Sack Cutler

Sack Cutler
Byron Lambert,

Don’t worry he is used to it I promise. I was a Cutler owner last year and yes he helped me get off to a decent start and yes it was his first year in Martz’s system, leaving optimism for improvement. Jay Cutler does have undeniable talent and represents what seems to be solid QB value late in fantasy football drafts. So what gives?

The problems are the Bear’s line and Cutler’s inconsistency. Its really hard to survive a deep playoff run with inconsistent and wildly erratic QB play and its hard to even make it to the playoffs if he is getting battered and regularly subject to injury and interceptions. Oh and did I mention his lack of quality WRs (umm…that was nicely put….and BTW how cheap are the Bears!?!?!).

At this point I’m comfortable that we know who Jay Cutler is. I would not run him out as my #1 nor would I even roster him as a back up QB. I don’t think you can count on him when you need him and there are a lot of serviceable guys out there if you need a back up. SACK JAY CUTLER IN YOUR FANTASY LEAGUE TOO!

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