RosterWatch Week 7 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. What are you doing with Jared Cook? Would you take anyone on the week 7 waiver wire cheat sheet over him? Thanks!

    1. Engram is going to be a beast in my opinion. Also I own ASJ and I think hes a solid Touchdown Tight End

  2. who are some guys I should be looking to target in a trade with Jordy? I have Jordy and want to find another WR or RB if possible

    1. you’re not going to get a good market for Jordy right now, I’d wait until after another week or two when you can possibly sell high. You’re selling at the lowest point right now unless you want to trade for another buy low. I’d recommend listening to Byron’s TRADECAST tomorrow in the “media” section of the site or on iTunes.

  3. Trade my Julio and Duke Johnson for J Howard, Mixon, and Tyreek??

    Other WRs are Jordy, Diggs, Crabtree, C Davis. RBs are Ty Mont and Lynch.

    1. I think that trade is fine to bouy your RB corps with TyMont’s new Timeshare.

  4. I have D’Onta. Darkwa is available. Do I burn a waiver on him, or just see if I can get him afterwards? My RBs:

    Melvin Gordon
    Doug Martin
    Zeke ( 🙁 )
    Alfred Morris
    Derrik Henry
    D’onta Foreman

    1. If you need immediate help, it is fine to drop D’Onta for Darkwa. If you are using him as a stash, then Foreman is a hold. Given your starting two RBs, I don’t think you need immediate help so I’d hold personally.

  5. Trade question: I am in need of a WR1 and I am wanting to offer Melvin Gordon to try to get J Howard and M Thomas (1-5 owner). If I can get something like this, is it worth it? I have Mixon, Mack and Collins as my other RBs, and Cooper, Doctson, Corey Davis, and Mike Wallce as WR’s (I had Odell).

    1. Disregard, the other 6-0 team poached him already.

  6. Is Ivory the Handcuff for Fournette and is it time to get him incase the ankle becomes a bigger concern.

    Also – sitting on Funchess and Gabriel for droppable guys as I head into bye weeks. Who do we drop first and considering ATL plays Sunday Night Football vs. the Shitty Patriots D is Gabrial a flex consideration?

    1. Gabriel will be dependent on Sanu news. Hold Funchess for now. Yes, Ivory is LF’s handcuff and it’s time to consider getting him on board.

  7. How about this

    0.5 PPR
    Qb’s: Newton and Wentz
    RB: Gurley, Ingram, Breida Aaron Jones Alf Morris
    WR: Mike Thomas, DJax, Martvis, Mike Williams
    TE: Brate

    I was offered: Jordy Nelson and Stafford for Wentz and Mike Williams.

    The guy offering is 1-5, also has McCaffery, Mixon and Will Fuller.

    This league I only have to start 1 RB and 1 WR, it has 2 flex positions with RB/WR

    1. That’s a no brainer to take that deal IMO.

  8. How about idiot Pagano ruining Mack and the Colts in general?

    1. He’s a donkey and a fish.

      1. I’m surprised as a fisherman you would even give him the honor of being called a fish

  9. Debating between picking up Tarik Cohen or Darkwa from waivers. Thoughts? I have J Howard.

    1. Cohen has been really falling off in every way with the return of Benny Cunningham – would lean Darkwa.

  10. Or this in another league:
    QB: Wentz and Newton
    WR: AB, Keenan Allen, Golden Tate and Corey Davis
    RB: Hunt, McKinnon, Mixon, Alf, Coleman and Aaron Jones
    TE: Brate and Kroft

    I was offered AJ Green and Evans for Hunt and Golden Tate.

    I’m crazy not to take that. Right?

    1. Maybe but you’re going to have an overload of WRs to where you can’t start them all. IF you can flip AJG for another high-end RB then I’d do that deal.

  11. Post By Garrison92088

    Trade K Allen and E Engram for Julio? Thanks!

    1. IMO that depends on your TE depth… TE seems to be an impossible position to rely on.

      1. Post By Garrison92088

        I have Jimmy Graham

        1. Can you move Graham instead? Are you interested in that… Engram seems to have a solid floor. He had one bad game, Graham hasn’t really been there much if I remember right.

  12. Thoughts on trading away desean Watson and ASJ for ajayi? I have graham as my other TE and rivers and luck as qbs

  13. Who’s droppable to get a QB while Watson is on a bye? 10/PPR

    Lynch, Anderson, Montgomery, Martin
    Evans, MThomas, funchess, Maclin, Sammy

  14. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    How do you feel trading away K Allen and B Allen to get Kareem Hunt?

