Alex Dunlap’s NFL Mock Draft for! First 3 Rounds…

Alex Dunlap NFL Mock Draft for! First 3 Rounds…

We told you there is no offseason around here, and after Super Bowl Sunday, a whole new season starts: Draft Season.

Mel Kiper, Jr. and a cast of renowned NFL analysts (including yours truly) set the Mel Kiper International Exchange Index with our predictions.

Here is my Pre-Draft-Season initial Mock Draft for the first three rounds. Please make note that I have Robert Griffin III going #4, but I do believe the Redskins will trade to that spot to acquire him. After spending a week talking with Vikings staff and media, I am 100% convinced they will draft Matt Kalil if he is available. The Rams will not take a QB, and Dan Snyder is smart enough not to fall for their bluff if they say they are.

As the official order comes out, of course things will change- Teams will swap picks and pick up compensatory picks, etc. Players’ values will go up and down depending on the index, and it is up to you to sell high and buy low. It’s a long draft season, and the person with the most cash in their portfolio at the end of the Draft will be the winner. So without further ado, here is my initial First 3 rounds. (It’s still really early.)

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