Cox from the waiver wire. Which of those four would you start week 5?

    Flex: David Montgomery, Joshua Kelley, Brandon Aiyuk, Davante Parker, Damien Harris… which would you roll this week.

    1. I would drop Sample for the best matchup this week which I think is Ebron or Olsen. Would go Montgomery in the flex. If those are your options, it’s hard to believe you are 0-4, good luck this week.

  42. What’s up fellas

    3-1 In a 10 teamer yahoo 2qb superflex. I think I can use some wr help.

    My team is

    J. Taylor
    A. Miller

    That Godwin idea intrigues me

    1. Oh and kelce at TE, still don’t know what I’m going to do on his bye week. ‍♂️I’ll figure something out

  43. I have Waller on bye next week and just moved Jonnu in a trade for Diontae Johnson. Any thoughts on Njoku as a stash (still qualifies for IR on Yahoo) ahead of Sunday’s game? The best options on the waiver wire would be Sample and Brate for next week.

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