Senior Bowl Spotlight- Kellen Moore, QB Boise State

Senior Bowl Spotlight- Kellen Moore
Byron Lambert,


Kellen Moore, QB Boise State

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 191 lb
Age: 22

NFL Comparison

Colt McCoy

Career Highlights

Set Washington state high school records for completions, yards, and touchdown passes
Led Boise St. to an undefeated regular season as a redshirt freshman
Played in Fiesta Bowl
Two time All-American
Recorded the most wins in NCAA history (50)


Kellen Moore has excellent experience after redshirting in 2007 and starting the next 4 years at Boise State. He plays smart and in control. A coaches son, Moore exhibits solid fundamentals and good footwork. While not a prototypical thrower of the football, he is a good passer and is accurate. Kellen is not an athletic runner, but is very mobile inside and outside of the pocket. He slides around well in the pocket and is very comfortable rolling out of the pocket. His eyes are always down field, and even when he is scrambling he is always looking to throw. Moore has shown the ability to go through his progressions and hit his second and third reads. He is also capable of hitting a covered receiver. Most importantly, Kellen Moore is a winner and a leader.


Draft Concerns

Level of competition
Arm Strength
His WR were often wide open



  1. Kellen Moore has 50 wins, not 46, and can make any throw he will need at the next level. He lost only 3 times and that by a total of 5 points. If he could kick short field goals, he would have been 53-0.

    Comparing him to Colt McCoy makes no sense in terms of passing ability – the numbers, accuracy, etc are not close. The real comparison is Drew Brees. This year Moore threw for over 3800 yards, 43 TD’s and he shredded one of the best pass defenses in the nation – Georgia, for 35 points and 3 TD passes in the win at Georgia. He finished with the CFB record for wins, TD to pick ratio, career passing efficiency, pick per attempt, etc. Any examination of his year would not show receivers were always open – quite the opposite, because he always make the right read and throws where it can be caught, and not picked. Do some research next time, or better yet, ask the NFL scouts.

    1. He also had the #1 offensive line in the nation as far as adjusted sack percentage. We are NFL Scouts, and I know Drew Brees. I played High School Football and won a championship alongside Drew. I watched film and scouted opponents alongside Drew, who would stay for defensive meetings to aid our D Coordinator in teaching QB tendencies to the team. The year he was the Maxwell Award recipient at Purdue, he had 26 TDs. Colt set the all time Longhorn record with 29 TDs. So, if you want to talk about players “numbers-wise” at the college level, Colt is a more flattering comparison. Drew was also an early second round/late first prospect while Kellen is not garnering any first-day attention currently.

    2. Actually, Grodon, I’m not sure what numbers you are looking at. There are strong similarities between Colt and Kellen’s college stats, especially accuracy! Lets also be honest and realize Colt played against much higher level of competition. The numbers could be adjusted for that.

      Both guys have astronomical passer ratings (158 Colt, 169 Moore). They have the EXACT same number of completions (1157). They have almost identical completion percentages, with Colt actually having a slight edge in accuracy (70.3 vs. 69.8) and yards are within 10% (13,253 Colt, 14,667 Moore).

      Also, anyone who knows me, knows I made the Colt / Brees: intangible, strong enough arm, smart, undersized, huge heart argument last year. A lot remains to be seen but Brees comparisons are just going way too far for any rookie. Brees just had the best regular season in history.

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