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RosterWatch Week 8 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. I tweeted earlier – curious if you’d still like NO over Philly and Baltimore who are over 50% owned and not on your sheet.

    San Francisco’s offense is pretty bad, Chicago’s not much better…. Thanks.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close calls- all good options – I’d look at the Vegas odds. See who is biggest home favorite in lowest O/U contest.

      1. I forgot to put Cincy in the original question – Here’s what I found on the Vegas Odds.

        Phil -13 (47.5)
        Cincy -10 (42)
        NO -9 (47.5)
        Balt -3 (37.5)

        Does that tell us Cincy, though it’s a little higher O/U they’re second highest home favorite. How would you interpret those numbers?

  2. I am 6-1 currently and just lost Carson Palmer, the rest of my team(12-team 0.5 PPR):

    RB: Zeke, Fournette, Hyde, Tevin Coleman, JStew, Mcfadden

    WR: Antonio Brown, Davante Adams, DJax, Fuller, Woods

    TE: Kittle

    I was going to consider offering Coleman to the Alex Smith owner (he has Russell Wilson and is 2-5) or something to the Wentz and Matt Ryan owner

    I was also considering offering Fuller or DJax for Hunter Henry (he has Rudolph and is 2-5)

    Are these good trades to offer? McCown, Siemian, Moore, and Brissett are the best QBs on the WW

    1. i think coleman is a fair trade for any of those guys, if the owner is weak at rb. djax for henry seems reasonable as well.

  3. Afternoon Gents….Quick trade question for PPR league – I was offered Kamara and D. Thomas for Watson, and I have Brees. I have Ajayi and Mixon for rbs. Thoughts? Thanks.

    1. Post By

      You should be able to do better.

    2. i think you can get more, but if you’re losing games I can understand it.

  4. Post By

    Trade my Cooper for his Parker?
    I have Hogan, D. Thomas, Cooper, Shepard, Doctson and Lee.

    1. Post By

      I don’t like trading single player for same position. i would pass myself.

    2. I like Parker more than cooper going foward

  5. Post By

    1. Should I drop Matt Bryant for Stephen Hauschka?

    2. Are the Eagles defense owned in over 50% of leagues? I have the Chiefs D and was thinking they were the best option on waivers in my league before I looked at the waiver wire cheat sheet.

    1. They are. 60% in yahoo leagues. I had a question above which they gave some advice on how to decide in a tough call.

      I think I might roll out Cincy, though Philly does look good too.

      Good Luck!

  6. Post By Nebraskan Assassin

    My receivers are M. Thomas, Jordy, Djackson, Shepherd, Corey Davis and Doctson. 14 team standard do I drop anyone for Kenny G? Also who could I target with Jordy trade? Hundley looked awful. Diggs straight up?

    1. Post By

      You cannot trade Jordy now as the damage has been done. If you are really wanting to then you will have to wait for a week where he goes off and hope someone on your league gets recency bias on a weekly basis. If Tate is out Golladay is worth a shot. It is a coin flip between him and Doctson.

    2. I think you can sell jordy based on name but do it fast. Another week or two and no one will want him

  7. Trade question. Sounds obvious but I want to throw it out there. PPR 10 team

    Get: Hunt
    Give: Evans, mixon

    I have:
    McCaffrey, TColeman, foreman, ivory
    MThomas, Parker, Fuller, Dez

    1. Would they consider a different combination… You need the Help at RB but Evans is too good near the End Zone. (My thoughts)

    2. Post By

      Make the trade about Evans for Hunt…. get your talkin game going And see if you can throw foreman or ivory instead.

    3. I agree try Evans for hunt. If not try mccaferry instead of Mixon.

  8. Quick trade question: Get Mel Gordon for Watson and Allen?

    QBs: Carr and Watson (Luck still sitting on my IR)
    RBs: Hunt, Martin, Hyde and West
    WRs: Brown, Allen, Funchess, Doctson and MBryant
    TE: ASJ and Clay

    1. I’d trade Carr over Watson, but that’s just me.

    2. Post By

      I feel it leaves you a little thin at wr. See what he has to come back in the way of a wr to go with Melvin.

      1. Yep leaves you crazy thin at WR. You don’t need Gordon that bad

  9. Post By

    Waiver wire question:

    Should I make a bid and pick up Theo Riddick? Someone dropped him last week.

    I am in a 12 team half point PPR and currently 5-2. I have Bernard, Mack, Coleman as my backup RBs.

    Also, should I go ahead and drop Mike Wallace and pick up someone else?


    1. Post By

      Theo a not performing like he did last year in ppr formats. That being said if those are your only rbs you do what you gotta do! Personally… the ancient Japanese ritual of Seppuku comes to mind! lol

  10. Currently a Marshawn Lynch owner. Aaron Jones is on the waiver wire. Would you consider dropping Lynch and Adding Jones in a 10 team standard?

