Senior Bowl Wrap, Kellen Moore Shouldn’t be Drafted

Senior Bowl Wrap, Kellen Moore Shouldn’t be Drafted
Byron Lambert,

Unless your favorite NFL team is in the business of drafting 3rd string QB’s, they won’t or shouldn’t be drafting Kellen Moore. We watched him live the whole week of Senior Bowl practice and he kept disappointing. Moore is WAY undersized, has a total pee-pee arm, his footwork is questionable, and his biggest asset, his accuracy, was not apparent. He did show a couple of nice flashes during the actual game, looking sharp on a few short timing throws where his accuracy and anticipation made up for his lack of arm strength.

The game did not change my impression of Moore though. He still threw some weak passes and was terribly inaccurate down the field. Needless to say, if I were a GM, I would not be drafting Kellen Moore this April.

An interesting Senior Bowl tidbit is that if Moore doesn’t make the NFL he doesn’t have much of a shot at the CFL either. CFL scouts said his arm is way too weak for their large fields and windy weather conditions.

** Side Note:  The only person who might have been worse than Moore was Nick Foles. He was just terrible. I do think he will be drafted though, based purely on his prototypical size. Too bad his arm doesn’t match. Also, we still are not on the Brandon Weeden bandwagon. I maintain, Kirk Cousins was the best QB prospect in Mobile this week.


  1. What game were you watching? Moore was 6 of 12 for 50 yards, NO interceptions, and three drops. Two of the three drops were TD’s…right in the hands of the receivers. The routes were 15 yard skinny posts….ball right on the money and too hot for the big 10 receivers to handle. One NFL scout said Moore would have been up for offensive player of the game if one of the skinny-posts would have been caught.

  2. Ummm did you even watch the game? Kellen did NOT throw an interception (unlike the other two QB’s on the north team) He threw two perfect throws that were dropped by the receivers that would have resulted in touchdowns and he made a clock eating drive down the field that brought the North into field goal range and allowed the North to keep their lead. So either you didn’t watch the game, you are biased against Kellen or you know less about football than this Middle-aged woman…..Most likely all of the above

  3. Pee pee arm? It’s retards like you that throw around terms you clearly don’t understand. Arm strength in the NFL is a dinosaur. Extinct. Do you ever see stats on Sundays that talk about how FAR a QB threw a ball downfield, or show the m.p.h. of the last throw like baseball? Nope. It’s about accuracy. Delivering the ball where it should be, when it should be there…QB rating, completion percentage, TD-int ratios, and most importantly, wins. Kellen Moore ranks in the top 5 in ALL of those categories throughout an entire college career. Ahead of Luck and RG3. He would’ve been the game’s MVP if those “overhyped” receivers had caught perfectly placed balls. Blame them. Comment on truths…not blind overused rhetoric. You’re just afraid of liking the little guy…that clearly plays bigger than anyone thinks he can.

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