Senior Bowl Spotlight: Bryce Petty, QB Baylor- 2015 NFL Draft

Bryce Petty Invite
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 230 Pounds

NFL Comparison: Austin Davis

Scouting Notes

Last year, the chatter was that Bryce Petty had the look of a Day 1 NFL quarterback prospect. On the heels of another strong season, leading Baylor to 11 regular season wins in 2014, we were surprised the NFL Draft discussion about Petty had virtually evaporated.

After Petty accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl, it was time to figure out what was up- as we prepare for own trip to Mobile to begin scouting this year’s rookie crop.

What we found on tape was underwhelming. Petty’s size is immediately noticeable, but his arm strength is not. It’s something we will have to confirm in person during Senior Bowl practices. Petty does deserve credit for the success of his team. There have been a lot of points scored on his watch at Baylor, and his statics have been great. But, RG3 hasn’t done him any favors the last two years. Naturally, personnel evaluators will wonder about the ability of another Art Briles quarterback to adjust to an NFL scheme.

Petty has virtually no experience under center during his time at Baylor. He has some mobility in the quarterback read game, but his functional mobility in the pocket appears limited. Sometimes he looks statuesque in the face of pressure. Footwork in the pocket is going to be a major project for Petty has he transitions to the professional ranks. Too often, he has happy feet. His arm strength did look improved in 2014, potentially due to the evolution of his mechanics- but he was still inaccurate down the field far too often.

As far as his ability to make reads, he doesn’t show many progressions on tape. Much of that may be due to the design of the Baylor offense, but the lack of evidence on film creates the concern whether Petty can find his second and third receivers.

poor feet and arm to the sideline

not the worst we’ve seen, but example of a “statuesque” sack

vs. Buffalo 2014

– 1:15- footowork, route awareness and timing, velocity still a question

+ 1:50- really like this throw on the rollout

– 2:05- kind of aims it and floats it high

– 2:20- a bit of a weak pass

+ 4:10 -seam to KD Cannon (who is wide open- Cannon is officially on our radar)

+ 6:00- nice throw in redzone

*** 6:45- this is a pass we will breakdown many times

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