RW Podcast 154: Dr. David Chao

Dr. David Chao was the San Diego Chargers’ team doctor for 17 years. After attending undergraduate at Harvard, he became an internationally recognized orthopedic surgeon with a unique perspective to quickly diagnose injuries and assess their impact on performance, recovery and season-long value. Find him on Twitter @ProFootballDoc. Get his preseason injury report HERE for FREE.

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  1. Getting ready to listen now. Great choice for a guest!

    Dynasty trade scenario for RW. This is on the table. Do I pull the trigger?

    I give: Wentz, Hunter Henry

    I get: Anthony Miller, 2020 1st

    I’ll still have Mahomes and Kittle. 10 team, full PPR, no SF or TE premium

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That’s prob close to fair- might ask for a RD2 as well

  2. It’s a done deal! Picked up Goedert off the wire afterwards, plus Preston Williams as a deep stash. Thanks!

  3. In drafting skill positions one is often torn between choosing one of two or three players. Do you have a tool that would highlight an easy playoff schedule (week 13 through 16). Such a tool would be great for decision making especially for QBs. Thanks

    1. yes, we have a tool exactly like that, look in your downloads section for the SOS tools.

  4. 12 team ESPN Standard league, 1 keeper in the round they were drafted, who would you keep? I have pick 10…

    Kamara (1st round)
    Davante Adams (2nd Round)
    Kelce (3rd Round)
    Juju (4th round)
    Chubb( 16th round)

    1. I’d have to keep Chubb for that discount.

    2. ^^^ this. Or, keep a.kamara. i cannot imagine any scenario where he falls to (#10) in a twelve teamer.

    3. Chubb at day at that price

  5. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    for me its chubb or juju !

  6. Question about draft cheat sheet..

    I used the roster watch draft cheat sheet last year for both of my leagues. I won the larger one, lost in championship of other, so it works!

    With that said, I obviously will not BASTARDIZE the cheat sheet, but my question pertains to selection of quarterback. Upon doing some mock drafts, I noticed every pick I had, while following the cheat sheet, that every single round there was a rb/wr/te that was available that was before any QB on your sheet. At what point/round do I have to NOT select the best player available (according to cheat sheet) and go with best qb available

    1. This is a solid question. It’s something that depends on how your league mates treat the qb position. If most teams only take one then you can get away with waiting till the later rounds.. If not you may have to move them up. I play in a league that you must roster 2 qbs but you only play one a week. I try to make sure I get a qb that is ranked in the top 10-12 even if it means bastardizing the cheat sheet. Then I wait til the till after round 10-11 before I think about taking another one.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Never draft two TEs before you get a QB, if ever!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        *Otherwise, in general keep waiting and stacking RB/WR

        1. I stacked multiple rb/wr using the sheet last year and ended up getting MATTY ice late round..that worked extremely well!

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