Ryan Mathews Injured Vs. Chiefs

Ryan Mathews Injured Vs. Chiefs
Alex Dunlap, Rosterwatch.com


What a swindle for Ryan Mathews fantasy owners that some dude named Brinkley gets to take the Tolbert role and then some.

I’m downgrading Ryan Mathews in my portion of our cumulative algorithm for Rest of Season Rankings with FantasyPros.com¬†significantly tomorrow.

I think he got hurt again at about 8:43 in the 4th, on the designed middle screen where Derrick Johnson crossed with Crayton, leaving Mathews completely open. He made a nice little run after catch, but seemed to have his ankle twisted by Justin Houston as he was tackled on the sideline. He got up all gimpy like he always does, and I thought- Crap. Hurt again. It’s always something with Mathews. He had been questionable prior to this week with a thumb. Just this season, off the top of my head I can think of A thumb. A calf. A wrist. Probably some other thing, too. I lose track.

Now sources are saying its a groin..It honestly looked like an ankle to me. It could be no big deal- but he’s going to be limited in practice at least.. It’s going to be a headache. And groin injuries can linger if that is indeed the case. We will ¬†know more tomorrow.

Maybe some of the “Sell-High” on Mathews guys were right last week.

The fact is, he is an elite talent- but this is beginning to become a bit of a trend.

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