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RW Podcast 354: Skeleton of the 2021 Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet

Alex Dunlap is joined by Byron Lambert to discuss the first draft of the 2021 RosterWatch Cheat Sheet for PPR leagues.

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  1. BOOM! It’s magical, it’s mythical!

  2. Dynasty draft question. 12 team 1qb league.
    I was offered pick 1.12 / 2.12 / 3.12 for my 2022 1st round pick. Draft position is done lottery style each year. I’m leaning no, but was hoping to get some input from you all.

    Thanks guys.

    1. I think I stand pat although the deal sounds like it is close to fair. I really want one of those top 4-5 spots in 1QB and think they are really valuable this year.

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