Trade Doctrine

RW Doctrine- “Always deal from a position of strength in fantasy football trades.”Plan ahead. Put yourself in position to be on the winning side of fantasy football trades that will take place starting just after week 3.Losing teams will panic, and their owners will be looking to make trades if they are 1-2 or 0-3. Think about that now. It is important to be in a position of strength as you negotiate with these desperate owners. There is always value to be gained from panicky owners, so wait for it. If you’re 2-1 or 3-0- they’re coming to you, and you now have walk-away power.

Read Byron’s article about this year’s draft strategy.
Field a solid starting roster. Target value late.

If you end up having to forego a small bit of value in the draft, you will be able to re-gain that value later as leverage in trades. Keep your eye on the {Watch List} for late round value and waiver guys.

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