PRO RosterWatch Week 7 Big Tool: Snap Counts, Targets and Touches – Every Player in Fantasy

alex byline Here you can find snap-count percentage data, targets and touches for fantasy-relevant players across most every offensive-scoring format through Week 6. Simply click on the link below (PRO membership required). The Big Tool is updated through the start of the week in-season as information becomes available from the league office.

We’ve updated the spreadsheet to a new format which will hopefully make it easier to compare snap percentage, target and touch numbers from week-to-week. The rows are ordered by week of the NFL season. Once inside the shared document, find the team you are interested in, then click the link within the week you are interested in.

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  1. I traded Wentz and Landry for McKinnon in a PPR league. I have Wilson. Was this a good trade? Also I have a empty spot on my bench should I grab Teddy?

    1. Solid deal- meh on Teddy, up to you.

      1. I’ll just look for the Wavier Wire article to come up

  2. Pick up TE Engram or Seferian-Jenkins? Im a little hesitant on Engram because of the Giants depleted WRs, I feel defenses will now focus more on stopping him. I wish I could grab both since each have bye weeks coming up but I dont have the roster spots to do so this week because Im holding on to the Cowboys RBs until the Zeke Elliot decision becomes final. Thoughts?
    Remaining schedules
    Engram-Sea, bye, Rams, @SF, KC, @Was, @Oak, Dal, Phil, @Arz
    ASJ-@Mia, Atl, Buf, @TB, bye, Car, KC, @Den, @NO, LAC

    1. Crazy close call. Love Engram, that’s for sure. Man, I’d love to drop one of those Cowboys RBs – hate holding both- but we feel ya. Rostering 2 TEs rarely a recommended play, either.

      Guess prob ASJ- given the next two weeks for Engram.

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    question on a trade, PPR I give up K. Allen and M. Lynch and get back D. Freeman and J. Matthews. My other WR are Evans, Diggs and M. Thomas. My RB are CJ Anderson, Smallwood, D. Foreman, T. Riddick, A. Morris. Should I do this trade?


    1. Jordan Matthews? Nah. But, we’d offer Diggs + Lynch straight up for Freeman.

  4. Ppr Trade :

    Getting: Lamar Miller
    Giving : Aaron Jones and David Johnson

    Will Greenbay need Jones more now ? Or is it still worth getting Miller ?

    1. This depends on how much you need Miller and/or re-inforcements at your RB2/3. Also, what your record is. If you are 5-1 and or something, it might worth holding DJ – unless you really need help at RB w/ Miller- who is on bye this week and doesn’t help you anyways.

      I’d wait. Miller isn’t doing to determine the outcome of your season.

  5. Looking to approach the Rodgers owner. I have Cousins/R Wilson. Would you package one of those two with DT or D Martin to get Evans

  6. Had my best cash game lineups of the year this weekend. Vegas and cheat sheets were pretty on.

  7. I have fuller and Hopkins on a team with Watson. I don’t want to keep both fuller and Hopkins as I don’t see myself playing both (I have Jeffrey djax and Parker as well). What kind of piece should I be aiming for with fuller?

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      By week forced me to start Evans and djax a couple weeks ago and I am glad I did! And that’s all I got to say bout that….

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    I am looking to make a trade this week as I still be rb help. I have Evans, cooks, Thomas and some trash and basically have Hyde, Mccaffrey and T Coleman. What we would you give and would you want D Martin or Jordan Howard. Both have equal schedules goin forward I believe. Full point ppr.

  9. Post By ModestHippo123

    Rolled this week. Thanks fellas.

    Need a WR, looking to shop Marshawn. Have an offer for Agholor but is that given up too much?

  10. I am in a 10 team Full Point PPR league. I have QB’s: J. Winston, C. Palmer,
    RB’s: K. Hunt, J. Ajayi, C.J. Anderson, J. Mixon, T. Coleman, and D. Martin
    WR’S: A. Brown, D. Bryant, K. Allen, D. Parker, J. Brown, and N. Agholor
    TE: K. Rudolph
    D/ST: Panters
    K: M. Prater
    I am currently 3-3, I wanted to see your opinion I want to offer a trade to upgrade my WR position. Which players would you offer up to obtain better WR production? I stream defense’s and TE’s from week to week.

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    Mariota or Brissett tonight, up by 1 my opponent has 2 positions going so need big numbers from my QB (last position to play)?

  12. Need help at the TE position…. Marty B just isn’t getting it done…. someone in the league has both Henry and Brate, they are hurting at WR after possibly losing both E. Sanders and Tate. Thinking of offering either M. Bryant or S. Watkins for one of the above….

