RW Podcast 602: Optimal Fantasy Football Landing Spots for 2024 Rookies

Alex Dunlap, Cody Carpentier and The Trashman are back together to talk all things 2024 NFL Draft Rookies including the Best Landing Spots for Rookies in Dynasty and Season-Long Fantasy Football.

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  1. Just completed a dynasty startup last month and I’ve got a trade on the table. I like my team for the most part, but I definitely lack depth and top tier talent at almost every position outside of QB. I ended up with the 1.02 and made a few moves during the slow draft. Plus, the draft had a 3RR which was a gut punch. I did end up with a nice little haul of 2025 picks, though.

    This is a 10T SF PPR TEP (1.5 and must start 2). I honestly hate snake drafts for dynasty. Auction is the way to go.

    I give: Hurts, Javonte Williams, Rookie 2.01

    I get: Lawrence, Gibbs, Michael Wilson, Rookie 2.08

    QB: Hurts, Herbert, Howell, Hooker

    WR: London, Pittman, Kupp, JSN, Tillman, Tucker, Burks, Tolbert

    RB: Etienne, Javonte, Gus, McLaughlin, Brown, Kendre, Brooks

    TE: Mayer, Otton, Parkinson, Whyle (stinkiest position by far)

    2024 capital: 2.01, 2.06, 3.04, 3.06, 4.07, 4.10

  2. It seems like a fair enough trade on paper, but I want more for Hurts. You took him where you did a month ago for a reason. With 2.01-3.06 you can easily upgrade your RBs and add young upside WRs and also gamble on some of the Jaheim Bell, Theo Johnson-type TEs.

  3. Thanks for talking me off the ledge, Alex. I feel like this class is too deep to move picks right now.

    We’ve been talking throughout the day and currently we’re at Hurts and Williams for Lawrence and Gibbs. Do you take that or still hold?

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