    My WRs/RBs: Evans, Thomas, Hilton / Kamara, Ajayi, Coleman, Mixon, Anderson, Martin, Henry

    His WRs/RBs: Jeffery, Wallace, T Williams, M Jones, OBJ / Howard, Ingram, Stewart, Johnson Jr, A Jones

    I’m digging Allen’s targets, but his production isn’t matching. My RBs could use the big injection, and I’m lacking droppable options to mine that WW Gold.

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Alternative, K Allen, B Allen and Mixon?

    2. Keenan and Buck to get Kareem? Please hit accept as fast as possible. Even if you have to add Mixon instead of Buck.

    3. Given your roster, I’d do it if he’d take it.

      1. Post By

        If you ever get an opening I would like to join that league!!!

  15. Better WR in non-PPR ROS – Doctson or Ju Ju Smith-Schuster? Thinking about dropping Ju Ju for Doctson. Thanks Guys! Love RW!

    1. Doctson, if you’d like to know why, listen to the Tuesday pod at or on iTunes.

      1. I have already reviewed (5 stars of course) your podcast and its INCREDIBLE. Pure GOLD! I will absolutely listen to it again tonight (I do have a day job unlike The Trashman :-)) as well as Byron’s Tradecast tomorrow. I look forward to them more than any other FF material on the Radio today. Keep the AMAZING material coming please.

        Thanks Alex!

  16. Post By

    Standard Scoring
    QB: Russell Wilson, Carson Palmer
    RB: Doug martin, Alvin Kamara, Buck Allen, Wayne Gallman, Elijah McGuire
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Ricardo Louis

    Guy in My league lost Rogers this past week and doesn’t have a back up quarterback. Should I offer Carson Palmer, Alvin Kamara, Stefon diggs, and keenan allen for Jordan Howard and Doug Baldwin? If not would you do Carson Palmer, Buck Allen, Stefon Diggs, Keenan Allen for Jordan Howard and Doug Baldwin? Looking to pick up Doctson and Dion Lewis on waiver wire too

    1. NO !! Your prospective offers you’re mulling are FAR too much to give. The first offer is insanely bad for you. Don’t do that. Stand pat with your team and forget about dealing with that idiot. I don’t understand why you have such a hard on for Baldwin and Howard.

  17. 2 questions:

    1.Are you burning #3 waivers for Doctson?

    2. Am I crazy for liking Hundley this week? And potentially ROS? Has all the weapons, and we’ve seen what Matt Flynn can do there. My other QBs are Big Ben and Rivers who both have tough matchups. Tyrod is available too for a stream.

    1. I think it’s fine for Doctson as a pick up and hold to see if he finally is ascending to his sick potential.

      I don’t like Hundley this week and may target this game for a D/ST play with the Saints who are coming on right now.

  18. Post By

    Standard Scoring diggs and kamara for ajayi?

    1. depends on your roster and I don’t know what side you’re on, but it seems like a fair enough deal if it makes sense for both owners.

  19. Post By

    Would you do Carson and keenan allen for Doug Baldwin and Marvin Jones?

    1. Post By

      Standard scoring

  20. Post By

    Standard Scoring
    QB: Russell Wilson, Carson Palmer
    RB: Doug martin, Alvin Kamara, Buck Allen, Wayne Gallman, Elijah McGuire
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, Ricardo Louis

    I just traded carson palmer and stefon diggs for doug baldwin? was this a good trade for me? linking russell and baldwin up

    1. Post By

      I feel like Diggs best days are behind him and Baldwins best days are ahead of him

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Palmer is worthless, so this is Baldwin for Diggs straight up. It’s very close. Baldwin is the safe bet coming off the bye.

  21. Post By

    Standard scoring Buck allen for Corey Davis?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      A bit rich, given how cheap Davis has been had recently. But, in a league with sharp owners we could see having to pay up.

      We don’t mind it. Allen is a bit much, though.

  22. Post By

    12-Team non-PPR Dynasty League. I lost Aaron Rodgers and planned on streaming QB’s based on matchups. A guy offered to give me Russell Wilson in exchange for Aaron Rodgers. Is this a smart move for future seasons given Wilson’s slow starts to seasons?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yeah, that’s totally fine. If you want to do it to save this season, go for it. If you like playing WWQB, we can sign off on that too. This offer is fine, though

    2. it’s not ideal, but are you in the running this year? if you think it can win you the championship, then i’d definitely consider it

  23. Is Elliot even worth trading for?
    I have a owner who’s wants to receive Mike Evans, and give me Elliot.
    This whole, drag through the mud suspension sucks, which makes me hesitant on trying to acquire him.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Only if you are stacked.

