RW Podcast 177: Week 6 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through

Alex Dunlap walks through the Week 6 DFS Main Slate on FanDuel and DraftKings.

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  1. Post By John Hunsberger

    Trade help
    Was offered
    Obj , Marvin Jones and Jordan Howard
    For my chark , Moore and singletary

    I would have obj hill Godwin Mike Williams Marvin Jones
    Chubb Aaron Jones Royce freeman and Howard

    Thoughts ? .5ppr

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      see below

  2. Post By "Dirty"(Shaunanigans1980)

    I have evans and godwin who should i shop for trade. What kinda players should i expect in return?

    10 team standard

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Whoever you can get more for. You should get an RB1 or two good flex players

  3. Post By Byron Lambert

    The point of making this trade is to improve your starting lineup and hopefully clear a roster spot. It would be sick to have OBJ + Hill + Godwin– and would probably make your life easier every wk with your sit/start.

    However, the better move would be to let the other guy keep Marvin, but give you a better RB than Howard.- in a 3 for 2 trade. You aren’t really optimizing receiving Jones back.

    The trade basically boils down to this—– Is Odell a big enough upgrade over DJ Chark to sacrifice DJ Moore’s upside? With Cam a few weeks out and with a guy like Mike Williams on the roster- I think it is probably a calculated risk that makes sense for you— I’d prob ultimately do it- the bottom line value is there currently although not the clearest of wins

    BUT- The other guy is def getting a solid haul in return because you have the depth to afford to do so. Before you accept this— try hard to see if you can do a 3:2 where you get Odell and whichever RB is on his roster that is a notch better than Howard. If you can pull that off— he’ll might drop Singletary!

  4. Post By Byron Lambert

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    Go to- create an account, that has same email address as your RW PRO account- and then upload an avatar. It’s very easy and super quick.

    That’s it, it will all work automatically on this site from there. A few people have had to log out and log back in to RW Pro to see their avatars the first time. Thank you!

  5. Post By

    With Mason Rudolph ruled out would it be wise to still play Vance McDonald as my TE or should I pick up and play Noah Fant?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d prob make a switch

  6. For the ROY, Robby Anderson is on waivers, would you drop Phil dorsett for him?

    Other wr are theilen, godwin, and aj green.

    1. YES

  7. got offered drake and diggs for fuller and a throw in player(mostert, cohen dioentae johnson) do i take it?

    1. ^^^^standard dynasty league^^^^^^

    2. unlikely, unless you really need help at rb.

  8. standard scoring. With Gurley out who should I go with at flex?
    Flex-Malcolm Brown, Courtland Sutton, or Chris Thompson

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