  11. Are we dropping Lynch for anyone at this point?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      For Doctson, maybe Davis- maybe Mack.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Beginning of the Q&A

  12. 5-2 2nd place Highest points scored Thanks to you!! 10 team PPR Play 1 QB 3 WR 2 RB 1 TE 1 Flex
    My team (Was a OBeckham owner)
    RB: DFreeman, EElliott, CMcCaffrey, DMartin Tev Coleman, DMcFadden
    WR: THill, SDiggs, GTate, SterShepard, NAgholor, WFuller
    TE Aust Sef-Jenkins
    Def Jacksonville

    1. This week Jax Def on Bye but I don’t really wish to give them up – high scorer in my league (near 20 points a week in many weeks)
    Available Def: Phily NOrleans Buff Cinci Wash who should I take who should I drop?

    Looking to improve the team every week:

    2. I need WR help. Any of these waivers better for me (PPR)
    Available: JMatthews, TSmith, Crowder, Doctson, CoreyDavis, Golladay, Kupp Smith-Schuster Beasley
    List a couple(if appropriate): I am low on waiver priorities Drop who to get?

    3. Any of these RB better for me to have than mine
    Avaiable on Waiver: DerrickHenry, MMack, Forte Smallwood, Darkwa, LatMurray, Deion Lewis

    DCarr is available at QB Do I think of him or stick with JWinston?

    Thank you

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      We like Philly, NO, Cincy – see what vegas thinks about the lines on those contests. We like low O/Us and big home favorites.

      Think you gotta drop McFadden.

      Your WR are good. You don’t need as much help as you think, you just need to make the right plays each week- or you trade 2 of yours for 1 elite. Follow the sheet- Doctson, Davis, Golladay

      10 team league we’re interested in Mack and Henry only.

  13. i have bell,hunt,mixon,kamara and lynch. is it worth dropping lynch to get the likes of a doctson or davis this week? standard league

    1. See above. Doctson yes, Davis maybe

      1. ahhh i missed that thanks

  14. Half point PPR 10 team league. Drop Funchess for Golladay or Doctson? Other WR are Evans, K Allen, and Garcon.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yep, for Doctson then Davis. Get em both.

      1. So drop Funchess for Doctson and Garcon for Davis? Leave Golladay?

  15. Or I can get Corey Davis

  16. Looking for confirmation – drop backup Eli Manning (have Carr) for Agholor or Doctson, in that order. Figure I can stream McCown or Siemian or Moore in week 10. Thanks guys! Really enjoy the RW pro site and your poscasts

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes. Close call on the order, but I think you’ve got it right. Go for McCown. Thanks a ton for your loyal support, best wishes!

  17. 12 team PPR I am a Fournette owner as well as Marshawn. Got CJ and Buck so don’t really NEED an RB this week. Going forward who is better to roster Ivory or a Raiders RB? Also are we cutting A Morris for a bag of peanuts?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Ha- if you don’t own Zeke you can cut Morris if you want / need. Ivory on the season as insurance to Fournette far more valuable to you. If you need a play this week- then look to the OAK RBs.

  18. Gonna try to be concise but you know that’s not my forte! With your help I’m crawling my way back up the standings!

    12 Team .5 PPR (3-4)

    [1] QB: Mariota
    [2] RB: Gordon, Howard (Lynch)
    [2] WR: Jeffery, Agholor (Parker, Fuller, Shepard, Doctson, C. Davis)
    [1] TE: Reed
    [1] W/R/T: Kamara
    Bench total: (6)

    1) With Mariota on a bye week, who is the drop for one of Tyrod, McCown or Keenum?
    2) Follow up would be, instead of dropping someone, who would you package/offer to a team who as both Brady and Cam? He’s WRs are Dez, P-Rich, Goodwin, Cobb, Smith and his RBs are Freeman, CJA, A Jones, and J-Stew…

    1. And another team with Wilson AND Cousins said they’d trade me either of them for Jeffery or Kamara? What do you think Byron, the Trade Whisperer!?

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      jeez, prob Parker


      1. Thanks brotha!

  19. What do we do with Sammy Watkins? It hurts to feel like he’s actually droppable.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      You can do what you need with him. First preference, try to use him as a throw in on a trade. We would def drop for Doctson, Davis, etc…

      If you’re goosey, and want to hold- we think the chances he breaks the slump are low- but we don’t hate it. He’s a good player, on what’s becoming a good offense- and he was a very late add to the offense.

      1. Trade was my thought too. Thanks Byron. Otherwise dropping for Doctson it shall be.

  20. Easy Pickings
    3-4 6-way tie for 3rd

    2QB league

    I lost Carson and did not have a replacement on my roster. Rest of year

    Josh McCown
    Jacoby Brissett
    Case Keenum
    Joe Flacco
    C.J. Beathard
    Mitch Trubisky
    Matt Moore

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob McCown. As long as he’s healthy- he has a history of slinging it.

