RW Podcast 155: Leonard Fournette Malfeasance

Alex Dunlap is joined by Byron Lambert who shares his fantasy football observations and exclusive player interviews from Eagles, Ravens and Jaguars camps.

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  1. Post By John Hunsberger

    Will there be a standard or .5 ppr draft cheat sheet again this year ?

    1. yessir it’s up to v1.4!

      1. Post By

        Not enough players on the cheat sheet, is there an extended version? Come on guys I am in a 14 team keeper league hook it up please…

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    That was a really good pod !
    I was thinking what you said about Boykin before you said it.
    This kid sounded level headed, mature, and sharp.
    Not likely one of these guys you read about 3 months later, having beat the ever lovin’ snot out of his GF

    1. I loved hearing that you made Boykins a Golden Son!

  3. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Can you list a few player that will most likely not be drafted in a 12 team, non-ppr league that will be this year’s hottest waiver wire pickups later in the year?

    1. the hot waiver pickups are usually do to injuries and players in front of others getting hurt. If you want to target guys like that — who are not being drafted but would get massive bumps if an injury occurs to a starter — Malcolm Brown, Chase Edmonds, Jordan Scarlett, Ito Smith/Brian Hill, Gus Edwards, Benny Snell, Ty Montgomery to name a few.

  4. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Can pro members use the draft simulator that you use on air?

    1. I think they use the one on fantasy pros. I could be wrong though

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        Yeah I use fantasy pros

  5. I got a dynasty start up draft tonight. PPR, I’m drafting from the 5 spot. Should I prioritize WR over RB at that spot? i.e. pass on one of the top 5 rbs for Deandre Hopkins or Devante Adams

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      i love me some dyna start ups…
      so much fun !

      Dhop should be a top 4 pick in dynasty
      But if Zeke falls take him!

      players i like to own in dynasty:

      Michael Thomas

      If you dont like any of the guys available
      I have found trading down into round 2 to acquire more picks in rounds 4,5 or 6 is the way to go.

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        forgot to mention
        during your draft while trading down, if you dont quite have enough grease to get a deal that you like done, have them “throw in a 1st or 2nd for next year.

        Also i have found if the top young rbs are gone early ( and they will be ) and the top young wrs are there, and continue to be there as the early draft progresses.
        -Nuk – Thomas – Juju – ODB – Adams – Evans – (then your tier 2 guys Keenan – godwin, TY, ETC)

        You can feel good taking them because rbs like Carson, penny, cohen, white, almost always fall.

  6. 12 team Dynasty PPR

    Currently in round 3.

    Debating between Ryquell Armstead, and Dexter Williams. In a vacuum I’d tale armstead but I do own Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones could be available in a trade. Any suggestions?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Wow thats a crap shoot huh ?
      Well Ryquell is the right pick, unless you have no other rb depth (what so ever) then you can protect your investment with Dex and feel good about it.

      In dynasty i like to draft best player available regardless.

  7. Post By

    I feel like this site is very limited with little options, can anyone recommend another site for keeper leagues? I am in a 12 team $1000 per buy-in league and need advice. I kind of regret paying the year in advance for the site…. 😐

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