    2. if you can take the hit, i might do it. especially if you need to win these next couple of weeks.

  24. I’m in a league with no bench and limited transactions.

    Roster: QB, RB, RB, WR,WR, TE, Flex, K,Def

    I have the first waiver position. I can pick up Dez, Zeke, and Jerrick McKinnon using that waiver position.

    My current roster includes:
    RB: Ajayi and C.J. Anderson
    WR: Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, and Stefon Diggs

    Who would you claim?

    1. Have to take chances on Zeke.

      1. That was my lean.

  25. Hi all,
    Loved the RWWW podcast. You got my brain a spinning… would you drop any of the following for your Top 4 WR on the wire who are all avail. 2 QB PPR. RECORD 4-2

    I could drop: Snead, B. Allen, A. Ellington, McFadden.

    My RB are freeman, d. Henry, McKinnon,
    WR are Evans, dez, John brown, Cobb
    QB Brady, Smith
    TE Gronk, brate
    also stashing luck and could drop him if need be.

    Thanks guys!


    1. Answered on twitter. Thanks!

  26. Better to keep Tarik Cohen or Ameer Abdullah as a bench spot for ROS in a PPR league?

  27. Post By

    Would you drop Buck for Collins, Forte or Lewis?

  28. Post By

    Would you trade Aaron Rodgers now for Russell Wilson in a Dynasty League?
    12 -Team Non-PPR

  29. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    Good Morning RW Nation
    16 Team Standard 3-3,
    waiver wire is super thin and waivers have now cleared

    QB: Dalton
    RBs: CJA, McGuire, Henry Foreman, Jamaal, A. Morris
    WRs: Julio, Keenan, Antonio, Alshon, Ricardo Lewis, Zay
    TE: Jesse James

    Are we liking vernon davis, watson, or nick oleary (could try to back him up with c clay as he gets closer to coming back) over James ROS for TE?
    Also someone dropped corey davis to waivers last night so i put in a claim to drop Lewis, but would you drop Morris for john ross or try to wait the two weeks out? That is pretty much all that is available on my WW thank you.

  30. Post By

    3-3 in a 10team PPR.
    Who should I be looking to move? Go after

    QB – Rivers
    RB – D. Johnson, McCaffrey, Kamara, Allen, Mack, McFadden
    WR – Baldwin, Hilton, M. Bryant, Garcon, Watkins
    TE – Engram


  31. So, need to pick up a QB with Watson on a bye. Dalton is available but having a hard time pulling the trigger. Cheat Sheet has him as the top pick up this week for QB’s. Match up tool does not look favorable. Am I missing something?

    Also who do I drop for him?

    My team
    Deshaun Watson
    Jerik McKinnon
    Adrian Peterson
    Antonio Brown
    Peirre Garcon
    Cameron Brate
    Ravens D
    David Johnson
    Tyrek Hill
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Tevin Coleman
    Doug Martin
    Will Fuller

    Question is for entire nation. Trying to make it a 3 game winning streak. Pulled myself out of the cellar thanks to you guys! Lets go me!

    1. I pulled the trigger. Feeln good about it. Go Alex Smith! Probably going to start Tevin Coleman over Doug Martin and McCaffrey. Although I probably will regret not starting McCaffrey…? will see?

  32. Tarik Cohen is avialble on the WW. should i drop ty montgomery to pick him up?

    other RBs are Bell, Kamara, and Abdulla

    1. non-ppr btw

    2. Keep Montgomery

      1. Cohen only relevant ppr. At least that is how I feel about it.

  33. Anyone else get robbed of a Jared Cook monster cause of his butt touching a yard short? Had him and Hill going in the same lineup in a league. Damn that would have been a nice lead to have.

    1. I had Crabtree going. epic finish to game…

  34. Post By justinmsimmons

    12- Team Leagu

    QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE).

    Setup: I have Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt and Douggie “Fresh” Martin starting as my 2 RBs and Flex player with TY Mont and A. Kamara on the bench.

    Dez and Rishard Mathews are my starting WRs with Marvin Jones and DeVante Parker on Bench.

    Was Offered: Devante Adams for Douggie straight up. Do you make that trade or ride with the current squad waiting for parker to get healthy and Marvin to come off bye?

  35. Do not trade for Davante Adams.

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