    Who do you like ROS between the 2 TE’s above?

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      If you feel strongly about it ok…. is there not anyone on waivers to stream at TE??? Every week in my leagues I am able to find some hot steamy trash that usually pans out ok and sometimes like prune juice makes the going great!!!

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    Standard scoring
    Kamara and diggs for ajayi?

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    Stadard scoring
    QB: Russell and carson
    RB: Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara, Buck Allen, Wayne Gallman, Elijah McGuire
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Keenan Allen, Stefan Diggs, Ricardo Lewis
    TE: Travis Kelce
    Should I trade: Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Alvin Kamara and Buck Allen for Le’veon Bell and Corey Davis?

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      My record is 4-2 haven’t won since Dalvin went down

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    .5ppr I have an offer to give up Doug Martin and get back Michael Thomas.

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      Funny thing is I am looking at being on he exact other side of this trade as I am in need of rb help. I am having a tough time pulling the trigger but I do need the depth going forward! It is a question of need for me…. you?

    2. I like it only if you’re deep at RB.

  16. Rosterwatch Nation I need your opinion on this trade.

    10 team PPR
    Traded away Michael Bennet, Kamara, and Jefferys and got Michael thomas and Devante Parker.

    My current roster is:
    Bell, Gurley, Martin, Mixon, Ellington
    Dez, Hopkins

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      Huh what??? You need our opinion after the trade??? What we have here is… failure to communicate…, I don’t know what Panamanian wanna hump hump bar you came from but… Go sell crazy somewhere else… We are all stocked up here!!! Love those movie lines. After watching all those points scored by NO and Thomas Herron didly Doo doo you probably feel like a shnook. Oh yeah and Parker is injured I believe. In defense of Thomas he was blanketed by what’s his name and when your d is scoring tds you tend not to risk the picks I suppose. Thomas schedule gets better going forward with some good matchups so… I could keep on babbling and never answer your question…. by the way what was your question???

  17. should i accept trade B. Cooks 4 Larry Fitz(i get Fitz) Suicide Squad 6-1

    1. I’m no expert but I would do that

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        I have Cooks and I know the managements idea for cooks from what they have said is to sell high which is usually the smart thing with a hit piece of the NE offense except for the Brady and Gronk imho. But I have my reservations. Yes he had that one week he kind of vanished but he was targeted that game if I recall and dropped a couple biggies etc. Fitz seems to be rolling but Cooks just feels like a shiny new penny you don’t want to let go unless the trade is to good to say no. Like for a rb!

    2. i hate trades involving 1 player at the same position. use your strengths to improve your weak areas on the roster.

  18. Alright I’m in 4th place out of 10, record is 3-3, 6 guys make playoffs. Standard scoring.. I have the #1 ww priority, and can hold onto it. Or do I give in and get Lewis or should I continue to hold out?
    My rbs- M Gordon, Gallman, Mcguire, Brieda, Foreman, A Collins..

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      MEH…. All I can say is I hate leagues with ww priority! Convince those cavemen to go to FAB or at least have a beer swilling contest every Monday night while watching the game together!

    2. you could definitely use rb help. i might try trading breida or foreman to the hyde or miller owner.

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        Not in my league Trashman…. guys are to sharp and won’t go for it. Only offer on the table is Thomas or Cooks for J Howard.

  19. Trade Offer: Ertz and Kelvin Benjamin for Jimmy Graham and Mark Ingram.

    I’ll be giving up Jimmy and Ingram

    Thoughts? Thinking no for now…

    Current RBs: Gordon, Mixon, Martin
    Current WRs: Julio, Landry, Martavis, Amari, Keenan Allen

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      Beginning of the season you probably thought you were stacked at wr! Now you are feeling like wtf???!!! Trust me I know the feeling. At the moment it feels like a very doable trade but you are popcorn fart away from needing that rb depth. The ouji board says….. the devil made me “do it”!

      1. I feel the same way. I rejected that trade already. It just doesn’t seem right.

    2. no way. ingram is a beast with no ap around.

  20. I’m sitting at 1-5 in my 12 tm standard league. I was offered Keenn Allen and Jordy Nelson in exchange for Antonio Brown.
    I really don’t want to give up AB but the rest of my receivers are Crowder, Watkins, Sheppard, and Parker. What are your thoughts?

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      Do it!!

