The Division Mix: A Supplementary Draft Tool

The Division Mix
Byron Lambert,

NFC EAST plays: NFC West, AFC East
NFC NORTH plays: NFC South, AFC West
NFC SOUTH plays: NFC North, AFC South
NFC WEST plays: NFC East, AFC North

AFC EAST plays: AFC West, NFC East
AFC NORTH plays: AFC South, NFC West
AFC SOUTH plays: AFC North, NFC South
AFC WEST plays: AFC East, NFC North

** When breaking ties in player value for draft purposes I rate players from these divisions in this order: AFC North, NFC East, NFC North, AFC East, NFC South, AFC South, AFC West, NFC West

So preferably when making a tough decision you would like to draft guys from the AFC North, NFC East, and NFC North. With the caveat that the AFC West and the NFC West do have the easiest inter division schedules.

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