      1. Him in Chicago a few years back was great

      2. Post By

        That and get yourself a large bottle of your favorite ant acids!!! LOL

  21. Should I trade brate for Chris Thompson ? Standard

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you need a RB, and are set at TE- yes.

  22. Post By Byron Lambert

    Thx to all for joining me in the WK8 Waiver Wire Q/A this evening. Best wishes to RWNation!

  23. Post By

    .5ppr I’m looking forward to next week. I’ll have Leveon Bell, Keenan Allen, and Brandin Cooks on bye. I’m 3-4 and can’t afford the loss. I have an offer of Julio Jones and Mike Evans for Leveon Bell and Dion Lewis. My remaining RB’s would be Doug Martin, Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones, and Adrian Peterson. I’ll be able to star Jones, Evans, Cooks, and Baldwin in my WR/Flex. Thoughts?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      That’s a pretty good return for Bell. That’s two premier assets in exchange for one premier asset, although it does make your RB corps vastly weaker, but still serviceable because you are left with some good volume at RB.

  24. Send CJA + Mixon for Doug Martin 1PPR?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Doug Martin doesn’t give you too much value as a receiver. I think you’re giving up slightly too much, and I’m also down on CJA (I have him on my team).

  25. Still loke philly def with hicks out and what do we think we should with alshon at this point

  26. Who do you want going forward Wentz or Deshaun Watson? I have both and looking for an upgrade at WR and RB.. was thinking of offering one of them in a package with like Alshon and Jerrick Mckinnon in Exchange for Cam Newton with Either Landry or Dez and either Mel Gordon or Jord Howard

    1. Or i could offer one with Alshon for cooks and Golden Tate (stash)

    2. You maybe able to get more if you dont get a QB back. Do you really need 2 QBs? I would look to move Landry or Alshon over Dez.

  27. I’m in a bad spot this week with injuries and byes. I have Martavis but that situation is looking bleak. Would you consider starting any of the garbage left on our wire over him? We are a 14 team dynasty league with 22 roster spots, so its bad on the wire… 1/2 ppr… M. Goodwin, B. Coleman, R. Grant, J. Kerley, T. Smith, B. Ellington, T. Austin, TJ Jones, M. Campanaro, C. Conley, R. Sheppard… I also have Trent Taylor and L. Treadwell on my roster. It’s ugly this week…

    1. M. Goodwin is a better option than Bryant. He will at least get some targets. I would not be shocked if Bryant didnt see the field much this week.

  28. Was just offered Wentz and Fournette for my Martin and Allen. Seems like savvy dangle to me. I would love having that Porterhouse on my team. QB is Ben. RBs are Anderson, Martin, Miller, Coleman, and Mack. WRs are Brown, Hill, Allen, Hilton, Watkins, and Fuller. His team is QBs: Dak, Wentz RBs: Bell, Fournette, Ingram, Breida, and Aaron Jones WRs: Hopkins, Crabtree, Shepard. Any other deal that makes sense? Like maybe Martin and Hill for Fournette and Dak instead? Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone. Especially Byron for the tradecast later today!

    1. I like the trade you get a major QB upgrade and also a monster RB. I would make the first trade. Assuming this is a 2 wr league. With brown and hill there isnt much of a need for allen. You might want to see how he feels about Hilton before selling Allen.

      1. Took it. It’s a keeper league and having Fournette as a second round keeper next year is too damn tasty.

  29. Are we holding or dropping Lynch at this point?

    1. drop for Doctson. Maybe for Davis/Mack. Hold otherwise unless you need a start this week.

  30. I like the trade you get a major QB upgrade and also a monster RB. I would make the first trade. Assuming this is a 2 wr league. With brown and hill there isnt much of a need for allen. You might want to see how he feels about Hilton before selling Allen.

  31. Post By

    Should I pick up Doctson and drop Marquise Lee? 1/2 pt ppr.

    1. Yes you should

  32. I’ve been using the waiver wire cheat sheet to load up on upside players. Unfortunately, byes are hurting me this week and I probably need to drop 1 or 2 of the following players to pickup a TE and K. McFadden, Doctson, Davis, Golladay? half ppr Would you try to trade or package any of those guys?

    1. Post By

      I would say Golladay for one only because he is on the injury report. And why not just stream the K???

  33. Saw a tweet about Austin Ekeler. Drop Alex Collins or Matt Breida for him or too soon?

    1. Post By

      If you watched last night I don’t think you will be dropping Collins. And if you own Hyde you probably don’t want to drop Brieda. But it is your call.

  34. I’m in that spot where I don’t have anybody I can easily cut on my bench, and dudes like Doctson/Davis are available.

    Been thinking about packaging two of these bench guys together to trade for a better asset next week. Who should I be looking to deal?

    Bench: Jerick McKinnon, Aaron Jones, Cooper Kupp, Tevin Coleman, Jimmy Graham, Alfred Morris

  35. What are we doing with cj Anderson

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