    2. At 1-5 it makes sense to shake things up. you don’t have much more room for error.

  21. Would you be willing to give up Gurley for both Jordan Howard and Doug Martin?

    1. Post By

      the question is…. Do you need two rbs that you can play every week? Is your current rb 2 that bad? Once you have answered that then you can evaluate the trade. Assuming the answer is yes then I believe I just might pull the trigger! But people call me F-Ing crazy all the time soooooo….lol

    2. depends on the situation. not, unless you’re losing games or need a better starting lineup

  22. Should I give up Garcon + Lynch/Buck Allen for Kamara + Mixon?
    Other WRs are M Evans, M Thomas, and W Fuller.
    RBs are Howard, Hyde, T Coleman, D Johnson.
    Graham and Engram as TEs/FLEX.
    QB is R Wilson.

    The other guy needs a WR bad this week.
    He has Baldwin, Hopkins and Tate, but 2 of them are on bye.
    Other players he has are:
    Watson, Matt Ryan,
    Blount, Gallman,
    E McGuire, Forte, David Johnson, Jalen Richard.

    If not, any trades that you would suggest? Maybe Graham + Garcon for Kelce + Kamara?

    1. Post By

      I will be totally honest… after reading the first couple sentences my brain began to hurt and froze…. I re read your post five times now and my brain still will not comprehend all of it. Unfortunately I must leave this one to someone more sane than I. I am sure they will be coming along shortly.

      1. Should I give up Garcon + Lynch/Buck Allen for Kamara + Mixon?

        My team:
        QB: R Wilson
        WRs: M Evans, M Thomas, Garcon and W Fuller.
        RBs: Howard, Hyde, Lynch, Allen, T Coleman, D Johnson.
        TEs: Graham and Engram

        His team:
        QBs: Watson, Ryan
        RBs: Kamara, Mixon, Blount, Gallman, McGuire, Forte, D Johnson, Richard
        WRs: Baldwin, Hopkins, Tate (2 on bye this week and needs a starter)
        TE: Kelce

  23. Need advice from anyone! Should I trade Jordy for Hogan? PPR

    1. Post By

      You want me to consult the Ouji board??? LOL

      1. What? Lol

        1. Post By

          Rocky… you telling me you don’t know what a Ouji board is??? Google it!!! I know the Trashman has one… where do you think he gets all his cockamamie knowledge bombs from? The Ouji board is a must have for every member of RW! Consider it you Deity!

          1. Post By RockyCrab

            so should I trade jordy for hogan lol

  24. trade? Thompson for D.Adams?.5ppr wrs are D.Thomas, Amendola, Parker and kearse. Rbs: Gordon, Howard, kamara, mixon. Thanks

    1. I don’t think you need the rb help

  25. Brate or Jimmy G this week? PPR

  26. I’m working with:
    QB Wentz / Watson
    RB Howard / Fournette / Kelley / Stewart / Foreman / Gallman
    WR A. Brown / Demaryius / Kelvin / Hogan / Bill Fuller
    TE Rudolph

    Am I crazy to try and ship AB away for Devonta Freeman and Michael Thomas considering they both have had byes already?

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      Ooooooohhhhhhhhh boy oh boy oh boy…… call me batshit crazy but I am pulling the trigger on that trade! I am curious to hear what the management has to say about this one???!!!

    2. I don’t think you should shake the boat unless you’re losing games.

      1. Appreciate you taking the time to answer TM!

  27. Post By

    Brate has been red hot lately with tds in the last several weeks and I don’t think Fitz at qb changes anything. Jimmy G is finally starting to wake up….. tough call slight lean to Jimmy G.

  28. Thanks to the legendary draft/WW cheat sheets, I’m freaking STACKED at RB, but a little weak on WR. Looking to make a trade, who would you recommend shopping out?

    Team Name: Mr. PoopyButtHole (3-3)
    QB: Palmer
    RB: Shady, Gordon, AD, Martin, Mixon
    WR: Hopkins, Fuller, Hogan, K.Allen, Snead
    TE: Brate

    1. What about Shady+Hogan for AB? Std scoring.

  29. Post By

    Well Mr Poopybutthole…. SMH it feels so wrong to say that…. you need to find the beautiful pink Taco in your league who has an who is loaded at wide receiving but a little thin at rb…. start slow to arrouse their interest and get their juices flowing. they will counter and then you should be able to find a common ground. Most people go for names or shiney pennies at the moment but I don’t know your league. But most importantly find that wide receiving pink Taco!!!!!

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    Start Wilson over Ryan? I know NE is giving up the most pass yards, but so what. Ryan is not having a good Fantasy year and the OC is using the RBs in the RZ.

  31. Post By

    I think you might be over thinking this one a little!

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